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Come see our annual Adopt a Gold Star Family for Christmas Project in partnership with Operation Ward 57. We have been chosen to support this mother and her two children. How can you help? Click on the proceeding link, and see our official project page where you can learn how to participate in our raffle and how you can win some fantastic prizes! Attention on Deck!!! Uncle Sam Wants You!!!!


I'm bbbaaaccckkk!!!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen,


Sorry I haven't been active. My injuries are getting worse and worse by the say. I havent been able to get in the shop due to this. I got to go to the keys with WWP. We did Irma clean up. So sad to see everyones lives on the curb. I have just now after a month starting to be able to get around again. I havent done any work because my seizures are getting worse and more frequent. I prefer to keep my fingers for the time being! HAHAHA. Hoping to make some man glitter again sometime soon. I scored about 40 board fett of African mahogany on a curb as well as a crap ton of 12×10×1 pine planks on curb as well.  I'20171025_145442.thumb.jpg.f40b4ec587e1264b7c1690638fcd110b.jpg am also proud to say I'm a plank owner and SGT. At Arms for our newly formed non-profit. It's ALOT of work, but so worth it! Happy Veterans Day!!!





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Jay, glad to hear from you but sorry about the health issues. Hope things can get turned around for you.


That's quite a lumber score you made!!!


Mimi and I visited Key West many years ago when the YMCA held a Scuba leadership conference there. That place really touched a spot in my heart. The people, lifestyle and overall laid back attitude made it my top favorite place I've ever visited. It is so sad to see the pictures of the devastation caused by the hurricane.

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Hey Lew! Good to be back. And yes it's heartbreaking. But the spirits are high in the keys. Just 50 yards down that street is the NOAA official Irma landfall location. That's actually the 3rd story. The 2nd disappeared and their rather large boat was lifted above electrical poles and dropped in a back yard 1/2 block away. I felt after that I needed to volunteer more so I went and was accepted as a divemaster at the FL Aquarium doing guest interaction through a comms mask and also taking guests smoking and diving in the shark tank. Found out they go to keys alot for reef conservation so I'm sure it won't be long before i go back and start cleaning the junk off the reef. And no worries, it is what is. I'll find a loophole in this battle with my body.


I will always place the mission first.

I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.


Even if that comrade is myself. And yea was solo excited about the free wood. Still trying to figure out what to use the A.M. for....


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Great to have you back here Jay with high spirits amid your on-going health challenges. Wishing you the best at all times.

Thank-you for your concern, compassion and assistance to those who have suffered and lost so much. Your pictures help bring the story much closer and more personal to us all.

Looking forward to you getting back in the shop and seeing how you use that wood you reclaimed. Great eye on your part!

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to quote Gene..

Great to see you back, Jay. 

Take care of numero uno, buddy.

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