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John Morris

The Mwtca What's It Project Winners Board 2018

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This topic is the official Winners Board for our MWTCA What's It Project. Here you will find the the winners of current and past "What's It" projects for the current year. For project guidelines please go HERE.


Recipient Information

If you are a recipient of the 1 calendar year membership to Mid West Tool Collectors Association, your name will be listed below. To claim your membership please message John Morris with your spouses name if applicable and your mailing address. Why spouses name? The MWTCA ask for your spouses name.


M-WTCA Logo.gifMembership in M-WTCA entitles you to:

  • Attend with your spouse, the two annual national meetings as well as numerous local or regional meetings which are planned throughout the year. Featured at these meetings are tours and visits to appropriate museums, restorations and other sources of historical impact as well as lectures, seminars, films and interesting demonstrations of early crafts. Members are encouraged to display outstanding tools from their collections and to bring items for sale and trade. Programs for the non-member spouse are also an integral part of these meetings.
  • A subscription to their magazine, THE GRISTMILL, a quarterly publication featuring stories about and of interest to M-WTCA members as well as articles of educational importance written by and for tool collectors.
  • All publications and reprints issued for each year of your membership with the Association. Over the years a wide and varied assortment of tool-related literature such as out of print tool and trade manuals, tool and hardware catalogs, etc. have been printed and distributed to the membership.
  • For more information please go to Mid-West Tools Collectors Association website.

(SOURCE:https://mwtca.org/member-benefits/ )



What's It Project Member Name Award by Researched Answer Award by Random Draw

MWTCA January 2018 "What's It" Project


Schnewj (Bill)   X

MWTCA February 2018 "What's It" Project


steamshovel   X

MWTCA March 2018 "What's It" Project


steven newman   X
MWTCA April 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA May 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA June 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA July 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA August 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA September 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA October 2018 "What's It" Project      
MWTCA November 2018 "What's It" Project


MWTCA December 2018 "What's It" Project      

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