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  3. We may go for a drive. It's been a very long time and I have a full tank of gasoline. I want to see some of the corn fields, soybean and cotton fields. It's been a couple of decades. May have to make a picnic lunch.
  4. Don't feel bad, Larry. I have a set of Great Necks, I think. They are old and I have to sharpen after each turning, but I have grown to know how to use them and make them work for me. Folks and I are all amazed at the results. I turned some finials for a house next door and everyone there marveled at what I did. So did I. But, the feeling is very comfortable. I don't know if my health will hold long enough to warrant another set of chisels.
  5. My mother's grandfather John L. Mason was drafted as all young men of the south were for that war, but was captured by Ohio 14th regimen and taken to Ohio for several months. He was uneducated and signed out with his X. Just north of Chattanooga is a walled cemetery where many of those men are buried. It is right along I-75. Chickamauga was a real battle ground between General Sherman and I don't remember the confederate leaders at that point. That is where Sherman's march began to Atlanta. On the eastern side is a place called East Ridge and Skycrest Drive is right on top of the ridge. Many monuments and markers are placed along there. Also, on the sides of Lookout Mountain are many monuments. There is a park on Lookout Mountain where the confederates took position to meet the oncoming union soldiers. The canons remain at Point Park. It is very close to Ruby Falls. So, if you are touring in the area, it will take a few hours to explore all that. It was an intense fight. It is no pride to me to have that history in my family, but I understand that when you are drafted, you get no choice. Some folks who were drafted left the south.
  6. @Gerald and @Larry Buskirk, found the Versa Vise, thanks guys, nice vise!
  7. Larry, I did not even notice that, that is a great idea! Kinda opens up the whole world a bit more now! Thanks!
  8. https://abc7chicago.com/fresno-state-microbiologist-mask-experiment-do-masks-work-coronavirus/6293217/ https://fox6now.com/2020/06/30/doctor-demonstrates-how-face-mask-blocks-respiratory-droplets-from-spreading/ This helps visualize what happens in reality. Remember these little test we did in high school in the 1950's and 1960's? This is real application.
  9. Are you going to be a naughty boy again and drive past the cones and road gate? If so, I'll find something to distract the security forces.
  10. No real plans for the 4th. Still have some Roman candles from a couple years ago, so they will blow tomorrow night. Almost finished turning pens. Trying to get them finished and shipped. Mowed, trimmed and edged Thursday, worked on son's fiberglass skateboard. It is a hand painted picture of Rick and Morty, so I found some thin plexiglass to put on the bottom to protect the painting and keeping the flex. Will start a rocker for widow neighbor. Actually, I simply have to rebuild the back. Mainly, will be putting the slats back into the top and doweling the top back to the back posts. I hope I can get it all to work at the time it fits together. Other projects standing in line.
  11. Like Gunny and Lew, I have an older model that does not have the speed control, but it is a real workhorse. I have sanded doors, table tops, bookcases, boxes of all kinds and I don't even use the dust bag anymore. I just change out the sanding disks and we just let the dust fly outside. I have a Black and Decker ROS as well as the Dewalt. The Dewalt will be walking after I am 6 feet under. But, Ryobi is also a good tool. I have watched my neighbors who keep using and abusing them, so it's not a bad tool.
  12. Atta boy, Andrew. Glad to see this development. And, I want top coverage for Navy.
  13. Our sponsor Woodcraft has a Pattern makers or gun stock vise. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/woodriver-patternmakers-or-gunstock-carving-vise?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz6bN1rqy6gIVgq_ICh1LjgsBEAQYCCABEgJtOvD_BwE Grizzly has the same vise cheaper. Found a cool one at Garrett Wade Versa Vise Could also be made from wood but the time it would take me to do that could pay for the vise.
  14. Flooring is not likely to hold up to weather, even with poly or paint it would be a huge gamble
  15. KevTN

    Lid ideas

    I have some old flooring could that be used?
  16. I stumbled into this site where you can download PDF versions of some woodworking books, free. https://www.pdfdrive.com/popular-woodworking-woodworking-plans-woodworking-projects-designs-patterns-d4030211.html While I was thinking of it, I used a site a few years ago that was a directory of free plans available on the web. http://www.woodworkersworkshop.com/resources/index.php?cat=102&topic=free woodworking plans These are not associated with Cap'n Ted.
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