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  3. We have on LG top load. A great machine.
  4. Stayed at this all day. Had to remove couple pieces of plywood flooring in the attic to get access to the rafters below and run some wires. Yeah it was hot even with a fan running. Hard part was fishing the wall from the attic to the old light fixture. Only had to go 38 inches and I measured and hit the right spot 1st time. But getting the wire fish down into the wall took me and the wife. She stayed at the bottom and with a flashlight managed to get ahold of the fish. While I lost another 10 lbs in sweat. But after all the wiring was run, and hooked up the results were better than expected. I used four 9 watt LED downlights. Put one above the side door, one at the back gate and the other two on either side of my truck doors. So now when I pull in at night the motion sensor turns on all 4 lights, and when I get out of the truck I can see quite well. Passenger side, same thing. Very nice to have the extra light, we ain't getting any younger here. My wife noted that when the downlights are on it seems to be as much light as the previous main lights which were some old florescent kitchen lights with diffusers. The diffusers were constantly getting full of dead bugs and dirt dobbers. We get this for a mere 36 watts of used electricity, not a bad savings. The lights cost me $35 and even if they last 5 year warranty still worth the cost. Enough talk, lets see some pictures. @Artie will appreciate how much fun this work area was to work in. View from front of carport, I'll clean up my mess tomorrow. Finally a task that doesn't require a weight loss program. View from side entry. Now my real design benefit. Light where you need it when you get out of the truck.
  5. Oh I see now, Clique, no Clinique. Ah they looked close!!!
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  7. Those really came out nice. Sanding sealer before sanding can help with the bleed.
  8. TRUTH. Just came down to take a break. While running a wire in attic I hear a funny noise behind me. Looking over my shoulder one of the cats has climbed the ladder and found a nice spot to observe me. Hearing more noise another one is coming up the ladder. Yup, break time. Everybody OUT!!
  9. Freedom has a price, this happens to be what I have to pay to achieve my goal of a ex- drama free life. I will have plenty to post about for the next decade as I build my shop and improve the dacha. Work wise my wife's family will keep me as busy as I want to be, and in good shape money wise.
  10. We have a Kenmore water saver, it doesn't have a typical agitator its only about 6" tall. Sensors can detect when the clothes are covered in water and quits filling. Blankets don't get tangled. Replaced the control board, warrantied, once in 12 years.
  11. Ordered TKO hand soap last week. On the site it said, no shipping to California. What it causes cancer somehow? Well which is worse a 1 in 10 billion chance or tasting grease and oil with my lunch.
  12. I am same way, less electronics to make decisions or go bad. Mine is a Maytag, 15 years old and stick kicking. Only issue ever, had to tighten the center agitator bolt back down. Minor at best, of course to my wife I am a hero, because I fixed it.
  13. There ya go with them furrin words again.
  14. That’s cause they’re SNOOPERVISORS!
  15. I bought a Whirlpool top loader a few months ago. Deciding factor was that it has knobs and no electronic displays. Works fine.
  16. We replaced out Maytag front loader with a Samsung about 10 years ago. So far it's been fantastic. The matching dryer did have a control circuit go bad (warranty, in our case) but otherwise it's done well. I've always heard the front loaders would have odor problems, so we've always left the door open on the washer overnight after use. No idea if that's the solution...but we've not odor problems.
  17. We had a GE front loader. First, it developed a terrible oder. Had to add a fan and switch to powdered detergent. After 7 years the main bearings went bad. Repair costs more than a new one. My wife never thought it got the clothes really clean. We now have a GE top loader. The wife is much happier. The repair guy said his preference was a Speed Queen as far as needing the fewest repairs
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