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Found 38 results

  1. Tool Collection/Fetish

    I have a soft spot for awls, ice picks and pin vises. Seems I can't pass one up when I see it at a sale. It does have to be reasonably priced though. If the tip needs replaced in a pin vise I found auto brake spring links can be reworked for use as seen in the upper right corned. The end from a long stemmed spring will work too. Get the Dremmel out, cut it to length, chuck it in the drill and sharpen it on the belt sander. For the Exacto knives the sharp end of a big safety pin works well. I like to use it when trying to get the release paper off the double stick tape. I have one ice pick that is new old stock and has a protective cardboard tube still on it. Here is a couple pictures but there are more I didn't gather from the metal shop out back.
  2. sharpening tools

    Okay Master of the great wood turner, lathe tool sharpening queries.... I have both a grinder and a table top belt sander. which do you think is better to use for a beginner and which grit for the sander and grind wheel. i was watching videos but they dont tell me. so i am looking to the masters for help.
  3. Easy Wood Tool Contest!

    I found this on Facebook. If you have a FaceBook account check it out- https://www.facebook.com/EasyWoodTools/photos/a.305274012822515.95517.296127457070504/1968972016452698/?type=3&theater
  4. Tool Transport

    After doing demo last week at the Ag Museum I decided I needed something other than a bucketeer (it is like a tool belt on a 5 gal bucket). Started looking and found a Husky rolling chest to be of the right length for turning tools. Then I can make boxes or buy at HF for small items. I already had used heat gun to form fit PVC to cover the tools. Just wondering what does everyone else use. The one I have linked to is the larger one, I got the 15 gal . same but smaller. I think it is 25 inch diagonal, 21 ling 13 deep. https://screenshots.firefox.com/Obxw2YWbKntgWWZT/www.homedepot.ca
  5. Did you ever?

    Elvis has an old song, with these words," Did you ever have one of those days when nothing goes right from morning till night? I still have one occasionally, they don't have the serious effect now that I am retired, but still aggravate the heck out of me. I started with an idea about a Christmas tree ornament using the manufactured wood that is layered with contrasting colors. It all went bad after that. I just got started and for some reason my chuck became very stiff. I really don't know why, except that the dust may have gotten in the mechanical moving parts, combined with sloppy splashes of finishes. I disassembled cleaned and lubed with dry teflon spray. At last I am ready to go. NO, a honey dos pop up. Gotter done. Got it set up and bingo, tare out due to a soft place. You can see how this day was going to go and it did. One thing I am is persistent. Thru all the interruptions, miscues, and aggravations.............I remain kinda calm and am determined to make something out of this piece (pieces) Late in the afternoon I have it where I want it and part of it flies off to never never land. I will find the piece and I will take a picture and .......or.......I may throw it as far as I can.
  6. Square hole cutter

    I was looking at a woodworking new tools article and came up on this. I think it was primarily designed for wall board or soft wood. Clever.
  7. Hollowing Tools

    I often thought the hollowing tool should have a guide that kept the cutting edge from going too deep to keep from getting catches. This tool looks to be the answer. Here is a video I ran across. Skip to appx. the two and a half minute mark to just see the tool working. Looks interesting.
  8. It was more than a hunnert dollahs It was the Glen Lucas one. Anyway I was jonesing to try it So I got myself a hunk of cheap steel bar 3/8" x 1" And I rummaged up a half inch hunk of hardened High speed Steel ( a metal lathe tool bit) TIG Welded 'em together and got this
  9. Disston Saw

    This is not my saw, I found this image on Ebay and I just like it a whole lot.
  10. Chatter tool set

    I just received my chatter tool set from Peach Tree. $50. Others offered the same set and price, I chose free shipping thru Amazon. I tried out each of the 3 cutters, made of spring steel. I immediately noticed how quickly and easily they chattered, as compared to my home made tools. I have a lot of playing to do before I get serious. There is a lot to be learned about speed, angle and pressure applied. https://www.amazon.com/Peachtree-Woodworking-P7305-Browns-Chatter/dp/B00J9SO1AE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486830281&sr=8-1&keywords=chatter+tool
  11. Dropped edge scaper tool

    I was going back and forth over scrapers. I thought maybe I really liked a Glenn Lucas negative rake scraper. Then I saw a Kelton tool. It's got a little pivot. I had a Sorby scraper blade. so I made a Kelton type drop edge tool
  12. Texturing tool

    I was watching a wood turning video on You tube and clicked on a guy using a texturing tool. I have not seen a turned piece that was textured. Can someone tell me about these tools and advise on their use. Thanks
  13. Sorby Tool

    There was a Robert Sorby multi tip hollowing tool in that batch of tools I bought at auction. It was missing the straight bit and the circular hold down for it. Went to work on the lathe and made the hold down. Took a 3/16" hole for the screw so I use the same size hole for the cutter and made the cutter from a 3/16" drill bit. Flattened one side of the bit on the belt sander, cut it to length and sharpened it. Turned out well and saved myself a few bucks.
  14. Home made carbide parting tools

    I made 2 parting tools from an old Harbor Freight saw blade. I used both on a trial piece. Seemed to work great. I made them extra wide so that bending would not be an issue. It wasn't and I may trim them some. Being wide like that causes the tool rest to be extra low and will require some practice. I wish now that I had used a quality blade. I think that the carbide they used wasn't of the best quality. I'll find out on my next project.
  15. Home made carbide parting tool

    This is going to be my next project
  16. Tool holder

    Did a demo at MS Ag museum and one of the club had a small tool holder . I added to andcame up with this to keep tools organized.
  17. You asked for lathe stuff

    When I turn I go back and forth from a regular lathe to the Legacy and not excelling in either. This is where I started doing tea pots. Wife has been collection tea pots for a while and I thought why not add my little brainy thoughts. Just like hers, they don't do nothing but just sit there needing to be dusted......The tea pot I made her for our 50 th anniversary I accidently sold it at her yearly sale. I felt bad but money talks. So since then I made her a few more hoping she forget about it??? I don't especially like red stain but I still got lots of it from more than 50 years ago and need to use up. A few drops of this stuff goes a long ways. Some of the bottles the lids were not on real tight and in all those years the liquid has turned to dust.
  18. Caliber-Automatic

    First time I ever ran across this before. I like it. I understand it can be ordered here instead of the link in the video. http://chairnotes.blogspot.com/p/ordering-calipers-and-drawsharp.html
  19. Sharpening Carbide turning tools

    I had to get a new round tip for my tool. I found out that carbide don't hold up well when it hits a turning chuck. I turned the tip and it worked fine till I hit the chuck again. I am known to jerk when I am surprised. My wife knows to knock before she comes in, however, she forgot Any way, I have found an easy way to keep a good edge on these tips. Harbor Freight has a set of 3 diamond dust sharpening pads. Course Medium and fine. I don't allow them to get very dull before I remove them, place the flat cutter down and go thru the pads. I use moderate pressure and doe a good job.
  20. center steady

    Last year I built a center steady using ply and roller skate wheels...........worked great. However it would allow me to work on small turnings. Today I fashioned some new shower rollers into a new set of wheels for the old base. It seemed to work on a small piece of pine, however the wheels are so hard that they make a groove. I know most of the reason is the soft pine. Anyone else have any ideas of an alternate and better wheel. Thanks
  21. Turning tool question

    Hey all you wood turners out there, I have a question for you, but first a bit of background on the problem. A few days ago I purchased a round bar hollower because it was a reasonable price without breaking the bank, and the cutter looked to be about the right size for most of the jobs I would have it do. Well I got it Saturday and tested it out a bit on some random scrap last night. Problem: When presenting the tool to the wood, the wood wants to yank and twist the tools cutter away from the wood. The question: Is there a way (WITHOUT destroying the tool) to flatten the bottom side of the bar to keep it (hopefully) from twisting? Of course I would wish to avoid grinding the back of the tool where the screw attaches to the bar, but beyond that I should be ok right? Thanks
  22. Very tricky turning

    One of my garage sale finds is a very small (one eight inch) Jet gouge. It is very difficult to use. I have been trying to turn very small stock with it and have had limited success. It digs in more than I'd like and I know it is me messing up .ARE there some tips should anyone could share? Some questions and observations Does RPM make any diff? It seems to do much better well above center line. I keep my tool rest as close as I can. The slightest twist on the gouge can get me in trouble. I must get close to see because of my vision, maybe a magnifying glass would help I don't have any projects going, but could if I get better.
  23. Turning tool puzzle

    A friend said they had some lathe cutting tools I could have. They didn't know much about them and didn't know what to do with them. When I got them I could see that they had each been ground to a similar cutting edge. I have no idea how whey would be used. The end is ground at 90 degrees and each side ground down to a smaller end. I first thought they were carving tools, but ate too long for that at 12" Any ideas?

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