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Gaggle of trivets

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While waiting on glue to dry Saturday on a couple of projects I decided to make some trivets.  The round spiral Maple trivet is the same one I posted a couple of weeks ago, along with the 'making of video', but the Walnut ones were just made.  The spiral Walnut one is being picked up tomorrow by a friend who requested it. 


The other two comprise an idea I have had and tried a few times Saturday to make them back to back as one trivet but it was just too dainty and once I had it in hand I decided it was just too busy (photo below next to the one I kept).  Besides, I kept breaking it somewhere so instead of wasting more Walnut I just made two trivets with their own theme.  Each are about 10" x 6" and 3/4" thick.  The breaks in the border are to allow air to flow and the crosses are at two different levels for the same reason.


Broken trivet -



Collection -





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I agree.  Very nice!


You mention airflow, and it makes me wonder if there would actually be any under a hot pot?  Hot air rises so perhaps slots that ramp up in one direction would encourage air heated by the pot to flow out and pull cooler air in.   Air expands as it heats, so maybe the slots get wider as they climb up/out.  


As I have no personal need for trivets, you can pursue this idea for free.  :)


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