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Larry Jenkins

Initials, anyone?

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A couple winters ago, I made my neighbor and his wife an "initial plaque" because of his help blowing out our driveway all winter.

I just made set number four for folks we know, and I thougt I would share some of my crazy design and build techniqies for those who may want to venture into abstract things.

Here's two images of what I'm talking about.  Then I'll descibe the steps for your consideration.



The first image shows the front side of the initials plaque.  All three initial are raised, using a 1/2"diameter x 3/4" long dowel stanchions recessed into the intials using a Forstner bit, 1/16" deep.

There are no plans.  Ever.  I just grab some 1/4" plywood and sketch some initials on it.  Three rules.

The last name initial is always the biggest.

The man's first name initial is always second.  And..

The woman'sfirst name initial is alway first.  (What's new?)

Each initial is hand drawn and rough cut out on the bandsaw.  Proportions are somewaht important here to ensure a nice looking result.  Then, using the proper size Forstner bits, cut each small corner where the intial "curves" meet to ensure a nice smooth arc.

Then, using a small diameter drum sander in your drill press, finish sand the piece prior to painting.

I use three different colors of latex paint.  Colors your choice.


Image two shows the backside of the plaque.  The top two stanchions have holes in them to hang the plaque on nails.  The bottom one on the "C" is a stabilizer with no hole.  The bottom, tapered pin on the "S"is another stabilizer.

I like to "stagger" the initials using the spacer pin locations to maximize the exposure to each initial.

This kind of project will embrace your creative "juices' to the point where you can make just about any design you want.

Have fun!




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Nice Larry.

John Moody
Site Administratorning-johnmoodywoodworkslogo2-3913-80.jpghttp://www.johnmoodywoodworks.com
“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.†Shaker Saying

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Looks cool :)

Charles Nicholls
Proud supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project, Homes For Our Troops and the NRA


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