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Workbench completion



I really thought I had finished this post and discovered today that was not the case . So here goes. Now the lumber was finally here and cutting parts to size and glue up for thicker parts begins.













These wider pieces were real fun doing the glue up on. Kinda like holding a snake who wants to run. The next photo is the legs. Note I used a waxed spacer to keep the slots open and spaced properly for end cross support.



Now the fun begins with the heavy lifting. Three pieces of MDF half sheets 24 X 72 glued up for the top. And then this is what the wide pieces look like after glue up is cured.



Time to edge band the top and a look at the legs with stretcher ready for assembly.



Top is now banded and work begins on adding the vices and some heavy trim to hold the vices.




Now to assemble the legs and put the base together.



This is a look at the bed bolts holding the base together. The top has a layer of 1/4 masonite to allow changing is damaged. This is secured with brass screws. This top is so heavy there are no fasteners holding it down . It is simply sitting on top of the frame.


The drawers units were built later with the top two drawers being added after the others were done. The dog holes were drilled using a block of scrape oak to hold the drill straight. Then they were countersunk to male insertion of dogs easier. This last pic is the back where you can see the addition of two drawers clearly. I did not take pictures of the mounting of the vices and building the front faces, a "fun" job. The drawers now have Kaizan foam lining . Planes drawer is the last photo.1858886218_Planedrawer.JPG.5fe4983bf867423bb3b921ef792d21eb.JPG



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