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old worn thicknesser chip breaker pressure bar fix

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Took the Presures Bars out of The Wadkin RM . The infeed side was worn in the middle as is always the case. I want to get this thing tuned in when I get it all painted . I like to do the machinery side of thing first. I find it easy to work the with the small parts and after all the mechanical is repaired i jump in and jackifie.

the chip breaker and pressures bars on ether side of the Wadkin RM head


starting with the chip breaker


its was out about 3/32"


made a simple sled for the disk sander




milled chip breaker



 here is a Video

If you don't have a disk sander I bet it on your list now:)

English machines


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Nice work Jack,

Before you know it you'll have another crew member active!

I've only got the disk sander attachment for my lathe, it's kind of small but does what I need it for.

I'm looking forward to see how you Jackifie this one! I'm sure it will be up to your normal standards.Grin.gif



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