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#3 Ornament With Cross for Windows



Next is how to make an ornament with a cross for the windows.  Here is the blank mounted in the lathe.




Here it is turned just round where the window will be and the cross upright length, one and a half inches, is marked out.




Everything turned away now will open the window double the depth of cut.  The upright of the cross is going to be a quarter inch wide so a groove one eighth deep needs to be cut the length of the upright.  




Each side of the horizontal part of the cross is to be a quarter inch long so a groove that deep a quarter inch wide needs to be cut next.  To make it round seven sixteenths measured from the corner had to be removed plus two sixteenths for the upright and now four sixteenths for the horizontal arms comes to thirteen sixteenths leaving just three sixteenths of meat left to hold it together.  Good to go.




Here it is broken apart to check the window.




Didn't care for the top and bottom of the upright so it was put back together and the sharp corners were blended in and the finish put on it.  Be careful not to get finish on the glue surfaces.






When the finish is dry it is time to knock it apart and turn the inside to the outside and glue it back together.  Then mount it in the lathe for the finish turning.




Turn the whole thing to just round again.  If turned deeper where the window is the window will get steadily wider as wood is turned away.  There is plenty of meet above and below the window to shape as desired.  Just watch where the inside cavity top and bottom are so they are not cut into.




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