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Amped up Oneida Super Dust Gorilla (long)

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As I'm getting a little more antsy about finally being able to work in my shop, I had my DC system in the back of mind. I've always wanted a Clearview DC to replace my Oneida. This weekend they have a 10% off anything sale, so i ordered one. Since that one is coming, I'm selling my Oneida.  To keep you from reading more than you want, my price is $1000 (explained later), local pickup. I might be able to help with getting to your house in part of the it 75 miles from Wapakoneta, or to the Cincinnati are since I'm there every once in a while. Anyway, the story: I bought this in 2006, it left the factory as a 2 HP model (14 1/4"impeller, 7" inlet). Once installed in my shop, I found the 2 HP motor wasn't enough for my duct work system...the motor ran at full load with just one gate open. After tlaking to Oneida, I replaced the 2 HP Baldor with a 5 HP Leeson, the ones used on the CV dcs. That solved the overloading problem, in fact the Leeson FLA is 22 amps, and it's running at about 10-11 with all the gates open. Then there is the filter. The OEM filter wasn't really all that good and I replaced it in 2013. The replacement came from Penn State, and was plug and play on my Oneida. But the PSI filter had about 3.4 times the filter media, and a Merv 15 rating. It's made by Clark Filter in PA. and is much more robust in construction than the OEM. I also have 2 dust bin drums that go with it, and another filter that is NIB. Now, the current models of this have some kind of composite blower housing as well as the elbow going to the filter. Mine has all steel everything, and while I harp on some aspects of Oneida's cyclones...I've always said they are built like a tank; at least the older ones are. The new ones list at $1800, but then the bin and some other stuff is optional so I think it would run $2000 to buy a new one, that's how I got my $1000 price...1/2 of new. Mine also includes  a remote starter and wall bracket (optional now). I have all the original papers that go with it. In the pics, you see it siting on my hydraulic lift table just before I was mounting it in my last shop.I also have a stiff plastic keeper for the dust bins that allowed me to line them with 40 gallon trash bags. Anyway, I have lots of other pics, but be aware the unit is disassembled and sitting in my garage at the moment. I can set it up to prove that the motor runs, but I'm between shops so I won't be able to do much else. I can also tell you I measured the air flow this unit pulls 1075 CFM through a 6" duct (over 30' with 3 elbows) so it has very good airflow. I've also measured 500+ CFM through 4" duct.



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It is, I thought I'd be able to put up with it but I was wrong. What's really frustrating is that every time I need some tool it's packed away and involves a long search to find it....if I ever do.

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Fred, you will like that Clear view cyclone, it will suck the socks right off you without taking off your shoes. By the way it was designed for Clear View by one of our members, Bill Pentz,if I am not mistaken. My cousin Paul had one in his last shop which was on a 35a. breaker (whole shop) and that 5hp. motor would start and then  the table saw would trip the main breaker,so he had to start the TS first then the DC, I think that was the way it went, maybe the other way round. Anyway my point is to put in plenty of power  in your shop.

NWW Workers had a field trip to their shop when they were located in Kent,WA before they moved to their present location,in NC? anyway they are fine folks and will bend over backwards to help you with anything pertaining to their products. Be sure to look at the clear plastic 6" gates , I use those in my shop and they are really good and not expensive as compared to other brands., I also use their 6"& 4" flex duct ,thay have a really neat clamp made for the 6" flex duct.. Also plan on enclosing it in a sound proof enclosure or on the other side of the wall. That is what I did with my Oneida, and you can talk normal in the shop when it is running.


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Fred, I've had both of those systems. The first like you was an Oneida Air Systems. Unlike you when I could not make it work the way it should have, I decided it would be far more fun to create mount cyclone parts in my backyard. I think I learned just about everything that can be learned about cyclones the hard way. Eventually the result evolved into my current design that you will be getting from Clear Vue.  Good for you!

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