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My scroll saw has a clearance of 20" and this pattern is 25" long. Wasn't easy and no I didn't use a spiral blade.IMG_9406.JPG.624daccf67e45e96610c5d1be837b0a7.JPGIMG_9406.JPG.624daccf67e45e96610c5d1be837b0a7.JPG


Now I got to make the one on the right look like the one on the left.. This might take a few days, weeks or maybe months.


Oh by the way, wife does not have any real bad stuff , which we thought she might have, but the MRI showed  2 busted disk, the third and the forth, what ever that means!!

   So I went back to work in the shop for a few days. The next appointment for her is the 25th. Maybe operation or a few guided shots with the camera. Amazing what they have learned.

   Oh, I have already changed some of the stuff from the picture. It looks like there were two pieces missing so I just guessed..That's good about carving pieces for no one can say that ain't right?

  Hey we even celebrated the better news we got from the doctor by stopping at Dairy Queen on the way home!

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Hope the wife's disc issues are resolved quickly and successfully. Are those discs in the neck? 

DQ makes the day even better. 

I see another amazing clock emerging. Keep those progress pictures coming. They are always fascinating.

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The disk are at the other end Gene, real close to her tail bone. The injury happened about 2 years ago but has progressed where she is almost at the screaming stage. I told her long ago lets go and get something done about it.  No no no.Okay when you get to where you can't stand it anymore you got to see a doctor. Thank goodness she finally gave in.

    Her sister died two years ago of cancer in her spine and my wife was almost sure she probably had the same thing.

   Cal we went to a large office supply and got what looked like this thin clear plastic would be ideal over the pattern.  Wrong...... But after removing it and pushing the jig saw over the glued down paper pattern I could cut enough out with a band saw  and the jig saw to where the scroll saw finished so it all has smooth edges that will be exposed. I didn't use the plastic shoe that comes with this jig saw but the base is a slick feeling aluminum which left the paper pattern almost in perfect shape...

     A spiral scroll saw blade was suggested but I sure don't like the finish those blades leave which would leave way too much sanding  to get the wood back to a smooth edge.

   Wow, I chose this old antique wall clock for it looked like there were way more challenges than anything I have done so far and yes, way more complicated than I could see at first.... These little carbide bits I use in the Dremel will be working overtime for a long while on this clock...

   Almost ready to start carving but first I have to free hand the lines of the carving onto the wood then a lot of guessing comes in to play.IMG_9411.JPG.cee4c0c75bbafbc85f52af839624e187.JPG 


The gouged out areas were where I removed the small flat headed nails to secure the clear plastic for the jig saw to glide over, but that didn't work so I ripped the plastic off...

   I seem to be learning more now than when I was in my prime wanting to learn everything.

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Glad it was the discs, then. Not cancer. Bet you both were really relived. 

Us old guys...and gals... learn faster/easier than the young'uns cuz, first of all, we've made the mistakes and can avoid them now and, we don't get as upset as we used to when something doesn't work as we expected. Plus, we probably have more patience too, cuz our minds are not going in ten different directions like when we were young.

But then, there's the remembering what we've leaned part.:unsure:

Edited by Gene Howe (see edit history)

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First day of grinding off the unwanted.



  Not gonna use the round thing in the middle holding the dial. I was just seeing how it would look sticking out this much. 

    It sure don't take me long to make a day of it anymore. Three or four hour work day is about right.

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On 10/4/2017 at 4:26 PM, Gene Howe said:

there's the remembering what we've leaned part

What's this remembering stuff?   I don't recall any of that.  :wacko:

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