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I got the arms on the chair, with the help of a couple clamping jigs and some simple techniques that I never would have thought of, the arm face to the back leg face is a perfect match.


I didn't get very good shots of the process, so any explanation would be futile, sorry, the clamping jigs are all on the other side, don't know why I took a pic of the glued up arm instead of the one that was being fit to be glued, duh!


The above pic shows how the paper is moved back n forth, I sand one side, then flip the paper over to sand the other face, bringing both faces of the joint into perfect compliance. While sanding, I am bending the paper away from the grit, so the paper doesn't put a curved edge of the joint, destroying the joint immediately.


The final fit, perfect, ready for glue up and later, shaping.


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