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Gene I answered Grandpawdave about halfway up on this post. and I show some numbers of the ones I use. Order a catalog from them.. and read what I said about the larger bits. For what I do the the 1/4" shaft size are too big and bulky and very hard to control.. You can make foxholes before you realize it.. The diamond bits for me I turn the dremel all the way down in speed and use them to remove the burn marks. Too much speed and they will burn also. The bit in the middle of the picture I do all my wood removing  and when cleaned it still looks like new...a kutzall brand. Only the four numbers listed are all I own. The rest of the set seems like repeats kinda.  

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52 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

or, remember what I read.:blush:

Don't you just hate it when that happens...:P Now what was it you wanted?;)

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Patch - great information you are sharing with us.  Thank you

And as Gene Howe said - now we have to remember what we read - if I printed it out, I might forget where I put it

Anyhow, thanks again and we will be looking for the pix of the finished project.

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This looks like an awesome project. Any finished photos? Sorry but I came only recently to this website. Thanks for sharing this!

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Doc Hamm I have made quite a few of this type and if you look close most of the carving pieces are the same or very close. Sometimes I extend or shorten some pieces to fit things in the correct space...Notice I don't carve these pieces on the sides for the scroll saw cuts the excess away so I just leave the edges as they are. Years ago I started buying cheap pressed wood carving pieces then trace around them and scroll saw  them using good solid hardwood. And using thick wood a person can gets way more detail without having to carve the sides of a piece. Since these clocks hang on the wall the sides are not noticed like a mantle clock. So yes when I make a mantle clock I like to do something to the sides of each piece. This is about a two year experience into to carving. I finally told myself if someone else can do this, I can too but at my age I decided on using only power tools, no hammers and chisels, never..



Not too many carving pieces are ever shown here and thats the reason I more or less challenge folks to try something like these I make... Trade secrets, hey, I believe guys on this site is simply too lazy to even try carving, so giving away my trade secrets like was mentioned, ha. 

  I did have a furniture repair refinish shop hundreds of years ago so than end of these carvings things I show I am just doing things with stain and lacquer I didn't have time to do when I was putting food on the table..... and not worrying about keeping the customer happy.

 By the way most all these are around 18" tall. Thats about the limit my scroll saw will handle.

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