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What have I learned?



I readily admit, I have not tried all of the drying methods we have discussed. Out of those I have tried, I found a combination of methods works well for me.


My preferred method-

1. As soon as possible, slice the log into bowl blank desired thickness and seal the ends with TiteBond wood glue.

2. When ready to turn a bowl, rough turn it leaving a consistent wall thickness about 1/10 the diameter of the blank.

3. Place the rough turned blank in a solution of dishwashing soap (cheap stuff from the Dollar Store). I use a 4:1 ratio- water to soap. Soak for about 3 days.

4. Remove the we bowl blank and put in a paper bag of shavings. 


At this point the bowl can stay in the shavings for several weeks. I have actually forgotten some and they stayed for several months with no ill effects.


5. Usually after a week (to a couple of weeks- depending on the turning schedule) I take the blank from the shavings and move it to the drying box, weighing the blank for reference.

6. After the first day in the drying box (see Rick Turns video for making the box), pull the blank and check for any cracks. If cracks start to appear, us CA to stabilize/fill the cracks. Weigh the blank

7. On the next couple of days, check each day's progress for weight and any additional cracks. Use CA as necessary. 

8. Continue checking the drying process, by weighing the blank, until the weight remains constant. The length of time will vary on the size of the rough turned blank, the length of time spent in the shavings and the design of the drying box.




This is a list of resources that have multiple drying methods-














Thanks for riding along on this adventure. I hope you found something you can use.


Safe turning

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Thank you, Lew.  The only person to ever show me any turning techniques, turns beautiful bowls and platters.  He uses Anchor Seal and puts them in a drying room on shelves made of 1" X 2".  I don't know if there is a fan circulating the air.  From that experience, I purchased a gallon of Anchor Seal from Walmart.  A gallon goes a very long way.  If I live long enough, I may give that a try.  Right now, I have plenty of Anchor Seal to dispose of.  :D

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