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  2. I saw that one! I saw that one! More of Al’s beautiful work.
  3. Here's a birdhouse that has never seen the outdoors, except for taking photos. Purchased at a charity auction that WOOD magazine had back when they had their woodworking forums. I was made by one of the turners on that forum.
  4. A friend of my was recently redoing a bartop in his man cave and ask me to do some CNC work on the slab he was going to use. The slab was 10’ long, 27” wide and 2” thick. This was one big slab to slide into my CNC. Since there was no straight edge I had to establish some type of straight line to be able to line up the three images he wanted cut into the slab. With a center set, I could then line up the different images on the center line to start the milling. First up was “Blue Blood” on the left side. Then slide this monster through the machine to center the next part. And then one one more move to put the last image into the slab. I used vCarve Desktop to do each section. A screen shot shot of the wild cat. So so he was going to pour Blue Epoxy in each of the images and sand it flat then pour self leveling clear Epoxy over the whole top. He sent me a video of the finished bar top. I did a screenshot so excuse the play button in the middle of the picture. Turned out really nice, he should enjoy this for a long time.
  5. Winner Winner Chicken dinner. Congrats on the win and keep those answers coming.
  6. I would agree with the consensus but what is the cup end for?
  7. IF I drove that road, my wife would have been screaming all the way, that is If I could drive it myself.
  8. Yes you could use it to make tenons, but way oversize for just that . A bedan or spindle gouge would be work easily. That long flat on the left side is used to scrape the inside of boxes and would not be needed for a tenon.
  9. Looks great John !
  10. We do have a carver on the forums. Forgotten his new tag, I think he used to go by sixty vet. Maybe someone has a better memory than I do. He posted a beautiful walking cane some time ago that was given to his minister.
  11. Today was actually a nice day in the shop. I had time to sit down with my CNC and vCarve Desktop to work on some 1911 grips. I’ve been using my Remington R1 as my test fit piece. These were cut cut but I did t get them sanded and a finish put on them today. I guess I can work on that tomorrow afternoon. mahogany on the top, Purple Heart and Leopard wood on the right. These are all cut from G10 material. Slate color G10 cut with a checking pattern A nice fit on my 1911. Slate G10 Stripes with Mag release cut out. Red and Black G10 with Dots. I sanded this with micro sanding paper then buffed it on my 3 wheel buffer. Nice look. Each set gives the 1911 a total different look. I’ve got to get a few more cut tomorrow. It’s back to work at the Gun Store Monday.
  12. Al B


    Steve, this is the box I made using the wood from the birch tree on my son's property. A little different. I will try to find the photos of the spalted maple box.
  13. Our club did these several years ago and the woodcarvers club made the heads and finished them.
  14. Happy Birthday PWW. I got here after the first cake was decorated but the last 4 years have been phenomenal. There is not a friendlier , more knowledgeable and accommodating place on the web . And we just keep getting more great guys and gals. So lets go for 20 more at least. @John Morris are you up for it ,, or maybe we should say is the wife up for it?
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  16. My son does play drums and has played in my absence but he really loves singing and has an awesome voice.
  17. Hi John1.. Larry Jenkins here. If my old memory is any good, I think I was one of the first dozen or so to sign up. Had many good years learning things, offering some techniques and project images and just had a ball with everyone that accumulated on your site. Out of woodworking now due to my wife's COPD which is sensitive to the inherent woodworking "smells." Doing a lot of home designing now on my old XP confuser. You are maintaining the right way to run a very successful and interesting woodworking site. No other like it The Gang is just awesome. Let's go for another 10! Larry
  18. Still don't recall what prompted me to join on that date back in 2016, but it's been a good ride and I hope i can stay on until the end. I thank you all.
  19. ouch. You need a drummer son like Phil Collins.
  20. Made this beast of a cabinet 27 years ago when I bought the house. Needed a large cabinet to put my rapidly expanding tool set. It is NOT pretty, and yes it is made of a quilt-work of materials, OSB, plywood, Particleboard shelving, MDF, and cheap #2 pine. Measures 8 feet long, 25 inches deep and 32 inches tall. Heavy, YES, why? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Even put the beast on wheels thinking I would pull it out and clean regularly. Never happened, ever. I have plans drawn up for this to be replaced, but that may or may not happen. In the meantime, inspired by @Gerald recent work on his miter station and additional cabinets, I decided to get started. So having sold the unused benchtop joiner I had kept in the drawer I now have room for other plumbing supplies I keep in stock. This helps because I need the drawers those are in for my expanding machine screw and stainless steel screw collection. This is where we start: Used scraps from previous projects and kept with the theme of use whatever we have on hand. Took 7/16 OSB and edge banded the upper side, less splinters this way. Did the same with some scrap 3/4 plywood for the front and backs. The bottoms are the old backsplash from the sink project. Most of it was okay looking and so it gets used up. Took me a night to wait for glue to dry but had these done in short order the next night and gave them a few quick coats of poly to seal the wood somewhat. Once that was done I spent the afternoon installing these three. reused the drawer front from the original drawer and cut it down to fit all 3, got lucky here but I will take it. Drawers are installed now I need to make inserts for the PVC, CPVC, copper and some steel fittings I have. Have to get back to you on that, this was as far as I got today. Glued up a few pieces for tomorrows work.
  21. Quarantined like everyone else Larry. I managed to build the Niagara without any rigging but my efforts at stringing those lines just doesn't measure up to the task. Seems my fingers turn into thumbs. I'm happy with it as it is. Hope you can help John with those plans.
  22. Artie

    My other hobby

    yeah, the zinc pennies don’t fare well in the ground or saltwater. In detectorist lingo they’re referred to as zincolns.
  23. Al B

    My other hobby

    Looks like termites been chewing on some of those pennies.
  24. I was around at the start up of this....came and went, too.
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