Holding Small Parts. My CNC Bed Vise.

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I originally posted this on Vectric's forum, but as it makes sense to post under this topic I'm sharing it here again. 


Sometimes a part that needs a little CNC work done on it is too small for any conventional bed clamp to hold down. I have used my drill press table vise on occasion, but it is rather tall.   More useful on my CNC shark which has better Z clearance than my Probotix Meteor.   Most wood vise parts are 1/2" BB plywood and cut out on my CNC.  One small part on the bottom was a thinner piece of scrap plywood.    I spaced the holes out so the vise would slide into 2 tracks of my CNC bed.  Discovered by accident that the hole spacing also works in the solid t-track bed of my CNC Shark.    Apologies for the B&W images.  Accidently had the wrong setting set in my photo software.   The 3/8" x 16 threaded rod pushes against a 5/16" vertical aluminum post embedded int the front vise jaw.  Keeps the jaw from spitting.  No handle designed for it yet.  I turn two nuts jammed together on the end with a box end wrench. 



Thin Vise Bottom_4D.jpg

Thin Vise2_4D.jpg

CNC Vise 1.jpg

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Looks good to me, 4D.  As a longtime photographer I love BW photos.  And the vise is something I can use, so I'll make one soon.




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Thanks David.  BTW for grip I glued some 180 grit sandpaper to the jaws. The plywood edges were just a bit slippery. 


If I had started out knowing the photos would be BW I'd have work on the lighting for more contrast and perhaps a little shadow drama. ;)  

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Version 9 of VCarve/Aspire have a new 2-sided toolpath and render feature.  Toolpaths that are on the bottom can be created in their own "tab" but within the same file.  The rendering engine now can preview your material with toolpaths cut from both sides.


I loaded in my Aspire 8.5 file which had the vise parts in it, and was able to separate out the backside cut from the top side cuts.  These renderings are of the same material.  I am going to love this feature!





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