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8 hours ago, Smallpatch said:

milk man who use to deliver milk to our house... All his containers

SWMBO still has one and used to use it all the time at the grocery and people would ask where they could get one...

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File has been started at VA....more stuff to fill out, now....


Took a few 1 x 6 planks to the shop..


Not the easiest thing to do...getting a 8' long board down there.   Managed to haul one at a time. mark each for a couple crosscuts..


Just a few basic tools...length was 40". Used a couple bench dogs to keep the plank from moving around too much...


One to push against..


The other was to keep the board from rotating around 


Got the first two planks done....there was an "issue" though...


40"  hit right about here....hmmm....since I cut a profile to shape the "feet" of the case...guess where this knot will be..


That board is now the center of the 3 board glue up...


Need to mill a rebate along the back edges of the panels....should be able to rebate right over this ...thing. 

Managed to get #3 plank to the shop, cut to sizes needed.   Then I stacked all 6 parts up on the bench, and clamped them down until they were flat..

Will let the stack sit overnight...maybe tomorrow, I can joint a few edges, and spread a wee bit of glue....stay tuned.


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