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Found 55 results

  1. US Soldiers Woodworking

    This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics. Walking through the base here, chances are, one will see the carpentry work of the 489th Eng. Bn. wood shop which is one of few, if not the only, Army wood shop in Afghanistan. With orders coming in regularly from units via telephone and walk-ins, the shop stays constantly busy. Read more...

    © Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

  2. Old Woodworking Books

    Directory of woodworking books (and others) most link to the site "archive.org"
  3. At what point in your life (and year) did you start woodworking? I get asked this question occasionally, like this week. I usually respond, "Well, that's sort of like asking a singer when they started singing." I grew up in the 50s and 60s. I dinked around with wood some as a kid, but my father was not really a woodworker. Just a farmer, you know, fix it up yourself kinda guy. I got some formal "industrial arts" in seventh and eight grade. But not in High School. That was for the "shop guys" as they were known. Off to college in the 70s. After graduation, lived in apartments for a few years and built some things "just because I needed them for the home." Moved every year or two for about 5 years, which made it difficult to really get started. Then about 1980, started acquiring a few more tools, doing more reading and self-education, and took off as my primary avocation. About 2003, frustrated with my job and fearing the biennial layoffs, quit and started my own furniture repair business. Still here, still learning, still doing the work,though now semi-retired, part-time, and woodworking as a hobby "because my kids need things for their homes." Most of the people I know started out the same way.
  4. Works in Wood 2017

    Works in Wood 2017 The 18th year for New Hope Arts banner exhibition! Works in Wood honors the rich cultural heritage of Bucks County woodworking while celebrating the new visions of the contemporary artists who reside in our region and beyond. As a national juried show, Works in Wood features artwork from the finest talent in the country today. Works are not limited by function but must be original in design and artists must incorporate at least 50% of wood in each piece. The annual exhibition features functional and non-functional works, studio furniture, turnings, constructions, sculpture and vessels in which artists use wood as their primary medium. Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony: Saturday, November 18 5-8pm
  5. The Southwest School of Woodworking is a for-profit educational organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to promote the craft of woodworking and to instill the concept of craftsmanship in all of our students.

    s ago In my lifetime of woodworking, paw built truck bodies when I wuz little. Still remember 1/4'' bolts, nuts & washers, the 'speed handle w/socket to fit those 1/4'' nuts, bolted on sidebody 1X4's. The way the two ''sills' 4X6 were cut out to fit the hump in truck frame over rear axle. Paw cut'm out w/foot azz, so they fit down solid and then bolted down with piece of metal over the sill and one underneath the truck frame, with two long bolts at each, four to /for each truck body. Usually smidgen higher/taller that truck cab. Sometime customer wanted about two foot higher sections, that could be slipped down into original/everyday bodies, to haul livestock or ear corn. *****Foot azz is grubbing hoe type thing with a crocked handle, bout 30 something inches long. This is all I know to call/name it. Prolly aint made anymore for sale. Blade bout 4'' wide. alright if ya made it this far, I love lathe, building Cedar chest, picture frames, etc., etc. ****2007 started writing, named all books Wiregrass, Grits & 1.MURDER, 2.FOGGY HORSESHOE,3.GHOST DANCER,4.SECOND CHANCE--all about a yankee that came south, stayed raised a family. Then one little stand alone called WIREGRASS AND GRITS, 5.For boys only. Not a dirty/off color word in any ov'm. btw, Amazon has one of these for $50 something. Cya
  7. The stuck drill bit hollow form

    Some may remember I posted pictures of a hollow form I was drilling and the forstner bit got stuck deep inside. Happily, I eventually got the bit unstuck and was able to continue. Even more happily, the vessel was dry enough to finish this week. Here it is, third coat of oil just applied. It will probably get two or three more coats before I'm done. Keep in mind, the oil is freshly applied so it will lose a little shine. It's about 14" tall and 12" major diameter. I have to tell you I was nervous, nervous while turning off the bottom. Afraid I was going to through. Walnut, what can you say? Steve
  8. My oldest girl is making a gift for a friend of hers, she needed some boards cut to length on my SCMS. So today she asked me to cut them for her. DAD: Come on over here kid, you can cut these. DAUGHTER: Dad, I don't feel like it, I am a bit nervous on that saw. DAD: Awe come on, you'll be fine, I'll be right here, just keep your hands over here like this, ease the blade down, and you'll be fine. DAUGHTER: Dad, I really don't feel like it, can you please cut those boards for me. DAD: You used to cut lumber pretty good kid, remember that birdhouse you built a few years ago? Come on over here, you'll be fine. DAUGHTER: Dad, I'd rather not. DAD: (slightly disappointed look) DAUGHTER: (big smile) DAD! Remember my college scholarship, I am a violinist, if anything happens to my hands, my music scholarship is dead! DAD: (pause, brain spun, deep thinking now, looking at the ground, then I look up) WELL SHOOT DAB BERN BE DANGED KID, WHAT THE HECK YOU DOIN! GIVE ME THAT DANGED BOARD, GET AWAY FROM HERE I'LL CUT IT!!!! DAUGHTER: (laughing at my sudden concern for her safety) Jeez Dad, when it comes to money you're all heart. Ya gotta love our kids, they are so smart sometimes!
  9. Ralph Jones Quizzes

    I don't know what happened to Ralph, have not seen his quiz since Saturday July 22nd. I'll update ya'll as soon as I hear something, been trying to reach out to him but no luck thus far.
  10. There was a topic recently about custom woodwork, which I've now lost track of. I heard Nancy in a presentation last weekend and meant to post some of here thoughts, but could not find those either at the time. Probably the best advice I got before I quit my job and started my business from from a (former) custom woodworker, "The world is full of ex-custom woodworkers paying off their IRS debts." That was enough to lead me in another direction. Here's one of Nancy's recent posts http://www.finewoodworking.com/2017/08/14/nancy-hillers-reality-checklist
  11. WWGOA

    What's up with George Vondriska and Woodworker's Guild of America? I got an offer last week for a year's premium membership for $3 (instead of $36). Couple of days later it was $3.33, then a couple more it was $10. Now DVDs are 75% off. I'm thinking cash flow crisis???
  12. And so it begins...

    Steve (Woodworking for Mere Mortals) started off a project this week with the words, " I knew I could make something nicer for half that price. " It seems like a lot of people I know got their start that way. Add to that a pinch of hands-on creativity and we're hooked. Did that happen to you? I think my first projects (after jr. high shop class) were bookcases that I build on an apartment balcony with hand saw, hammer, chisel, plane and drill.
  13. No profit margin

    So a friend, who i've made something for previously, posts on FB a pic and link to an oval cutting board that overhangs an inside counter in the kitchen. 24x18, maple, available on Amazon for $132 with free shipping. told him that there is no way that me making that for that price is worth me doing it. figure i'd need about 4BF of lumber. lumber that is 120 miles away (round trip). so i'd spend about $24 on gas just to fetch the lumber, another $25 on the lumber, and another 3-4 hours making it over the course of a day or two. 132-49 = 83, and if i cover shipping, that would be about $30 to me (as i'm not a frequent shipper), so my paper profit is now about $53. for 3 hours of effort, that's only about $17/hr. not worth doing it once you factor in the fixed shop costs that should be accounted for to determine the real "money in my pocket" profit.
  14. Lew's Woodworking

    Personal website woefully outdated!
  15. I had live music in my shop this past Saturday! Our youngest daughter was studying on the dining room table for her AP History exam, our oldest daughter wanted to practice at the same time, scholastic's take priority over all in our home, even over good music, so our oldest girl needed a place with her friend to practice for an open mic event that same night at a local music store that holds open sessions on Saturdays. They asked if they could come out and practice while I work. I turned off my radio and opted for live. Hey, free live music while I work! What more can ya ask for! Typically I don't like things on my table saw, I'll make an exception, this time. This a just a warm up they were doing to have fun. Cynthia is our oldest daughter, on violin, and her "boyfriend" is on geeetar. He's an ok kid, took me a loooong time to accept it, but he's alright. Her first, they been seeing each other since their Jr. year in high-school and they are equally yoked. They are both wrapping up their freshman year in college. Good kids. She plays in her college symphony, quartet, and symphony choir, she is well studied in classical, but her favorite to play all day long, is Appalachia.
  16. The Patriot Woodwiki

    This is a knowledge-base repository of wood related subjects and the people who make the art and industry, and the tools and machinery used to create and form the wood, and the wood and material and the process's that are used to form and shape the wood.
  17. Woodworking club located in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Over 100 members. Meets bi-monthly except July for educational meetings. Annual spring seminar and special events throughout the year as available
  18. Missing Dimensions with File Specs

    Got a gripe, a huge gripe, looking at woodworking files and rasps, and I noticed most of the specs listed for files, do not include the width of the file. Arrrrrrrrgh! I want a good file for getting in a slot 1/2" wide, I can find the files, but I have to go through many avenues just to find out what the heck the width of the files are! I finally found what I need, but jeez, what a chore!
  19. I Can Relate

    As a matter of fact, I think we are related.
  20. Posted a while back showing some walnut I was working into bowl blanks. With Christmas requests and some other distractions I'm just now getting time to start making bowls. Most of them will be natural edge as that shows the crotch grain so much better. Most of that gets turned away in a normal bowl. This is the fourth bowl so far. Still will need to dry for a couple weeks and then get remounted, sanded, and finish the bottom. Picture doesn't show it well but there is some great grain in the bottom of this bowl. It's gonna be a pretty thing. It does make a mess though. Steve
  21. CNC Woodworking

    After reading @Steve Krumanaker blog on his laser, it has interested me greatly, but on the cnc router level. But Steve's blog really got me thinking on this. Been looking at CNC Router home made plans and there is a whole community out there for this type of do-it-yourself and they are very supportive of one another, very open source, free plans, open source software, and just a neat community altogether. Thanks Steve for showing me.
  22. Woodworking History

    This is a wonderful historical data base full of great information about woodworking in America.
  23. John Moody Woodworks

    Web site for John Moody showcasing some of the different pieces of woodworking made by John.

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