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So I got angry at Capital One

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It's who they associate with more than anythign else.

That Samuel L Jackson guy  is their spokesperson. He's the one singing songs  in public about the "Racist Poolieeese" (you can google it if you want to hear him sing it ) and has made about a dozen or so other anti American generally horrible & classless public statements.

 So I wrote e; a letter it reads like so:



Capital One financial company

MARKETING Department

1680 Capital One Drive

McLean, VA 22102-3491


Sir / Madam:


I was considering adding another credit card to my collection of two cards.

Capital One might have been in contention, but for your spokesman who is overtly America hating, Racist, and  Bigoted.  Your spokesperson offends every decent sensibility I have.


So, because of Samuel L Jackson, and your association with him, I will not ever get a capitol one card.  Not now, not in at some future time, not ever.







(my name)


I did this  once to Audi because of a  TV show that went too far, where they were advertising and Audi actually called me.


Marketing people are very sensitive to this sort of thing.


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oh yah.  You tell 'em exactly who you are and they take you seriously. The probably have some statistical calculus that informs them that when even one person  troubles himself to put a letter together  and stick it in an envelope and  stamp it that  there  is XYZ number of similarly minded people who won't take the trouble  of writing but will stop spending their money in that direction.


After I wrote Audi  they did call me to make sure I was real and then I never saw them advertising on that creep's TV show again.

Of course he lost his show later ( cuz he was such a jerk)  but that's  different.

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