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steven newman

That $5 Mitresaw, the test drive

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Have a saw bench outside on the back patio, nice day outside, might as well set up that "New" Mitresaw for a test drive?ning-imag0147-824-83.jpg?width=750


Didn't want to mess up the saw bench with screw holes, so a couple clamps to hold it in place. Try square to check the settingsning-imag0148-824-19.jpg?width=750


Looks good from my house. had some Oak parts to trim to length




Seemed to bind a bit in the cut? Some Dummy forgot to wax the saw plate, Duh. Had some 3in1 oil handy, since I oiled the moving parts.ning-imag0150-824-5.jpg?width=750


Just a few drops, and let the saw spread it out. Cut a lot better. Almost a glass like surface, tooning-imag0151-824-37.jpg?width=750


tried out a wider board. Not sure how wide I can go on this saw. I used a clamp to hold the wood in place, seemed to work better than me holding and sawing at the same time (like walking and gum chewing?) results of the wider board



Might not be too bad a saw, for $5...

Nice part about this set-up? I can SIT DOWN and saw. LOL

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