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Found 165 results

  1. Pecan dyed and gilt

    Here is one on the lathe today . Pecan turned with undercut , then dyed Chesney Stains Royal Blue , then applied gold golf cream.
  2. Tops

    These are the tops I am working on . Use clear acrylic an it darkened too much. The jewel is a Swarovski crystal.
  3. Crotch finish

    Turned this bradford pear crotch a couple months ago and just got started on second turn. Just wondering opinion on best finish to display grain .
  4. Club demo

    Have been turning at the MS Agriculture Museum with club members for two days and one more left. Hey I think I made 1970 min wage 2.33 /hr for three hr today. But it has been fun.
  5. Carbide turning tools

    When Rockler came out with their version of these tools, I'd never seen one before, I like the idea. I waited until they were on sale and got the set of 3 for small for mini lathes. I do use them a lot and like them. They have a lot of great qualities and can be rotated for another cutting surface. I also resharpen mine on a diamond hone. I do not have a parting tool with a carbide head. That may be my next purchase. I still use some of my HSS tool, but not much. If you were to rate the carbide cutting tools on a 1 to 10 scale (10 is tops) what would your rating be?
  6. I get to this show every few years, and it's everything they say it is. And now we've both moved and it's about 7 miles away instead of 70. If you're anywhere nearby, don't miss it. It's a lot of carvers, and the rest are turners, woodworkers of all sorts and vendors. I'll be there Sunday. http://daytoncarvers.com/artistryinwood.html P.S. Yesterday I sat in on some taping of Popular Woodworking's I Can Do That video series. Had a great time as "the studio audience" and talking to Chad Stanton and David Thiel who's been with PopWood for years. </drive by gloat>
  7. Is this helpful?

    While putzing around, I saw this and thought it might be of interest to turners. The Miterset works as well, but for those who haven't ordered one....yet, this might be of service.
  8. Dap Rapid wood fuse

    I decided to make a Christmas ornament using wood and acrylic. I wanted to be sure the glue joins held, so I used Wood Fuse. Not sure what else I could count on that would hold good and not show. I carefully lined up the joint on one side and squeezed with my hand. I turned it over as I got a clamp and saw that it was slightly misaligned on the opposite side. It was glued so tight that I couldn't move it at all. Wow. I clamped it as it was. I think I can make up (cover up) for the alignment. I've used that glue with wood and there is always a grace period of a few minutes. NOT SO WITH WOOD AND ACRYLIC.
  9. Little pine bowl

    scrap from a 4x6 beam. will be stained and poly'd, then given as a gift to a Lady who is letting me hunt on her ranch next month.
  10. Bradford Pear NE

    From the album Bowls and Platters

    Curly Bradford pear natural edge
  11. Burl's (wet or dry?)

    For a burl, is it best to turn it dry or wet? I have a friend who has access to Burl's on her own property, she would like to know from turners if you like them wet or dry, or somewhere between.
  12. Where it was This topic is long over due, my family and I went to the San Diego County Fair this past July 2nd as we do most every year, and we had a blast. Like any county fair, it is chock full of rides, summer crowds, farm animals, monster truck races, and huge portions of the deep fried and barbecued food. It was a neat time. The San Diego County Fair, formerly known as the Del Mar Fair, is held each summer the three weeks leading up to the 4th of July, then on the 4th of July, they have a grand finale fireworks show. The fair grounds is less than a half mile from the ocean, so we get the wonderful ocean breeze all day and into the night, when it actually chills down a bit to a refreshing summer night. We rolled in around 10 am and we left the fair grounds an hour before sunset. We had planned on having a light lunch at the fair, wife and I split a sausage sandwich, and the kids shared some food too. Our plan was to have dinner after our day at the fair, at some place reasonable in cost. The fair food is expensive! And we did, after the fair, we ended up at Fletcher Cove, and we hit the Subway Sandwich shop and took our sandwiches to go, to the beach, and sat and ate and watched the sun go down. It was a perfect way to end the day, and it was a perfect fresh meal to counteract the grease we ate earlier at the fair. Me and Mrs. Morris end of day after the fair, our kids took this image, pretty cool, the evening was beautiful. At the fair Of course among all the other activities that go on at the fair, there is one exhibit that I look forward too, each year Fine Woodworkers Association Design in Wood Exhibition features local woodworkers and their work in one big building. Each year I am in awe of everything that is there. The work is inspiring, humbling, and just flat out fun to see. I'll post the images here, without explanation, and I'll let you all come up with your own captions in your own head. The following images are a fraction of the work that was actually there, I tried to get an overall collection of images with you all in my mind, I wanted there to be something for everyone here. Have fun! The following images is from a separate exhibit of wood work by local high school students and the Palomar School of Woodworking. And what fair is complete without the Monster Truck and Pee Wee races! Hope ya had fun looking at our fair pictures!
  13. Turning JB weld

    I had a small piece left over from my last turning of acrylic and decided to experiment with JB Weld. I drilled some holes in the piece that had a lot of chip outs and small holes. I did not make much effort to make sure holes were filled. When I turned it, it seemed softer than the acrylic and turned easily. No problems and it held in place really well. The trimmings were slightly magnetic, but you could easily blow them off a magnet. It did not polish like the acrylic and I did not use a finish as I sometimes do. I will use it again, probably as feature within the piece. It also help a lot if your project is nearly the same color as JB Weld
  14. Curly maple platter

    Clewes did not make it so we had our own turning two weeks ago. Finically got thru with the finish work. Dyed with yellow and royal blue in Chestnut stains alcohol base. Back is shellac sealed and then Watco. Rubbed out with Mcguiar's rubbing cod and polishing cod. Then Renaissance wax.
  15. Turning class

    I finally go to go to the Learn to Turn class at the Tulsa Woodcraft. Got lost going through Tulsa, though. Too much construction, and the road signs didn't correspond with Google maps. Got to the class an hour late, but they were very gracious about that. Got credit for the class, which is a pre-requisite for the Beginning Bowl Turning class, which is next Saturday. Now that I know the route, getting there from Wichita will be a lot easier. I came back from the class with two big take-aways. First, I brought home a basic bowl, next Saturday will be ! more in depth, and second, Easy Wood Tools are kick-arse!. My first experience with them. The wood used was poplar, which was pretty easy to work with. My only other experience with trying (emphasis on the trying) to turn a bowl ended up with pieces of maple spread around my lathe on the floor. Major fail. Going to have to save up some money, though, those tools aren't cheap. Good quality usually isn't. Which brings up a question. Which one first? I assume a rougher is first, but what size would be best? I see from their web site that they have more than one rougher.
  16. BOC in red

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Beads of Courage bowl dyed with Chestnut Stains (red, yellow and touch of green) on pecan bowl
  17. Multi Color vase

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Large vase of Popcorn tree dyed with Chestnut Stains using airbrush.
  18. Flower

    Been wanting to do tulips for a while but instead of cutting the notch ahead wanted to turn thin and carve them. You could say this is a prototype as I plan to mak some changes such as smaller petals. The dye does not do well in pecan. But it is passable.
  19. Making it to the big show! Well folks, the longer we stay live, and stay honest and stay classy, good things just keep happening for our community in the realm of recognition and exposure. We are featured on the back page catalog of the Easy Wood Tools Digital Catalog. Thank you Easy Wood Tools! And thank you for your support! Please download Easy Wood Tool's latest digital catalogue attached below. EWT-catalog-4_18.2017.pdf
  20. Cremation Urn

    I have been dreading doing this project but I got through it. I have made cremation urns before but never for a close family member and never turned one on the lathe. My nephew was a good man and sadly has left this world much too soon. There are three urns here. My sister wanted to bury the cremains. His significant other and his brother wanted some to remember him by? I was honored/tasked with the project and obliged them. My sister gets the one on the left, his significant other gets the one on the right and his brother just wanted something small and gets the one in the middle. He was an organ donor and a small bronze plaque was given with the remains saying so. I set it in to the top of the one going to my sister. This is the project I needed the Easy Wood Hollower for and it did a fine job.
  21. New colors

    Did some color work on Beads of Courage bowls. Wood is pecan and it was almost white so adding color.
  22. Ornament stand

    Saw this in American Woodturners and had to try it. It is really easy to do except bending the wire to get even curve. You can cut at any angle you feel comfortable with , just be sure to sand farther down than the cut. You will have to hand sand the bottom. By the way drill for the wire before cut.
  23. Platter

    This is a platter from cherry crotch working on for DIL birthday. Had to show both sides with the flame. Only 2 coats Watco on now.
  24. BOC bowl

    Working on beads of courage bowls. Turned in Bradford pear, cherry, and pecan. With 8 in progress turned the bottom off one and went thru. Had put in firewood pile after I tried to remount to square bottom for glueing a piece on. Came off and split so that one will get a new carving idea. This is a top turned from one piece This is before bottom came out
  25. Bed from a (few) boards

    Have to start with a glue up . Did not think I could find 6 x 6 dry pine so here we go with 3 pieces of 2 x 6. Tried to get the knots toward the surface outer edges as these would be turned off. Remember you can never have too many clamps After squaring the blanks on table saw we will need a centered hole to assemble the two parts of the post as this lathe is not long enough to turn as one piece. Having that hole creates a stabilization problem for turning which is solved by using a cone center in the tailstock. The left picture is the fluting jig cutting the upper post . The right picture shows a closer look at the the jig cutting the post. These are the finished post parts with fluting done on one. Right picture shows the connection for the parts of the post. This round turning and finial go on top of the headboard and footboard. This shows the incomplete mortise and tenon to join the posts to foot and head boards. The raised panels are installed and at this point are prestained. The complete project. Not exact but a close similarity to a bed we lost when our house was flooded over 30 years ago.

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