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I had enough time working at the fire dept to draw a small pension when I turned 55. Being 41 at that time something kept telling me to go and do something else with the rest of my life...

My wife was an RN but not working so she could raise the kids so I knew she could go back to work if my ventures went bad.


I want to build a nice,big go-cart track. WHAT, say that again. There aren't any go-cart tracks around here, how do you know you could make any money was my kids questions and answers, except for my boy, it was OH BOY.

Working for the city fire dept was , back then, a very low paying job but because of the hours worked, 24 on and 24 off let one if he wanted to, have a part time job, which I had, so actually I wasn't going out in to the world cold turkey so to speak. My part time job was selling Mac Tools out of a step van...This was also a fun job for I knew my products and enjoyed being around people who used hand tools....


Pictures of the track I might not can find for back then pictures wasn't a concern.   The track and buildings took three years to build. The only professionals I used was to pour the cement and smooth it on the track its self. I put up all the forms. I poured and smoothed all the sidewalks Building the buildings and everything on the property was a new experience to me so I would go to the library and check out all the books I could find for what was coming up in the next few days of work.... I put in the septic system, did all the plumbing, electrical and all the sidewalks but I did trade out wiring the overhead lights over the track on the tall poles which I put in, I traded go- cart tickets for two guys labor for the track lights. This was before I decided to get the know how books from the library. The land was almost 2 miles past the city limits so I needed no permits except for the septic system. I called the inspectors before I started and they said come get  some instructions and go from there. 

8 years of labor is all it tookto  building this.jpg



After I closed the track at 11 each night I would closed the gates and leave the lights on so I could go into the area where I was planning to put the golf course and using strings and 2x4's I would lay out some thoughts on the ground then the next few days think over why was that good or what problems I would have with each hole . Most all my holes were multi holes. The only time we worked on the golf course during the day was on Mondays when the track was closed. The first 8 years the track was open 7 days a week. And most all those years I was plotting a golf course..


I realized right quick having a bunch of high school boys working for you was not good without some supervision for they would let their buddies kill each other on the track if I would have let them.

I added lots of things a normal mini golf would not have. Like in this pond in the picture. You can see a green on the other side. You putt in to a hole and then the ball goes down in to a cave which was under the waterfall to finish putting in the cup under the falls then come out from under the waterfall on this side of the pond.. I had added a 4x4 foot hole so they could see the waterfall from the inside the cave. Something I didn't plan on. On windy days the wind would blow water through the hole onto the carpet and get it dirty. So I installed some plexiglas over the hole and that solved that, just a little extra work. Number 3 green you laid down your putter and picked up a chipping iron and had to chip over a river to get to the hole. I built rivers and waterfalls everywhere. People would tell me there were more trees and flowers on our four acres than all of Odessa combined. So I went and looked myself and sure nuff, There are four trees in Odessa. kinda. 


My sweet wife drove the tool truck for a couple years while I was building the golf course. She was better at sales than I and especially she could make those guys pay their bills where I would let them slide for a while. She said some would go in to the bathroom to wait until she had gone to come out again. She would knock on the door and say I am not leaving until I get some money.

It took me 8 years to finish the golf course and about 6 years was changing my lay out of each nightly chore all the while doing lots of what if's. I had to replace a bunch of 2x4's making some of the greens cause they had rotted from ground contact. We had some remote control boats on a big pond with lots of shrubbery and women really bragged about the beauty we had created. Beauty yes but at a lot of extra labor. We finally got to putting name plates on most of the stuff because people could see things in the nursery and our stuff had grown larger with more flowers and things so it made our stuff more attractive, so they told us.


My thoughts were if I make mom and dad happy with our surroundings they would for sure bring the kids more often.

Running the go-carts while I was building the golf course I actually paid for everything as I built...No debt when finished


I also built a kiddy track for the small kids who were too young to ride the big go carts . It only had two coin operated animals that they had to drive by them selves on a 40 foot circle.  I never saw either machine sitting  idle.

My age limit to ride the carts was 9 years old but first they had to ride in front of mom or dad to show me and and the parents they were mentally old enough for them to handle the stopping and turning and this would make the parents feel more at ease....


You can't believe how many parents would lie and tell me the kid was nine just to get them to ride. Some dads thought their kids were smarter than a normal 9 year old. It took us a couple of years to come up with the age of 9. Most but not all could start to concentrate at that age, but not all. I would ask a kid how old he was before he got in the go-cart, nine was always the answer. Then as he was sitting there ready to go I would ask them what grade they were in. They had not learned to lie that good and would tell their actual grade which they would say 2nd or 3rd. If they were 9 years old and only in the 2nd or 3rd grade their minds was not ready for go-carts...


Maybe I can find this post so I can continue later. Sometimes all it takes is guts to do something different with your life.

I might can convince someone it isn't that bad even it you don't come out with a good ending, at least you were brave enough to try. 




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Cal I hope soon. I got a load of sand and gravel yesterday for some sidewalks here at the house for this week or next.. I stopped working on my ponds and waterfalls and rivers in 07 to get a shoulder operated on and also a knee replaced. I've been  putting it off till now thinking I would feel better but I just realized a person don't get younger.


I am like you on this blog thing.  My twenty word vocabulary must have slipped right over it not thinking it was important since it don't have anything to do with eating or sleeping

    Wouldn't you know it, I have spent all morning looking for the wire twister and the wires a person uses to tie rebar together. Its really a time saver for sure. The guys that delivered the concrete mix back when I was building the go-cart track and mini golf course were the ones that suggested I buy those things and they do save some time.


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And the first part of building the boat dock started when Tony said he and some friends were going to the lake so I said good so you can take the trailer full of beds and furniture we will be putting in the cabin.... and before you guys launch the boat there is a pile of trash I want burned ...and don't leave until the fire is out. Well they thought they had the fire almost out so they went and launched the boat and as they were coming back to the cabin they could see smoke so about 100 yards or feet from land Tony jumped out of the boat and ran across the water and grabbed a water hose before the boat ever got to land...This was what the friends told me. My son never ever mentioned the fire but he could not figure out how to tell me about half the trailer burned up and all the furniture on it and one side of the cabin was embers....... This was when I decided a boat dock needed to be built.

  So Sherri the rest of the story took about three or four more years of all kinds of things happening and I will have to think for a good while. I do remember where all that oil field pipe came from...Our business,  a go-cart track and a mini golf and some more things and about once a week this big Harley came up and a one legged guy and his girl friend came to ride the go-carts...They seemed to have enough money often to enjoy life and have some fun and it made me curious. The first thing I asked what kind of business he was in and he said buy and sell oil field pipe...Well, I could use a few stick of 2 3/8" upset tubing sometime. I'll remember that and they went in and started playing the video games. I still wanted to ask how he lost his leg but got busy with riders that night. A few days later here they came again and this time he said you still need some pipe. Yep, Well I got a truck load and need to drop off the pipe some where so I can go get another load tomorrow morning so how many joints you want, oh  I don't know maybe ten or so.. I said what is a truck load and he said 100 thirty foot joints...I'll make you a bargain if you buy it all..and that is why we came in the truck instead of on the Harley.....Oh my, after looking at a truck load of pipe, I couldn't use that much in 20 years...If you buy it all tonight I''ll take 10 bucks a joint, thats 1000 dollars. I thought this sold for more than that. He said it does ,30 dollars a joint is the going price when I got more time but I need an empty truck for in the morning and its 9 already tonight. Thirty dollars a joint is the going price for a few at a time...I said just unload it any where you want on the parking lot... My son went with him and pointed right there and it unloaded it self in about 1 minute. rolled on the grass next to his house. By the way how did you loose your leg. His girl friend said an accident on that Harley we ride all the time. So with that pipe I built a 40 x 60 foot building with a 12 foot ceiling and 3 -40 foot walk ways for a 26 x 36 or 46 foot boat dock.. and enough pipe for three sides of the house some frames for covered decks.  See there I can't even remember the size of the boat dock and I am on it ever day or two.

   Oil field pipe is 1/4" thick kinda tempered steel....It will build into anything a person wants ... One sprayed on coat of rusty primer by Rustolium in 1990 and still no rust on 99 % of the pipe.. but from the water down is another story........

  The next question I ask the pipe guy was what happens when you come up to a stop light and loose your balance...........his girl friend says, we don't loose our balance...The rest of the story, the dock being built on one end of the go-cart track parking lot and the house mover hauling the dock 240 miles to the lake and getting it from the boat launch about 4 miles to the cabin was some harry stories...Maybe later...

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