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Maple pepper mill



Started working on this project during the week.  Almost have it finished up hopefully I'll get it put together today.  Dust collection stuff for my shop vac comin today as well.  So hopefully this one turns out and I can get it done correctly.  I believe this is curly maple.



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This mill is finally finished.  Although I'm not too satisfied with it being off a bit.  I am not exactly sure why its not perfectly centered welp on to the next one maybe it will turn out better than this one.  But on the winning side of this one it grinds pepper corn just fine.











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This is the last of the maple stock that I currently have I have on order some Red Oak and some White oak 2 board feet of each so that will be fun to cut up to size.  Either way this one is pretty much at the point where its solid sanding now.  Taking advantage of the nicer 70 ish degree weather outside to get in some turning in.  How ever I've still got a lot of 60 grit sanding left to do on this one yet.





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Nice job.  


I have to agree with another poster that there is nothing like freshly ground pepper.  


Sanding, from the pictures, I would move along to 120 - 140.  Also, I would sand with the wood grain at this point and future sanding.  

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First mess around with sanding sealer.  Stuff is milky white didn't realize that.  Like a very thin white paint.  How ever it goes on clear which is quite interesting.  How ever this mill is sealed minus the top of the body I'll get that after this coat dries.  Then staining.



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I can already see with the first coat of stain the huge difference it makes using sanding sealer I just hope that stuff lasts me quite a while.



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