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John Morris

Dug Out an Old Friend (Claro Walnut Sculpted Rocker)

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Well again I made it out to my shop today, it seems to be a rare occurrence these days, absolutely criminal if you ask me! But I am trying my hardest to just get out there, wind down, and pick back up my old projects and get some shop time in. I will be out there more and more as the new year unfolds and a couple big projects start up for some customers, I am happy to be able to get things fired back up, and some additional income!

I dug out my claro walnut rocker from the corner and I am going to get back on it. All the parts are roughed out, the arm billets are not shown in this image, I just forgot to put them in there is all. I snapped this shot an hour ago. The joints still fit nice and snug, and they look good in place.

The first shot is obviously the chair seat, roughed out, the joints are cut in and the holes are bored for the back slats.


The next image is the chair seat with the rear rocker legs set in place, they rest in their home nicely.



The bent lam back braces are to the left below the headrest, the two front legs are in the back ground to the right of the head rest and rocker lams are to the right wrapped in white tape, they still need to be glued up in my lam press formed. Really it's all cut out, I just need to shape and fit from here, still about 30 to 40 hours left in this chair but it's ready to be tended to once again.

I am going to finish it, and auction it off to benefit our community here.

I'll keep a follow along going on this project.

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After we finish up our Christmas lights today I'll get in there and see where I left off, and fine tune those leg to seat joints once again, then the seat will needs to be brought to final sanding before the rest of the project proceeds. Getting excited about it I must admit! Can't wait to see that Claro jump out with the first coat of finish.

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Beautiful work, John.

Nice to see everything still fits. 

Glad to hear you are getting reaquainted with your tools.

Gene, when I originally cut the billets out and glued up the seat, I was not to concerned about some minor flaws in the claro such as small splits, as I was thinking about you and your crushed gem technique for filling voids. I am going to be hitting you up in a bit for your method, I will want to use a red or burgundy color gem to fill the voids in this rocker.

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