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Hooch? Yep, what we used to call those "houses".

Missionary buildings were still smoldering after "Sandy" dropped a couple "tanks" on it. Rest of the village wasn't too badly burnt. Mid afternoon, cleared the place, and set up for the night. One hooch in the mid was mine as a CP.


Around 2am, we had some visitors. Rather violent fellows. Started to shoot the place up. We had all the radid-dios stacked along one wall, to the right of the single doorway. Nathan Victor type sprays the wall on the other side of the doorway, kicks in the shabby door, looking around a bit wide eyed. Seems he thought he got us, BUT.....No more bullets in the gun( hate when that happens) so, catching sight of an American Adviser standing there, charges anyway.


Seems that long pointy thing was aimed at ME? Block the dang thing to the side, and add a right cross to the jaw for good measure. Stalling for a bit of time...ah, .45 finally gets out, and....


He had two friends just outside the broken door, they got the same welcome as their buddy. One just doesn't intrude into MY Hooch, you know?


Next morning, load up, and head on to the next "burg" along the canal/roadway , heading West.

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Steve, with today being Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day just around the corner, thank you for your short version of what can only be described as surreal in any normal persons life.


I have always enjoyed and read with great interest your encounters while you were in Vietnam.



During this week I'd like to encourage you to open up and tell us as much as you can about your experiences in Vietnam. Any time actually, but since we are coming up on Memorial Day, this week would be very special to hear from you, thank you Steve for your service, and thank you for sharing.


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Moved up from Archives, I still love reading this one, thanks @steven newman.

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