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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.

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Some of you older members of The Patriot Woodworker may remember my shop build from about 3 years ago.


The project got put on hold for a couple of years due to the wifes, and mother in laws health issues and simply running low on funds to continue the project.


I'm now finally getting back to the project.


For the newer members, here are some before, & after photos of the project.


I'll be posting more as I get things done.



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The rear door is an insulated (R12) and is 6'6" wide by 6'10" tall.

The shop is framed with 2 x 3's, and 2x4's, and is roughly 7'3" by 20'6" inside dimensions.


I'll have to get some inside photos.


The stove is currently all apart, I've been running the parts through the electrolysis tank to clean them up and make some repairs to it.

I still have to get a chimney for the stove.

The stove will be mounted accross from the side door.


I've managed to get power back into the shop, I upgraded the supply to 220 Volts 30 Amps.

I still need to get my communication lines ran to it. (internet, tv, phone)

I'm currently using a 6' electric baseboard heater that I got with the trailer for heat.

It will be used to keep the shop from freezing overnight and when I'm not playing in there.

I got 4 4' flourescent double bulb fixtures installed last night (freebies from a retail store remodel). They light it up rather well.

I'll be using a dimable light fixture in the front section where my "Steampunk Komputator" build will be going.

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Well Guys,


What really got the project going again was the availability of FREE building materials.

My neighbor Bruce knows a guy that does demolition work on commercial buildings.


We spent Monday, & Tuesday taking down 21 floor trusses and 2 8" x 26' steel beams for building a loft in Bruces pole barn.

I got almost all of the lumber from the tear out, along with about a dozen flourescent light fixtures.


I've probably now got enough lumber to frame another trailer. :lol: I'll salvage what I can, the rest will get cut up for fuel. ;)


Bruce had a few spools of Romex wire (12, & 14 gauge). He also had about a 50' length of 10/3 cord that I used for my power feed cable.

Bruce also thinks he has some 6" double wall insulated chimney pipe. :D He's going to look today if he gets a chance.


The trailer is now stationed on the east side of the house in the driveway.

I spent Saturday getting it leveled, and on the 6 trailer jacks that it rests on.

It's about 30' from the front door of the house, so I dont have far to go to get out of the wifes hair. :lol:


I'll be siding the trailer with vinyl siding, in a Victorian theme to go with the house.

The front 5 1/2' section will be used for the "Man Cave Office", with the caboose stove directly accross from the side door.

I'll also be adding a tailgate, which will give me roughly 6 1/2' of outdoor floor space. ( More FREE materials)



                It's a trailer,

                I'm using a caboose stove,

                maybe I should name it


                "The Caboose"

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:ChinScratch: Must be memory lane day, the shops still unfinished but crammed full of stuff.

Had to move it from the east side of house during a cleanup order a couple years ago.

Went through a few more health issues with wife MIL, SIL, niece, man where does the time go?:CoveringEyes:

I'll have to reload the photos when I have a little more time.


@Kevin Beitz We had those carts in the shop, both the 3, and 4 wheeled versions! :TwoThumbsUp:


We also had some old Clark airport baggage tractors with flat head Dodge motors.

Those were a blast to fly around on. :P Very easy to get them to do a wheelie! :DevilLaughing:

Edited by Larry Buskirk

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