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I have a better way to run the planer

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We drained our hoses and exterior piping on 10/15. Had to blow out the irrigation system, too. Darned near an all day job. Well, half a day, anyway. It got down to 30 the night before. Hasn't been below 38, since.<_<

But, it only took one winter with busted pipes and we learned our lesson. 

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Gene I pump out of the lake for the garden and the fruit and nut trees . I use a large propane tank for the pressure system and have devised a way to be sure all the water is pushed out of the pipes before any freezes comes.. Yes , learned the hard way. On the faucet close to the air compressor I  have an air chuck like the truck tire guys have that clips on to the tire valve that is screwed into the side of a faucet and let a small amount of air run for a while through the water lines with the valve down next to the submersible pump being open. Now I don't even worry when the temperature drops. But one year I propped my sprinklers up against the barn and all , about 8 , froze the ends off. Wasn't that expensive to glue new ends and a short piece of pvc back on but it pissed me off for not thinking of them. 

   I have pvc air lines running all over my property and also in my shop. Been using pvc for air since about  1970 and none have ever busted.....I also run a pvc air line over to brother in laws barn about 17 years ago. He didn't know it at the time for they were in California at the time. Later he mentioned he was going to have to buy an air compressor for all the stuff he had, I walked him over to the the quick coupler and pointed and he just looked at it for a while and said what the hell is that.......

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