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  2. Picked up a couple of short locust logs. Need to prep them for storage/turning
  3. lew

    New bow.

    Awesome!! Did you turn it all at once or turn/dry/turn?
  4. So after working on both of these irons today, I don't think either had ever been flattened, I came to a conclusion. 1st, those small irons are a bear to hold and flatten. Neither of my Veritas MKII jigs will hold the 101 iron and I'm not entirely sure what bevel is on it but I think between 20-25 degrees. For that matter I'm not sure what bevel is supposed to be on it but I should be able to look that up but that also doesn't mean it's what the bevel is now. On the 61 I discovered the sole just behind the mouth had a cracked piece of cast which came off. I can probably epoxy it back on but I think it's usefulness is likely ended. It may end up as a display piece as a reminder of my favorite father-in-law. And after I did a great job in flattening the iron and sharpening it. But I also noted as, Steven suspected, that their is likely a missing part for the 101 as I did notice a hole behind the front brass knob and that is likely where the adjuster would have pivoted to adjust the mouth. That piece I have never seen and may have been lost long ago. That iron I was able to determine the bevel as 25 degrees and the MKII jig held it just fine as the rion was long enough for substantial grip. What I used to hold this iron was I ave a piece of wood with 2 rare earth magnets flush with the wood to assist in holding the iron. For the tip that stuck out about 1 to 1.5" I used a small cut off of a slightly thicker wood so I could use my palm to push down on the iron and keep flat against the diamond stones (DMT). Otherwise I could see no way to protect my fingers from the stones. I had this issue the first time and made a mess of my hands before I even knew it. Lesson learned. Admittedly the magnets can cause a bit more work as the DMTs have metal in them but the extra work is easier for me than the very sore fingers and palms. Any suggestions on getting a good solid grip that helps the process along? Granted flattening the irons is a one time deal but it still has to be done and the old planes may or may not have been done already. I figure a quick run on the stone will tell you quickly if it's needed. And my 1st time into this I had both a set of new bench chisels, new set of mortise chisels, and several old bench planes that I had no idea about. That was a ton of sharpening for a 1st timer. Actually I think the mortise chisels aren't done yet. You know that shoulder thingy still.......and then there's my turning tools but I do have a Wolverine jig and 2 CNB wheels on my low speed grinder. One is a Megasquare 180 and and the other is a 600 4-in-1 from https://woodturnerswonders.com/products/mega-square-radius-edge-pair-cbn-wheels
  5. RustyFN

    New bow.

    New bowl. It is maple. It measures close to 11 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick.
  6. Gene my wife can do what she wants as long as she does it. I actually think that would be a great benefit in a wife, someone who will do the finishing side of things, as long as the finish is both our tastes. I'm not a finishing kind of guy. Build em and use em. Of course that's for the shop. If I had a good spray unit that might be a different story. The one regret and something I need to go back on is the trim on the miter station. I should have used a round over bit as I have very little collagen left in my arms so I both bruise and get skins teras easily. I'd be transporting a patient to the hospital and reach through a small doorway to the 02 tank and end up bleeding more than the patient. Most times I don't realize it till I either see the look on the patients face or feel it dripping. I've very careful around my sharp tools.........Of course by now I've had to give up on the rescue squad between both knees and the shoulder replacements. But I'm fun at the airport and court. Thanks for the replies guys, at least I feel more regular....not that way, although that's not necessarily a bad thing at my age but you guys know what I mean......ya know
  7. Today
  8. Aw, go ahead, live dangerously...
  9. I don't paint nothin'. Now, the wife's a different story. She had some God awful orange paint left from a kitchen job...since redone...and she insisted one of my bench cabinets needed painting. So, I said have at it. So, she did. And, a wall cabinet, too. It's ugly as sin but, she satisfied her frugal nature.
  10. What I want to know is, where is the cut sheet for detail A-A?
  11. I resemble that remark!
  12. John Morris


    Just a neat blog and shopping section for the green wood workers and chair makers, and all in between.
  13. just graupel and big flakes today. nothing to accumulate.
  14. So, which Craftsman is this?? It's in a current Rural King ad.
  15. no... w/ over spray and splatter... it happens anyways,... so there's no need..
  16. Nice logs, John. Your spindle looks like a good match. Turning might not be your strong suit but, you ain't too shabby. I'm making strange looking picture frames for the matching pair of laser burned family tree plaques. At Jesse's urging, I'll try to get some pictures of the process. Next up are some wine gift boxes and a start on a whiskey presentation box. All will get lasered so, they'll take longer than my usual snail's pace.
  17. Weather is warming up and looks like this will be the first time this year on John Deere. However I’m looking forward to getting outside and it not be raining. Forecast is for a nice Saturday and possible showers on Sunday evening. Yesterday we pick up these Cherry logs from a tree close to us that was being taken down. Got them dropped off at the sawmill. Last last night my neighbor came over and ask me if I could turn a spindle for them. Not my strong part of woodworking, but it seemed to be close enough. I got my new CNC setup and together this week. They had to order my water cooled spindle so just waiting on it to get shipped in. Looking forward to getting this running. The rest of the weekend will be trying to finish up straightening the shop after all the rearranging. What’s on your agenda this weekend? We love to see and hear about your weekend projects. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe!
  18. For lathe work, I prefer the paper joint to the tape or hot glue
  19. I'm too lazy or too much in a hurry to use the jig.
  20. Fortunately, the trail begins west of Lexington- if not I'd never make it there OR BACK!!!
  21. I have painted my wall cabinets, router cabinet, router table cabinet and my outfeed table/assembly table/TS Storage cabinet
  22. Right now, I'm just making a couple strange looking frames for the two laser burned family tree plaques. I'll try to get some pics of the process. Believe me, nothing I do is too hard. Learnin' is hard. Doin' it ain't.
  23. So as I've been building storage in the shop I have yet to put any kind of finish on well anything. I've built a few wall hung cabinets, a router table, a smaller drill cabinet, the outfeed table, a rolling cabinet that holds and stores the Kreg Foreman, the miter station, and rolling clamp cart. And then a few jogs like the crosscut sled and so on but haven't put nay finish on anything yet. Is this normal, personal choice, or otherwise not wise? I admit I'm not the best at putting a finish on anything that isn't for the formal part of the house but that's a two part thing. 1st I'm not all that thrilled about the finishing process and 2nd I'm not always sure it's really needed. On formal pieces I see the value in both finished look and protection plus it usually will bring out the characteristics of the wood itself such as grain and features. For the shop I'm not sure what I gain other than additional work. Can someone chime in on what is most appropriate? Am I just lazy or is it simply a personal choice? Are there real world advantages in putting finish on shop storage and jigs? As for the sliding jigs I do wax the runners and such as well as keep a good finish on my metal tables (table saw, band saw, jointer, planner, and so on)
  24. I mowed early this week so my shop times will lessen as I start watching the weeds grow... fixin to go reinstall my drain plugs for the lake water...….. The first humming bird showed up Wed and we had put out the feeders about three days before that... I sure been learning about some strange happenings at the other bird feeders...the see through hanging clear plastic suspended feeders...
  25. Tommy will be on to another TOH job in another town/state by the time that happens. Besides, the squeak is gone, as he promised.
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