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OK Steve, I have a burning question.......  How many planes do you own now?

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30 planes?! You might have to build another hanger (till) for the second squadron. :P

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Actually, I keep a fairly small  core group....


Have a few extras for most sizes...


Latest one is kind of a Mutt..:ph34r:


The one hiding on the shelf?   Cambered Jack Plane.     Mutt & Jeff..:rolleyes:...#3 vs #8, about cover the usual range I use...

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On 8/10/2017 at 6:55 PM, steven newman said:

Last head count was at 30 planes...

OK, this might border on the collecting vs hoarding line so how many of those 30 do you use on a regular basis? Subtract that number (I counted 8 in the core group not including any block planes;)) from the overall count gives a collection count actual number.


Assuming the use number is 5 or greater, you should return safely to the collecting number range.:rolleyes: Additionally, any "frankenplanes" (e.g. planes consisting of two or more manufacturers components) even though fully functional would also be accounted differently thereby reducing the overall collection number well into the "green zone." Hope this helps understand the collection versus hoarding accounting process.:lol:


BTW...nice job on the #3 Dunlap...any guess on the age? I see it has brass screws for the tote and handle...late 40's, early 50's??

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Might be just after 1962,,,when Stanley started folding the old "whaletail " lateral levers. 


BTW:   When a tool is marked as "Dunlap Approved"  it was because of a fellow named Dunlap that worked for Sears & Roebuck back in the day.   He would approve a tool maker's submitted line of tools, to be sold by Sears & Roebuck. 


Thinking this little plane was made by Stanley....

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