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Took a day off from the shop today.....yard sales were a bust....too nice of a day to go into the shop....Hauled the Boss, and my son off on a Road Trip...

Springfield, OH has an Antique Mall.....HUGE one.....8 big rooms of stuff....Number one rule...IF a tool is INSIDE a glass case...take a look, but keep on walking.


There was this one stall.....looked like someone had emptied both a Sears and a woodcraft tool section, and just piled it up on a BUNCH of shelves....Dug through over 100+ chisels....looking for a couple wood handled ones I could use..


The wide one is 1-1/4", the other is 1/4"...$6 for the biggie, $1 for the wee one...


Sharp?   Not  even close.   But, we have ways...


Hoops?   Not sure IF I'd hit the little one....biggie has been hit a few times too many..



For $7 and change?   I think I can make do....Walked around in the place for over 2 hours,  and only saw about half of the stuff. 

Supper was at Five Guys Burgers.....then a nice drive home.....not too bad of a day...

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Nice finds especially the 1/4" one...looks like a mortise chisel?

Apparently Springfield has this too...Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market

Looks like that would be worth a trip sometime...little pricey on admission IMO for the May & September events, but I'm a cheapskate!


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More on the road stuff today...


Needed to fill the gas tank....wasn't paying the $2.36 a gallon here in town.....drove out to Huntsville, OH.....$2.04 a gallon.    Stopped in at the Junk-n-the-Box and did a bit of shopping.....entire shelf of hand planes....pass.     There was a large box on the floor "anything in the box- $1"


Ok, dug around for a  while....picked two items and paid my $2..


Rosewood, Brass and steel...blades are 9" long.   haven't tried to check them for square, yet..


BTW on the shelf above the box, there was another, smaller square...$5?  Pass.


Had to take the Boss to the grocery stores, then back home.  


BTW....Pastor LOVED his new desk!!!!!!!!

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Should this thread MAYBE be moved to the regular "Hand tools" section? :unsure:


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1 minute ago, HARO50 said:

Should this thread MAYBE be moved to the regular "Hand tools" section? :unsure:


Yeah, probably...gonna guess Steven clicked on the sub-link by mistake...easy to do now in this forum especially after a day trudging through flea markets...:P

@John Morris...would you please move this thread...with @steven newman approval & awareness. Thanks in advance, Dave

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Ok...plan today was just to rehab a couple items..


Cleaned them both up...did a bit of sharpening.   Got the hoop to fit better, and gave the wood a coat of BLO.   Was just going to do these two...


But this 9" Square wanted cleaned up ( put it to use, later...)and then the other one..


Those are not paint spots....they be brass pins, they have to hold the brass edge piece in place..


Kind of a "T" shaped thing.   Handles were given a wipe-on, wipe-off coat of BLO....got to thinking.....


Maybe I could do a little something today.......

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