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Found 101 results

  1. More doing the chess pieces

    Grooming something this small needs a jig so I turn the whole piece into a big jig large enough to hold on to. I screwed the Rook to be to a piece of 1/4" piece of BB. This let me hold it true for a cut on each side with the band saw. Then grind away till it matches the other one!! Used different wood so a little staining might help. I found something close. So I took it outside and shoot it with some clear to see if the color was still close after the clear Dried. I used maple and they had made the chess set with cedar. The lady thought only a few pieces with chips missing were all the set needed until the guy that got the set for Christmas let her know two pieces were missing... Now to get back to the End Of The Trail saga...
  2. I was ordered to make 2 chess men

    I did some repairing on some pieces of a chess set before Christmas then the lady gave the set to a relative but he said there were two men short to be a full set. So yesterday I was given two men to go by.. I used all two of the knives and I could have used a few more but hey I don't do this for a living...I might have gotten more exact if I knew I was gonna get paid!!!!

    This one required some glue up. And then some more. The piece on the bottom is acrylic and has some gold sparkles in it. I thought about making the bottom spindle much smaller, but my wife liked it just as it is. She gave her ideas as I worked on it and she likes it. After 50 years, happy wife, happy life.
  4. crochet hook set with stands

    It occurred to me that many of you have not seen the whole set of hooks I made my wife. I've posted them before many of you became members. I made her one and she loved it. it is an ergonomic design that relieves stress of holding a small dia needle. It works too. Then she wanted a whole set. I did some research on needle dia, gathered a lot of exotic wood scap (new stuff too) This is the entire set on one of my (her) tables
  5. Redo Crochet hook

    I initially made this one and my wife didn't like it because it was too fat for her hand. She loved the colors but didn't want the large hook that I put on it, because she seldom used that size. It was a job to do, but I did get it down to an acceptable size and inserted a different size. I was making the hooks myself but it was extremely difficult to cut and make it acceptable to her
  6. Easter eggs

    I just finished the last wooden egg and added it to the 10 others to complete Karen's Easter basket. Each egg is turned out of hardwood and I used a chatter tool to create the distinctive designs. Getting used to the tool, speed and applications was fun. Then I applied some different techniques with paint, markers and pencils and I learned as I went. The first few had to be redone and I also kept some that looked great, but weren't perfect egg shapes.
  7. New Lebanon Transitional Rocker Front Legs

    From the album Shaker Furniture

    Two front legs turned and ready for the rung holes. I turned these legs with my Easy Wood tools, a rougher and a finisher.
  8. First Time Pens

    That tool auction score I got a while back had over forty pen kits. It also had the mandrels and bushings. What it didn't have was the drill bit to square the ends. There were eight of the circuit board kits which come with the tube cast into the blank. I put the blanks on the wood lathe and turned them round as I could get them. Then I moved them to the hobby lathe and got them perfectly round. After that I chucked the blank in the hobby lathe without the mandrel and cross cut the ends to square them up. I then moved them back to the wood lathe on the mandrel and turned them and polished them. I also got a nice pen press in the deal so used it to assemble the pens. I did two of them which are the first pens I turned using a kit. I have done the Captan Eddie pens and but never any from a kit.
  9. Nothing fancy.

    A friend of mine wanted some wood tips for his vape machine so I thought I would try and make a few. I made some out of blood wood and purple heart.
  10. Potpourri Bowls

    Decided to make some potpourri bowls for my brothers and sisters for Christmas this year. I had some 1 3/4" Poplar 6" wide and glued two pieces together to make 6"X3.5" bowls. I have been seeing air freshener beads in the stores and decided to use them for the fragrance. I found some aluminum cups to hold the beads since there is moisture involved and hollowed out the bowls to fit them and put a recess for the covers too.
  11. Third bird cage

    I wasn't going to build any more bird cage ornaments. That changed. My wife was showing one to a very dear friend and she loved it. Then she said," Ron will make you one, wouldn't you?" Both looked at me and I didn't want to be the Grinch. There is so much detail and tedious work involved and it takes hours...........OH WELL I made this one about a quarter inch bigger in dia and a bit heftier. I used South American marble wood and that was a mistake. It is VERY heavy and hard. Drilling tiny holes successfully is difficult ever in soft woods. I did mess up on one piece and had to remake it. This morning she said,"you have made 3 of them, one each for our girls and one for my friend now I want one" I told her I would under one condition, that there is NO dead line for its completion.
  12. Modern art

    I have only turned one off set center turning. I started by drilling a couple of holes that were off center line. I kept turning , routing and inventing as I went.. I finished it off with a yellow hart head and base. My daughter always admired it and I gave it to her for Christmas this year.
  13. Bird cage ornament

    Just finished this bird in cage Christmas tree ornament for my granddaughter. It is made of Padiuk, 3 inches long and has 32 cage bars
  14. Off center handle

    This is my latest attempt at an off-center turning to produce an oval shaped tool handle. This was done out of ash. Be kind, I am still learning, as can plainly be seen.
  15. Walnut and Maple vase

    I wondered what it would look like if I bored holes in a block of walnut, glued in Maple dowels and turned it into a vase. It came out nice and the dowels made a great design that was uniform in shape and highlights the vase. Deeper cuts will also change the shape. I have plans to use other woods, but it will have to be a round toit.
  16. 100 year 0ld Pine turning

    I turned this a long time ago. A friend gave me a piece of wood he retrieved from an old train depot that was being torn down. It was over 100 years old. It looked like it had some interesting grain patterns. I cut it up to glue it and was very surprised, it still had sap in it. I doubted it was that old, but was told than the yellow pine does that?????? Anyway I think I used gorilla glue to glue it because it will set in something like that. It did come kinda nice. Still wonder about it.
  17. Ringed vase

    This is one of my better turnings. I had a piece of firewood from an old apple tree and saw some spalting in it. I combined some exotic wood rings in it and it came out beautiful. I am not good enough to hollow out something like this and if I was, the spalted apple would not holdup, it was pithy.
  18. new one, an angel

    I saw some wings at Hobby Lobby, I think were meant to be part of a necklace and of course it got my mind going. Here is the result
  19. So since i have been creating stuff for a magical Library one of the young men who do wood working at my house has been getting good at the lathe that i am more than a bit jealous. This is woks by Shaun Thomas. he did give permission for them to be posted.
  20. Center Piece

    I made this center piece for my wife a few years ago. It is all exotic wood and all the cylinders are attached to each other. My daughter took one look and said, "Dad, can please have this, it is wonderful?' My wife was standing behind her and nodded. She loved it too,but gave it up without hesitation There are also some other turnings there around it and it is setting on the table you have seen posted here on PW before
  21. Got another idea

    My wife asked me to stop at Micheals to pick up something for her. It is less than a half mile away, no problem. When I saw they had all Halloween stuff out with a mix of some Christmas, I saw something that gave me a great idea. They have several sizes of clear plastic globes. Don't know what their intended use is, but here is how I used it.
  22. small ornament

    This one is about 2" long. I tried some glitter paint on top of the finish. Some places look good, while some didn't do as well. Haven't used glitter much, I'll have to practice and I do like it, but maybe not with certain colors or shapes
  23. I wondered how some ply would turn and It wasn't so good. One thing led to another and with some creativity, a permanent fine marker, stain and some trim, it came out OK. I am working on a way to get decent pictures of small work. I came up with this set up. It is black foam board with a white insert (dollar store) Cut some slots and insert a dowell. I don't have the light set up like I want it yet. I can pick any color insert or use the black. The sides support it Easy to move, fold to store
  24. Need Charles Nicholls

    Charles, I know you make string powered throw tops and I need some info. Do you make them all the same? I am going to make some for the kids this year and wonder if you might help me out with some pictures and dimensions of yours? I saw some of yours and would like to know where you get those nice brass tips.
  25. Turning persimmon

    I thought I would share this pic with you and you can give me some guidance how to store wood for turning. This is persimmon given to me by a friend. I cut it into 14" lengths as I decided to make rolling pins from it. It grew to about 3" diameter with bark and all. Where I trimmed off branches, I painted all cut and exposed surfaces with latex paint. I left it near the house so that it would not get rained on and could dry slowly in the local humidity. Sadly, some little bug like a borer got into this wood. After removing the bark and truing it, I turned this with a skew. This is not sanded, but the dark area is fresh mineral oil. I find this as beautiful wood. The crack is what stopped me. If I don't find something else to do with this, you can see from the picture where it is going. Thanks for looking. Steve, the old FlGatorwood

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