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John Morris

The Patriot Woodworker Blogs Are Open

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Dear Patriot Woodworkers, our blogs are now open. They have been on a long hiatus of which we'll never have to experience again. I do apologize for the inconvenience of the blogs being closed for so long.



I would like to encourage all to please create blogs, contribute, and comment on the blogs of others, in order to build up our database of searchable and track-able, meaningful articles on the subject of your choice.

Blogs are different than forum topics, forum topics range in the thousands, and they are generally a hit and run type of content, that is meant to disburse information now, and for immediate enjoyment.

The blogging area of our community is more of a diary if you will of an ongoing project you are working on, or a story or a review or an in depth how-to for performing an action within woodworking.


Please contribute

We want you all to use the blogging feature, this is your special area to really show off what you are doing, and it's an area that receives special attention from the WWW in ratings and searches. So we really want to encourage you to create your blogs!

Please refer to this topic on creating blogs:



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