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Found 157 results

  1. Another week in the books. Been busy making requested Christmas gifts but unfortunately it has been all flatwork. However, our band of turners here at the Patriot have been busy. @Steve Krumanaker showed us a little box he made, last week. Well, he finished a bunch more and they are beauties! @HandyDan Finished up a "few" pens and pencils. You may remember that Dan uses the "guts" from premade pens/pencils instead of buying expensive kits. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools posted a really awesome bowl turned by Will Atwood. Will is the manager of the manager of the Woodcraft store in Lexington, KY. Rick Turns posted a video review of a pretty nice looking tool rest. It looks well built and appears to work well with bowl turning and probably just as good for spindle work. With Christmas looming ever closer, here's a neat little project from Mike Peace. Nice way to practice offset turning- Mr. David Reed Smith published an article/tutorial on how to make some turned/stacked coaster. These might just make someone a very nice Christmas gift. Here's a link to his posting- http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/Coaster/StackingCoasters.html Safe Turning
  2. Christmas is less than 2 months away. We have the opportunity to make this Christmas special for our Gold Star Christmas Family. Please head over to this page and give what your heart suggests. Sure, you might win a fantastic prize from our most generous sponsors. But, really, the winners will be those kids on Christmas morning when they see there really is a Santa. Had a few flakes of snow here last night. Kinda early for these parts but they say it's going to warm up some later in the week. @Ron Altier is still making his Christmas ornaments. Ron certainly can create beautiful objects from that colorful plywood- You can read his post and the comments at- @Steve Krumanaker is working on Christmas gifts. He turned a beautiful box from spalted beech- Check out his post for comments and more pictures- @HandyDan found a couple of really nice videos. The first one is about a young turner. The kid has skills- The second one is on a neat way to "turn" a sphere on the lathe. It appears to work well but it does require a special setup- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this week. Several good articles. With Christmas coming, this might be a nice little gift for someone- Here's the link to the PDF tutorial by Dennis Daudelin https://www.woodturningonline.com/assets/turning_articles/toy-soldiers-wife.pdf Sometime back, we were discussing finials. Thin turning is an art in itself. Here's a link, from Woodturning OnLine, to a PDF tutorial from Honolulu Woodturners member Alan Carter. He demonstrate an awesome thin stem turning. http://honoluluwoodturners.org/16_tips/Alan Carter_thin stem tutorial.pdf Read the entire newsletter here- http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php Speaking of the art of turning- @Steve Krumanaker posted pictures of their turning club's demonstration with Cindy Drozda. Check out his post for more of her art- Rick Turns posted his list of YouTube October woodturning videos. Plenty of good stuff- Safe turning
  3. Our Patriot turners have been working overtime this week creating some fantastic projects and starting some interesting conversations!! @Steve Krumanaker Posted some information on a Christmas Tree Ornament Challenge. He gave us a link to this video that has the particulars- Here is his original post- Steve also confided he is looking forward to his Woodturners club meeting. Their special guest is Cindy Drozda. I confess I was not familiar with her work. Her is a link to her site. She is impressive! http://cindydrozda.com/ And, Steve posted a video on his YouTube channel demonstrating how to make a really nice Christmas Tree Christmas ornament display- And finally, Steve posted a picture of a bowl he turned using his new bowl gouges. You may remember Steve telling us about his experiences at the Marc Adams school where he had the opportunity to learn from Glenn Lucas. Just look at the results from the tools and the newly learned techniques! Here's more- @Gerald has been busy, too! He's working on a beautiful platter made from Bradford Pear. He queried our members for their opinions on the finish. Slide on over to his post and add your thoughts- Gerald is also working on some tops- He explains more about them here- Turners are always looking for a way to "save" that special chunk of wood so they can make something at a later date. Preventing wet wood from cracking/splitting can be a challenge. Usually when we find that special piece, we don't have the "recommended" sealer. We try wax, paint, etc. Here's a short video from "Rick Turns" that shows a sealer we all have in the shop- Finally, there's nothing like turning wet (green) wood and watching the curlies fly all over the shop- as Carl Jacobson demonstrates- Safe Turning
  4. Turning is therapeutic. Before getting into this week's offerings, please remember to add tags to your posted topics. Tags help forum viewers with searches and can add an additional layer of organization to the overall site. Tags can include, but not be limited to, project category, material, style, finish, tools, manufacturer, etc., etc. We've had lots of activity this week in Turning Forum. Some questions, some projects and some great suggestions. @Steve Krumanaker has gone wild with Christmas ornaments! Check out all of the ornaments and comments about how Steve makes them in these two threads- Of course not everything goes according to plan, as Steve points out here- @Ron Altier asked us to rate our carbide tools on a scale of 1 to 10. How about cruising over to this post and give him your input- In that same post, @HandyDan gave us a peek at his shop made carbide round cutter. Pretty Fancy!! @Gerald did a woodturning club demonstration. Look at these beautiful pieces- Read more about them and additional pictures at- A couple of weeks ago, @Jim from Easy Wood Tools posed a question about drive spurs. Lots of comments and opinions were offered. I saw this video from Mike Peace where he discusses the differences- I missed the notification of the Rick Turns woodturning videos of the month. Here is his offering for the month of September- I forced myself into the shop over the weekend. A couple of turnings- This is an Alumilite pen. Alumilite is a type of "resin" casting. It turns easily and polishes to a high gloss. This was turned, sanded thru 12000 grit then polished with Turtle Wax scratch and swirl remover. A bottle stopper from a hybrid blank of acrylic and wood. Sanded and polished the same as the pen. The wood appeared to have a burl type surface. The stopper is from Ruth Niles https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Both projects turned completely with Easy Wood Tools. Safe Turning
  5. Beautiful cloudless day here in south central PA. Got some yard work done, a friend's computer working and another trip to the vets. @Ron Altier posted a picture of his gorgeous Christmas ornament- Check out his post about this turning- Last week we had a video showing Guilio Marcolongo making a turning. @HandyDan posted another video showing Guilio turning an oval bowl. In case you missed it, here it is again- With December 25 approaching fast, I know we are all thinking about gifts to make. If you know someone who knits or crochets, here's a nice video that demonstrates how to make a yarn bowl. The video is from Mike Peace- Recently, I was able to get a couple of manzanita roots. It took a little while to figure out what I could make from them. Unlike @Ron Altier I have zero imagine when it comes to artistic endeavours. The last month has been filled with detours, delays and unavoidably changed plans. I set the pieces on the lathe and would look at them on the way to the washer and dryer. Sometime, on one of those trips, an idea sneaked into my brain. So I started with something like this- and this is what I found inside the root- The root is mounted on a piece of walnut left over from another project. In the last picture, the void in the lid was created by a piece of quartz crystal rock embedded in the wood. It has a couple of applications of Danish oil. I'm waiting for it to dry completely and then a couple of coats of wipe on poly- or not. The entire piece was turned with Easy Wood Tools. The root is quite hard but the Easy Wood Tools had not trouble creating the piece. I'm calling it "Emerging From The Chrysalis" Safe Turning
  6. Sorry but not too much this week. Just stepped outside a few minutes ago- @rlpeterson updated his previous post about turning black limba- @PostalTom Posted a picture of a really nice bowl along with some questions. I snagged a picture of the bowl from his post- Check out his post and some of the responses to his query- @Steve Krumanaker was lucky enough to be able to attend Marc Adams school of woodworking and took classes from Glenn Lucas. He describes the experience here- For those of you thinking about that new chuck for your lathe you are definitely in luck. The Easy Wood Tools chuck is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the good fortune to have tried this chuck a few years ago. It has to be the finest on the market today. The fit and finish is absolutely perfect. The zoom ring makes adjustments quick and easy. Changing jaws is a "snap". You owe it to yourself to seriously consider this awesome lathe accessory. Tim Yoder posted a 2 part video on turning a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. The second part is linked from his page- Safe Turning
  7. @Steve Krumanaker has already started making his Christmas ornaments. Really gorgeous little turned birdhouses- Check out his post here- @Ron Altier is also getting started on his beautiful ornaments- See another one of Ron's creations in his post- @Gene Howe posted a link to a tutorial for making a jig for segmented turning pieces. Several members noted this was basically the same as the "Segeasy" jig. Here is the discussion- And the link Gene posted- http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Sled-for-Perfect-Segmented-Bowls/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email If you have a Facebook account, Ruth Niles posted her improved offset jig Click on the image to go to her Facebook post. If you don't have an account there, Ruth can be contacted at- http://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Carl Jacobson turned a different looking wooden box and lid- Safe turning
  8. Just finished watching the third installment of Ken Burns' Vietnam. Some good stuff here at the Patriot this week. @Ron Altier got things going with a post about using "CA" glue. Several of our turners (and others) received free samples of DAP's new entry into the CA market. Some great discussion about the glue and it morphed into the methods of attaching turnings to waste blocks. Check out the entire thread here- @DAB posted a really spectacular pine bowl he turned. The grain patterns are outstanding. Turning pine is no easy thing to do either. The alternating soft and hard materials easily cause tear outs. Here's the thread along with some discussion- DAB's turning reminded me of something Scott Phillips (The American Workshop) recently posted on Facebook- A month or so ago, @Steve Krumanaker posted a problem and solution of a stuck drill bit in a hollow turning he was working on. Well, he finished the vessel and it is gorgeous! More photos and the discussion, here- A while back, I posted a video from "Nubnstubs" featuring his special tailstock steady rest. He has posted another video that demonstrates the steady rest, his special chuck plate and a couple of neat shop made jamb chucks. The video is about 17 minutes long. Wish I had seen this video before I made the finial on that little lidded bowl. Safe turning
  9. Some good stuff this week from The Patriot turners! @Cliff Is finishing up a live edge bowl. It looks really nice. Stop on over at Cliff's post and check out some more images- @John Morris posted a question about turning a burl. Specifically, should it be turned green or dry. He received several answers to his question. Check out his post and add your experiences to give John a hand. @Steve Krumanaker alerted us to the passing of Bihn Pho, turner/artist extraordinaire. I had not known of his work but after checking out the link in Steve's thread I realize the world has lost a truly gifted artist. Just as extraordinary, are the obstacles Mr. Pho had to overcome. Please take a few minutes to learn about Mr. Pho- A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the new Easy Wood Micro Turning Tools. Here are two videos (Part 1 & 2) of these tools in use, turning a small bowl. The second part of the series illustrates decorating the bowl with wood burning tools- The Woodworkers Journal "eZine" this week had a link to an Ernie Conover turning video. In this video, Mr. Conover demonstrates you don't need a scroll chuck in order to turn a bowl. I'm not sure I'd trust the reverse chucking jam chuck as far as he did. I could see my bowl going air born! Safe Turning
  10. What a beautiful day here in south central PA. Low humidity, gentle northerly breezes and barely a cloud in the sky. Not bad for mid-August. @Ron Altier posed a question about turning metal on a wood lathe. He received several helpful answers to his post. Have you ever done this? Give Ron your ideas at- I obtained a few of these HSS cutter blanks and ground them to the shape I needed. They can be mounted into a handle/holder. Although I use mine on wood, they were originally for use on metal/metal lathe. I happened across this video while looking for something else. What is interesting is that the inside turning/cutting is done with the lathe running in reverse. I know that some turners sand in reverse but I had never seen the turning done this way. One turner (I forget who) said they always turn the inside in reverse because it is easier to see what you are doing. Unfortunately, my lathe doesn't do reverse. The video picks up at the reverse turning part- Carl Jacobson did a live feed video recently where he turned a wooden bird. The video includes questions and comments about the turning and social media posts. Check out Carl's use of the Easy Wood Tools. It's not too soon to start thinking about those Christmas gifts! Here's a turning project for that special chef on your list. Although the video captions are in Russian (I think), it is easy to follow the process. The author has a unique take on stock preparation. If the grand kids are coming by, turner Glen Lucas has a nice little toy to keep them occupied. Better yet, if they are old enough, help them turn their own- I'm still tinkering with that little bowl. One more piece to make to complete my idea. So far this is what's done. Everything needs more sanding- 3 out of 4 pieces- setting together- Safe turning
  11. Local kids start back to school tomorrow. Summer just flew by! @HandyDan Posted some pens he made fashioned after those of Capt. Eddie's- There's more on his post at- Speaking of pen turning, Ernie Conover has a video on some pen turning tips. His method of drilling the blanks is a little different than the way I learned. Carl Jacobson put up a video showing some of Ruth Niles' bottle stoppers- Notice the use of the Easy Wood Tool #1 Hollower for shaping the outside of the bottle stopper! Every time I turn a hollowed out piece (bowl, vase, etc.), I'm always worried about going too deep. This is especially true when I make a chuck recess versus the tenon. Here's a video from the "WyomingWoodTurner" where he makes a neat jig to accurately gauge the depth of the cuts. It must have been the week for turning causalties. @Steve Krumanaker's walnut vase wasn't turning out like he had hoped. Steve posted a picture of it here- Earlier this week, in a different thread, I posted some pictures of my "Great Ironwood Bowl Disaster" After some thought and experimentation, this is what's left. It still needs some finish. I still might make a lid for it, or not. Safe Turning
  12. We lost another squadron member this past week. He was only 67. Although I didn't serve with him (he was there after I got out), we got to know each other at our reunions. He was a great guy. New member @Kevin Jeacocks posted a gorgeous spalted bowl he turned. Check out his post and more about the bowl- A couple of weeks ago we posted an idea for a nice little project which made a turned cover for a cloth tape measure. Well, @HandyDan got a free tape measure and turned this beautiful item- He has more details in his post- Our own resident turner and artist extraordinaire @Steve Krumanaker has his own YouTube channel. In one of his latest videos, he demonstrates how he set up his piercing/carving tools for the awesome artwork- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this week. As always they have an interesting collections of projects and information. One of the projects, by Alan Carter, is about turning a half bowl. You can read the entire process at- http://honoluluwoodturners.org/16_tips/Alan Carter_split bowl tutorial.pdf Be sure to scroll to the end of the tutorial to see some of the beautiful objects that can be made using this method. The entire Woodturning OnLine newsletter is at- http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php Rick Turns has posted his list of July 2017 woodturning videos on YouTube- Tim Yoder, a turner we feature often, has a growing line of tools for the turner. Here he demonstrates the latest one- Carl Jacobson takes us where no man has gone before with this cool turning- As for me, I had time for a little turning but nothing finished. A friend from Arizona sent me a piece of ironwood. While attempting to turn it and discovered how it got its' name! The Easy Wood Tools are the only tools that will cut it without having to stop every few moments to re-sharpen. Also discovered that my steady rest didn't provide enough room for deeper turning. Mid project modifications were required. Safe Turning
  13. School starts back in just over two weeks! Where'd the summer go??? Before we get into this week's post, I would like to thank all of the turners who regularly post their work here at The Patriot. Showing us what you have made really gets our minds to thinking about what is possible and giving us the incentive to try new turning skills. Your willingness to share your projects and experiences makes this weekly get-together much easier for me and I know much more enjoyable for you. @Steve Krumanaker started a thread on an upcoming demonstration/meeting of the woodturning club, to which he is a member. The featured demonstrator is Cindy Drozda. If you are in or near Ft. Wayne, IN, it will be worth checking out. Ms. Drozda's work is awesome as can be seen on her website- http://cindydrozda.com/ (Steve- does Ft. Wayne still have WOWO? I used to listen to it at night when the "skip" was just right) Mr. David Reed Smith made his latest article/turning available. It's a really cool "Big Bag Clip". Lot's of woodworking in this little project and because it is from Mr. Smith, you know it has some lathe work! The complete tutorial is at- http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/BagClip/BagClip.html Check out the mallet @steven newman With the craft shows in full swing, you are probably handing out your business cards at every opportunity. Car Jacobson made a nice business card holder/display that you could put out on your table so that folks can easily get your information. Not sure how many of our turners make pens. Craft Supplies USA posted a video, a while back, on sharpening a barrel trimmer. I use my disc/belt sander mostly for this work. Here's a PDF file that shows how to make a jig to ensure the ends are square Pen Blank Squaring Jig.pdf I haven't been in the shop this week as we are preparing for visits from relatives and other such events! Safe Turning
  14. Great week for woodturning here at The Patriot! @Ron Altier continued experimenting with JB Weld and found it turns and finished nicely. Here's his first go at working with it- Ron explains what he did here- After some additional testing, he finished up a beautiful ornament- Additional information about what he did is here- @oleglenn posted 2 images of a gorgeous bowl he made- See all the images and the great comments here- @RustyFN asked about sealing wood to help prevent cracking. He received several ideas. Jump over to his post and see if you can help him out! @Steve Krumanaker keeps turning out unbelievable pieces of art. His talent of combining turning, carving and pyrography is fantastic. His latest creation is- Steve explains how he did this at- @Chips N Dust started a conversation about an accessory he found at the Lee Valley site. He posted about a "hollow arbor chuck". Turners might find this item handy especially when using long, thin drill bits. The Lee Valley catalog page is at- http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?cat=1,180,42334&p=75987&WT.ac=pos2_SpecialBuy_09A0826 Speaking of Lee Valley. Their newsletter has a neat turning for a pen/pencil holder. Instructions for turning these are at- http://www.leevalley.com/en/newsletters/Woodworking/2509/Article1.htm Several weeks ago, we were discussing drying options for green turned bowls. Rick Turns added a nice little video on making an inexpensive drying box. His experiences have been that it will dry a bowl in 5-7 days. Tim yoder put up a 2 part video on making a String Top. Part 2 is linked from the You Tube site. I decided to not wait until the second week in December to get started on Christmas gifts. Chang and Eng (from last week) was the first gift. This week I almost finished the second gift. Recently I received a box full of wood, some that I have never had the opportunity to turn. There was some iron wood, a piece of burl, Sapele and some antler. I wasn't sure what to make from the burl, at first. I originally thought of some sort of wall art- but I'm not much of an artist (in fact the seventh grade art teacher said about all I could draw was flys). Anyway. I decided I would make the burl go as far as possible. The first piece is a small shallow bowl. The top needs a few more applications of lacquer. The lip is undercut. Made completely with Easy Wood Tools! Safe Turning
  15. Well July is past the halfway point. Another week of the "3 H's" here in south central PA. @Steve Krumanaker posted a gorgeous hollow walnut form he turned. It is not a tiny thing either! Steve talks about the adventure here- @Ron Altier Is having some difficulty with an acrylic blank. Head on over to his post and see if you have any suggestions Carl Jacobson recently posted a review of the new Easy Wood Micro Tools. These will be a real asset to those who turn smaller items such as pens, bottle stoppers, etc. But don't be fooled; these tools will are going to be great for detail work on larger objects. I am particularly impressed with the Micro Detailer. The sharp point is something I find very useful in my turnings. The tools come as a set. So you get all tree when you purchase them! Some months ago, I linked a short "teaser" about Tim Yoder's upcoming video on catches. He has released 2 videos covering various catches and why they happen. Part #1 is on the roughing gouge- Part #2 is linked on his YouTube page. As turners, we are always looking for ways to make our pieces unique. Some add color, some add texture and the list goes on. Here is a video where the turner adds interesting detail to a bowl- using a router. I had a little time at the lathe this week. Some months ago, I created a laminated blank from scraps and then turned it round. It has been setting next to the lathe. Finally made something out of it. I call them Chang and Eng. They use the Crush Grind mechanisms from Woodcraft and stand about 11" tall. To distinguish between the salt and pepper function I used a piece of African blackwood for pepper and a piece of antler, that was recently given to me by a good friend, for the salt. Finished with rattle can lacquer. Turned entirely with Easy Wood Tools! Safe Turning
  16. Hazy, hot and humid! Southern Pennsylvania summer weather! Another great week here at The Patriot Woodworker! @PostalTom showed us his first successful bowl. He's taking classes at his "local" Woodcraft store. I personally like the lip he added to the rim. You can read more at- @Gerald posted a beautiful curly maple platter. The colors add an awesome effect! More about how he did the finish is at- @RustyFN asked if any members had information/tips on making their own acrylic blanks. Head over to his post and jump into the conversation- @HARO50 (John) posted some really neat images of an old shop made treadle lathe. Check these out- Rick Turns added the June list of YouTube turning videos. Remember, he adds a PDF list of the videos in the "Show More" section below the video. Carl Jacobson turns a gorgeous maple burl hollow vessel. Check out his use Easy Wood Tools! If you are looking for a really simple yet useful gift for someone, here's a link to a blog on making a honey dipper. http://blog.woodturnerscatalog.com/2012/07/turning-a-honey-dipper/ Monday, Mimi mentioned she was looking for a cake platter/pedestal. I thought, I can make that. Seems like the perfect lathe project. A little research for a typical size, some lumber rack scraps and a couple of hours in the shop- She said she likes it. On a personal note, I wish to thanks everyone for the kind comments about the Easy Wood Tools testing program. I hope that I can live up to their expectations and provide useful input on anything I have the opportunity to review/test. Mr. Jim Luley and Easy Wood Tools have been such generous sponsors of our site and I hope anything I can do will help that relationship continue. Safe Turning
  17. Quigley and I missed all of the fireworks excitement, last night. He is terrified of the noise so he and I hide in the basement during the show. @Gerald turned some really neat tulips this week- Check out his post and how he made these at- He also added some additional images of his stunning "Beads of Courage" turnings to his Hollow Forms gallery. Take a look- @PostalTom is taking turning classes at his "local" Woodcraft store. He asked a question about Easy Wood Tools and which one(s) would the best to get. How about hopping over to his post and giving him your opinion. Easy Wood Tools is one of our very generous sponsors. @Steve Krumanaker ran into a "minor" problem when working on a beautiful walnut hollow turning. You really need to see how he solved his problem. It might just very well come in handy one day- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this past week. Their lead video has shown up a couple of places on the Internet, recently. If you haven't seen the video, it is worth a watch. A solution for a problem we all face- tearout- In the "New and Hot" department of the newsletter they have highlighted a great deal on sanding mesh disks- Here's the link to the supplier of the disks- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/sanding-items The entire newsletter can be viewed here- http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php Carl Jacobson turns a neat project for a worthy cause. He makes a tape measure for "Makers Make It Matter". Here's a link if you are interested in helping out this non-profit organization- https://makersmakeitmatter.com/. Safe Turning
  18. Another week in the books. It was a delightful, low humidity day here is south central PA. A friend from Virginia stopped by today on his way home. He always brings the neatest gifts and today was no exception. He handed me a bag full of ebony piano keys. He told me that his friend had stripped down the old instrument and salvaged to ebony and ivory keys. Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate then into a turning. Member @RustyFN posted a question about bowl turning and the wax that is used to seal the blanks and the moisture levels within a blank- Several of the turners offered answers. Check it out and jump in with your suggestions. In a different Patriot forum there was a discussion on gluing. As turners we often create our own turning blanks from glued up pieces. I found this article interesting. Some of the glue brand names were a little different than I am used to but the general information is good. It is from the James L. Taylor company. Book_on_Gluing.pdf I think I may have posted this project before but just in case... Tim Yoder has a 2 part video on turning a wooden Roman canteen- Part 2 is linked from the Youtube site. Carl Jacobson made an off-centered wine goblets. There's some turning and some wood bending in this project- I did spend some time at the lathe this week. A friend wanted a mallet for his new chisel set. Made his similar to the one Steven Newman uses. Got it packed up and sent before I realized I did not take any pictures! Hope he likes it. Safe Turning
  19. When my computer crashed, last week, I lost my "Wednesday's" topics list's most recent additions. This week's post is a little thin. Sometime back, on another forum, I saw an interesting steady rest designed primarily for removing the tenon on a turning. The device was being manufactured by Jerry Mercantel. He is selling his steady rest through a couple of Woodcraft stores and is advertizing from his website. He has other turning products as well. Check out his stuff at- https://www.woodturnerstools.com/ Carl Jacobson has a video demonstrating turning a crush grind pepper/salt grinder. What's different here is the method used to capture the mechanisms inside the turnins. Most of the instructions for these mechanisms call for removing the locking tabs and epoxying the mechanisms in place. Carl demonstrates using a special tool the allows the use of the locking tabs. A nice article by RIchard Raffan, published by the AAW, on turning a simple wooden tray- Here's the PDF- AW3101p22-26.pdf Finally, a very short video comparing several Jacobs chuck for wood turning- Safe Turning
  20. It's been hot and humid here in south central PA for the past several day. Working outside was sweaty to say the least. Our turners have been busy with some beautiful projects. Member Steve showed us his gorgeous walnut bowl. I pulled this from his post- You can read the comments on this on his post: I love the grain patterns, color contrasts and the flawless finish. Gerald has been working on the Beads of Courage bowls. He has added color and turned some lids. Check out his post: Can't remember how I found this link but it is an interesting article on the "Evolution of a Goblet Design". The article is by Bill Ooms and was posted by the American Association of Woodturners. AW2902p24-26.pdf Rick, of Rick Turns, posted the May listing of You Tube woodturning videos. Carl Jacobson uploaded a video on making a turned lamp. This one has a rather modern look- The last couple of days of school, when I subbed, some of the kids were "using" their Fidget Spinners". Some schools have banned them, others have embraced them. Personally, I can think of more creative ways to satisfy nervous energy in school- but that's just me. Anyway, Tim Yoder gets caught up in the craze. Here's part one of his video turning a spinner. Part two is linked from the You Tube page. There was a discussion today, here on the TPW, concerning the merits- or lack thereof- of Facebook. I saw a Facebook post displaying turner Simon Begg's turnings. This is a screen shot of just one of his pieces. His work is spectacular. I wonder how he creates the dimple with such smooth interiors. Check out all his turnings at- https://www.simonbeggswoodturning.com/ I finally gave up trying to do any more to the ash vase I was attempting. As per usual, my sanding/finishing techniques failed me. Seems like scratches appear out of nowhere. Also, I think I went one step too far by adding the copper wire. The butterfly dutchmen didn't seem to provide enough contrast. In hindsight, I should have quit while I was ahead. I turned this piece with the log center perpendicular to the lathe axis. As it dried the "tree center" areas tended to poke out. I really wanted to have the grain rings/pores highlighted more. Keeping my eyes open for some red oak. Safe Turning
  21. It's been crazy around here this past week. Every day started out going in one direction but ended up at tangents you would not believe! Rusty posted a couple of really fine turnings. I snagged this one from his post- See his description here- Dan built an awesome handle for his new Easy Wood Tools Easy Hollower. Talk about a classy turning tool- Dan walks us through the build in his post- The Woodturning OnLine newsletter came this week. A couple of nice articles. I think I posted a similar article a year or so ago but..... Turning fishing Lures The article is from Popular Woodworking- http://www.popularwoodworking.com/techniques/wooden-fishing-lures Not strictly for the woodturner but the newsletter also has detailed instructions om making a solar kiln. This article is also from Popular Woodworking- http://www.popularwoodworking.com/projects/solar-kiln The link to the newsletter is- https://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php While checking out the "New and Hot" section I was disappointed to see that the publishers are linking to knockoffs of Ruth Niles Stainless Steel Stoppers. I know Ruth personally and only purchase from her. Not because of the acquaintance but because of the quality of her product, service and customer care. She takes great pride in her product. I highly recommend her bottle stoppers- http://www.nilesbottlestoppers.com/ . Mr. David Reed Smith usually publishes "How-To" articles but this one shows off some cute little snowpeople. Looks like these might be some sellers at the craft shows- Check out the entire gallery - http://www.davidreedsmith.com/Gallery/SnowPeople/SnowPeople.html Last week I mentioned a turner, Reed Gray. One of the videos he posted was on the use of various types of scrapers and when to use them. During his demonstration, he talks about a problem most of us have when turning a piece- tear out. At about 10:13 in the video, he show a method to reducing the tearout. Pretty neat! If you have a Face Book account you probably saw this short video from Carl Jacobson. Wear that face shield!!!!!!!!!!! While turning a small vase, I noticed my shop made wooden glue block chuck was developing a small crack. Between catastrophes and emergencies I managed to make a couple from a chunk of maple a buddy had given me. Drilled to 7/8" Tapped 1" x 8 and a pine glue surface added. I also add a small finish nail to each to help center the piece to be turned. The nail is a snug fit and can be pulled out before parting off a turning Safe Turning
  22. Well tomorrow is the first day of meteorological summer. Sometimes I feel like Rod Taylor in H.G.Wells' time machine!! We have had some wonderful turning projects posted by our turners this week! From "down under" member Jari added to his gallery. This one is a Camphor Laurel 220 mm by 140mm Bowl And this one a Camphor Laurel 450 mm by 160 mm bowl You can see Jari's pictures in his gallery at- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/gallery/album/241-back-in-shed/ Steve posted his gorgeous platter. I can't imagine having this ability! Steve's post is here- Gerald turned a natural edge platter. It is a beauty! Gerald's post can be seen here- Gerald is also working on a "Beads of Courage" bowl If you are not familiar with this most worthy cause, check out this website- http://www.beadsofcourage.org/pages/woodturners.html Member Ron must never sleep! His pieces are always amazing. This week he illustrates that sometimes things that glitter ARE gold! Ron describes his process here- Gerald also turns ornaments. While Ron typically hangs his around the house, Gerald created this nifty little hanger. His description of the turning is here- Steve gave us a glimpse of his Delta Midi lathe and the neat method he created to make it more portable. As for me, I've been messing around with an idea a friend asked about- a vase. I was able to get a chunk of recently cut tree so I thought I'd give it a go. When you are a self taught turner, you don't know what you don't know. When I turn smaller wet pieces, I turn them thin and that has prevented most cracking. I thought I was doing pretty good. But then- This set me to thinking about drying turned/partially turned pieces. I've always used the paper bag/shavings method for large "twice turned" bowls. In hindsight that's probably what I should have done here. I have tried drying in a microwave- when Mimi wasn't home- the results weren't that great. I read about using Denatured Alcohol but that's kind of expensive and could be a fire hazard. Anyway, I stumbled across a video from Reed Gray (AKA RoboHippy). Apparently, this method of "drying/condition" of the turnings works for him and appears to solve the cost/hazards of other methods. Liquid Dishwashing Detergent. Through some more Internet cruising, I found that this method has been around for years. Reed credits Ron Kent with this process of using detergent. Here is a link to Mr. Kent's description. The actual information starts about halfway down the page- http://www.ronkent.com/techniques.php.. Gonna try this next time! Safe Turning
  23. Keep this in your minds and hearts- This upcoming weekend is not about picnics or parties. Only 4 days left to get in on the Easy Wood turning tool raffle! Deadline is May 28!! http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19437-win-a-full-set-of-easy-wood-tools-and-support-a-great-cause/ We've had a new turner join our ranks since last Wednesday's post! Bernie W posted one of his really awesome mini bird houses Christmas ornaments! You can read all about this at- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19896-mini-birdhouse/ While on the subject of turned bird houses, Tim Yoder has his own spin on these- Tim added a comment about the perch and that it isn't really necessary for the nesting birds. Member Ron created a new Christmas ornament and his Mrs. immediately appropriated it for her sewing room! Ron posted his description here- http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19889-experimenting/ Although this turner has created a bunch of speciality jig- for production runs- it probably wouldn' be too difficult to make a few of these for gifts. For myself, I manages to pick up a nice chunk of ash today ~30" long and a foot in diameter. Going to attempt to make a vase like on my friend wanted. Safe Turning
  24. REMEMBER- ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO ENTER THE RAFFLE FOR SOME AWESOME EASY WOOD TOOLS! Lots of great stuff posted this past week by our turners here on the Patriot! Steve finished up a maple platter. His pyro work really makes his work something to behold! Steve posted his work in two parts. Check them out! Rusty is having some difficulty with his Nova chuck. There has been a lot of helpful discussion trying to resolve his problem. Check out the thread and chime in with your assistance- Rusty also just purchased a new lathe! Try not to drool on your keyboards- "Rick Turns" has April's list of You Tube woodturning videos- I've been looking for a challenging turning project and I think I may have found one! Discovered this while browsing one of the G+ communities to which I belong. These turning are by Erwin Van Looy. He calls them "square bowls"- After a bit of searching, I found two similar videos describing the process, including the construction of dedicated jigs. I have some walnut that just might fill the bill! Something about the shape of these really appeals to me! Safe Turning
  25. Another week has sped by. I don't know where the time goes!! Ron posted an ornament he finished. Lots of great comments on this one! Read Ron's post here- OlBuck asked a question about the worst wood to turn. Several members responded with their input. What wood do you think is the worst to turn?? Gerald posted a video from the "Way Back Machine". It shows how turning used to be done! If you are in the Kansas City, MO area, the American Association of Woodturners is holding their 31st Annual International Symposium. All the information can be found at- http://www.woodturner.org/?page=2017KC The Woodworker's Journal newsletter has a nice little turning project. A glued-up platter made from Butternut. The how-to can be read at- http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/segmented-butternut-platter/ Tim Yoder decided to also make a platter. He chose a different turning media. Rick Turns posted a review of his new chainsaw. I don't know about you, but my little Sears 2 cycle chainsaw is stored in the garden shed at the end of the yard. I try to remember to run the gas out of it after each use. You know how that goes. Mostly when I need it, it is really cold outside. I struggle to get it to run. Rick's new chain saw is electric. I never really considered this type to be powerful enough for anything but really small stuff. After watching this video, I have to reconsider my original assessment. Also, notice the log holder. Compared to the one in last week's post, this one would be easier to muscle the log into place but you would need to bend over more during cutting. Safe Turning

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