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steven newman

Need a tray for some chisels

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so, back to the Dungeon Shop I go.    Have a nice stash of chisels, nothing real fancy, but they need a better home.    Already have a spot for the router bitsning-imag0014-4119-43.jpg?width=750but I don't think it would work to hold chisels.    Grabbed a pine board that was long enough to go in the Tool Chest as a tray.    It was a might wide so I ripped it down the middle with the old Craftsman circular saw.   There are just some things I will not do by hand, and ripping long boards with a handsaw is one of them.  Got the two halves into the vise, to take care of any dippity-dosning-imag0017-4119-83.jpg?width=750I did both edges, too.   That Wards #78 was next.    Needed a rebate to house the bottom of the tray.  Photo is a might fuzzy( again) butning-imag0018-4119-61.jpg?width=750There IS a rebate there.  The wood was so smooth, it shone like a beacon.   Then, hand sawed for some dados.   needed one on each end, and one in the middle.   I was going to rebate the bottom of the dividers, but the fights were starting.     So,  made the floor board the full length, instead.  One dado was in some knotty grain, and broke out,  screws for that end.   Trial fits as i goning-imag0020-4119-54.jpg?width=750I WILL get YELLED at for having my "junk" on HER washer.    The floor boards are two pieces.  The old sycamore one there wasn't quite long enough, and had a bow at one end.   Had a thin piece of QSWO available, just a might wide, and too long.    Saw the end off, and used a jointer to get to the right width. Did find out something strange about this old oakning-imag0022-4119-71.jpg?width=750It makes little curly things, instead of long shavings.   I did get the floor for the tray ready for a test fitning-imag0023-4119-61.jpg?width=750Just some screws, nails and glue.   then come the fun parts, getting a way to set all them chisels in the tray.    That will be...next time.   Stay tuned.   

Planer? I'm the 'planer', and these are what I use...

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Old fashioned processing, nails and glue, just like the colonists did Steve, cept they didn't have a washer and dryer for a work bench! I love it Steve, thanks for sharing.

John Morris
The Patriot Woodworker

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