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Found 21 results


    Well don't know what happens to my post earlier this morning seems to have disappeared. No telling what I did wrong. Finally finished this project after 3 out of town trips and some other activities that kept me away. It a lot work to make this in 3 sections for my small shop. The side and back panel is Birch Plywood from the home center. I was not too impress with it but that what my wanted. The face frame and doors frame is Red Oak lumber with 1/4 inch Red Oak Plywood panel. The shelves is what the home centers called Select Pine or Clear and Better Pine. It the closes that I could come up with to match the plywood. And yes my wife beat me to it in filling the shelves up beforwe I got the picture taken.
  2. mostly done, still needs drawer fronts, laminate on the top, and some lattice on the back side to contain large sheets of poster board (side with one set of drawers). middle cabinet is shallow, allowing foot and knee room so she can sit on the stool and do crafty stuff. all on large, heavy duty casters, front 2 are locking so it stays put. next up is a sewing center of a similar design.
  3. Saturday's Quick Picks

    Between shuttle runs yesterday, I managed to make a quick pick at one garage sale. These items followed me home...$26 stayed there. I don't think the rotary tool had been used much if at all. The flex shaft had never been used since the collet drive was still sealed in the plastic bag. The flex shaft alone retails for $24.98 + tax at Lowes... Case is dirty on the outside, but very clean on the inside. It's missing the sanding sleeve drums, but I have several of those. I bought an identical model w/o flex shaft but lots of accessories and different case 4 or 5 years ago at a yard sale for $10...it was near new too... Three parts/ tool cases for a buck. The wire brushes are L-R 1/2", 5/8", 5/8", & 3/4" ;$2.50 /box Same guy had some 2 or 3 years ago but were 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2". They work great for rust removal & polishing in thread bores, ID's, corners etc of tools, parts etc. Wish there had been more of the 1/4" & 3/8"...getting low on those
  4. Good Morning Friends, What is the better way of storing saw blades? Stacking them on top of each other or storing them in a case of some sort to protect the teeth?
  5. New Entertainment Center

    My wife asked me to make a new entertainment center that would fit our living area better than the existing one. OK. I used the project panels sold at Lowe's. They are Lodgepole pine and easy to work with. Rustoleum KONA stain made the finished project match the other items I have built in the living area including a toy box, coffee table, VHS tape storage cabinet, and a Amish style secretary. When it came time to build a drawer for DVD storage, I used my new CNC to cut out the parts. That was just tooo dang snazzy! The front and rear pieces needed to be 21 15/16's inches wide...and that is what the resulting pieces were. After assembly, the drawer was a perfect fit. She's happy. I'm happy. We are just too dang happy! Drawer Parts.bmp
  6. Now that school is out for the year, expect "back to school sales" to start in a week or two ;-) One item that I've gotten is the plastic pencil storage boxes. Generally run less than $1 and work well for small parts, small tool assortments, etc. Stack well, snap close, and most are translucent so you can get an idea for what's inside. Available at most office supply (Staples, OfficeMax=-Office Depot) and department store chains (Target, Walmart, etc.) or at dollar stores. They used to also run small bottles of Elmer's glue that were great for popping in a tool box, but recently they seem to have gone to "School Glue."
  7. While waiting on the lumber supplies to arrive, thought I'd take you along on a $0.05 tour of the place.. basically what I see after the stumble down the steps to the shopMay try to get a better picture, sometime... Turn a bit to the left....that "blue" thing is the trash bag for the shop. Have to watch out, if you look too long at the bandsaw, you might trip over.. This thing, as it sits right by the steps, right above it? Most of the shop's screwdrivers and nut drivers. Looking past the shelf unit, you can see.. Shop has a dresser. Walk towards this, past the bandsaw.. Bit of a mess. Old tabletop sitting on a pair of sawhorses, the original workbench for the shop. 1 x 6 is to keep things from walking off the edge of the shelf. Also a place to sit the shop stool.. Old vise, and an older grinder. Grinder has a tool rest for sharpening tools on. C clamp is to help the grinder stay put. besides all the screws. Turn to the right, and look up a tad.. Spare handplanes, a drill needing a battery, sanders, and my drill press. "Door" is an old storm widow for the house. Welcome to the main work area.. We found an old dresser down here, when we moved in. Makes a nice place for the tils, and a place to stow the hammers and such. The bench.. 90% of the work get done right about here. Yes, that is a pipe clamp leg vise. next a look at the "overhead" of the shop.. A few extra saws, coping saw, hacksaws , clamps. Yellow plastic thingy is for nasty, dirty, recycled lumber. To the left.. A second til for drills, mainly eggbeater, and ready-use braces. I keep a 6" brace set up with a countersink bit, and hang it up where I can grab it easily. I'd clean the shavings up, but the Momma Cat just had her kittens back in there. That be the nickel tour, maybe someday I'll figure a way to do a video of the place.... Hope you enjoyed the show
  8. My day job as a Land Surveyor takes my crew and I to many interesting locations around our county. From hiking treks up mountains while laden down with survey gear to re-establish a lost section corner or township line, to building roads and bridges, we do it all. But, I get to do something that the other surveyors don't! I get to work the wood when called upon! Every few years we get some new crew trucks in and I am the guy who gets the job of building the storage boxes that go into the trucks. The boxes house our gear, from leveling rods, to metal pipe locators, to tripods, to lath and hubs and various other ground implements such as shovels, impact bars, machete's and much more. This past month our department became the proud owners of several very nice GMC 3500 crew cabs. These are the nicest trucks we have ever had, this is the first time we have power mirrors, power windows, power door locks, and cruise control, and there is a view panel in the middle of the dash console that displays backup camera, and we can even link up our smart phones to receive hands-free calls, and if you really wanted to you could activate your music playlist on your smartphone, but we'll stay away from that as music is a personal thing and not every crew member likes the musical taste of the other guy. But as crew chief I do choose the radio station, and typically I'll listen to talk radio. It is what it is, perhaps the younger guys will learn something. So this time, being no different than the next, the powers that be sent me home with a crew truck and supplies to build the first box. I have two more trucks to do. Each box takes a day, from 6am to 4:30pm. Our standard work day, and it just so happens that is how long it takes to fabricate one of these boxes. One of three new GMC 3500 4 x 4 Next few images are just some quick shots I took of the box in build state and finish. Every piece of the box is interlocked with 3/4" dado's using a PC 690 with a 3/4" straight bit. For all the boxes I have built in the past, I always used my PC 7518 for this process, but for some reason I just grabbed the smaller guy, I guess I didn't feel like moving around the 7518 all day, although the 7518 goes through this like butter, the 690 does strain and holler a tad. The box is set in place. I know I skipped a few process's before I got to this, but time being an issue, I had to work fast, and I could not really get as many images as I wanted too. The edge facing is 3/4" oak to protect the ply edges from bangs and bumps. The top section has some 4" PVC tubes, the right tube along with the wood half circle cutouts will hold our various leveling and transit rods. The two PVC tubes on the left house our diamond shaped "Survey Crew Ahead" traffic signs when rolled up, and the space in between those tubes house the standards the signs set on. The lower wide cubbie houses a drawer that holds our 2' lath, 4' lath, and various sized wooden hubs for construction staking, and also our monument pipes for setting legal corners and "Right of Way" and road "Centerline" positions. The metal shop at our yard fabricated those traffic cone racks you see mounted on the outside rear, the black spindles, we stack 10ea. 24" tall cones on each side for traffic control situations. Now you can see the drawer that I built as well, you'll see the right front side is shorter, for the 2' lathe, and the front left, is longer, for the 4' lath. And behind those compartments will house the hubs and pipe. The drawer is on wheels, it slides wonderfully in and out. What you don't see in this picture is the gate latch I installed as the last thing I did. The gate latch is mounted to the outside left of the drawer face, and it latches to the left into the truck box body, this prevents the box from sliding forward and back during travel. The truck bed is a standard 8' long by 4' wide, the box is 6.5' long, we need space to the rear to set a jack hammer into that we use on occasion to dig up monuments in asphalt. We get new trucks rarely, the last time we got a new truck was in 2010. We really use our trucks, I believe the formula used is replacement after 150,000 miles, after that they become more expensive to maintain then to just purchase a new one. And believe me after 150,000 miles, they are beat. We use them in 4x4 very frequently and they get bounced, whacked, and marred up pretty good, as we travel down tight areas and even between tree lined streams, they get beat up pretty good. This beautiful truck will look old in two years. My Crew Truck is a 2010 Ford outfitted the same as this one, my truck still has some miles to go before it's replaced, but it sure is good to see some new trucks for our crew chiefs, there is nothing like a brand new crew truck to lift the spirits of the men. Thanks for looking!
  9. I am very well pleased with my DeWalt table saw. It is the best engineered saw I"ve seen. I think they took the advise of all the carpenters they could find and came up with this one. Precise cutting ease of use, etc. They have a push stick placed in the fence, very easy access. However it does not work with thin pieces. I like to use one that look like a saw handle and is about one eighth inch thick. It gives me great control and safety clearance. I was always looking for a handy place to store it. I came up with a couple of clothes pins, sanded openings and hot melted to a bar under the bed. As you . can also see, I store my zero clearance throat plate there too with a small clamp
  10. I have never had an official sand paper center, or storage, they just get shuffled from one location to another as I need them. But a couple days I was getting a little short on patience when my sand paper was not where I though it was, and when I needed it. The same day, I had to take something to our trash, and lo and behold, wife was organizing, and threw this out, an old organizing folder, and I am now using it for my sand paper, cool right! Ya I know, shame on me, you'd think I'd have a place for it right, not. In many ways I am pretty organized, someways I just never got there.
  11. Well, since the Storage Dresser is now done, time to start the next stage of the remodel. Moving day, day 1... Cleaned all my stuff off all the appliances down here. So, where did all the stuff go? Top drawer filled right up, and it even closes.....ooh, ah! Second drawer down is almost filled up, and it also closes... Eh, not quite full, yet? Will have to work on that, I guess. Fourth drawer down is empty, at the moment. Bottom drawer has the "Book of Auger Bits" and not much else...I still want to be able to MOVE this thing.....as for the top? This will have to do, for now...... Monday< I'll see about getting a couple friends to haul that old dryer out, and to the Salvage Yard. Last time, one of these brought just over $9..... Then I can slide the dresser over, and into the spot the dryer was in. Then, we'll see what else needs moved, cleaned, put away...
  12. What is on THIS work bench

    I have been looking for ideas on improving my area for small projects. I came across this bench and wondered what this guy used it for. I found out, can you guess?
  13. Getting tired of banging my legs against a tool chest I don't even open up anymore. Sooo, it, and a few other items will either be removed from the shop, moved to a different spot, or... Tossed into a drawer in a chest of drawers I still need to cobble up, out of pine. There is an old dryer down there, right now covered in boxed up toys..er..TOOLS. Thinking I can have a couple kids with strong backs (leaves me out) to haul the old dryer out of the basement, andoff to the salvage yard ( they can spend the $9.60 at McD's) They can also haul the Tool Chest #1 upstairs. I'll clean it out, air it out, and call it a walnut Hope Chest. I intend to move the power tools to the north bench, where the plane till is. Plane till and the brace till will take their place at the end of the work bench, where an old dresser sits. Now, what will go where the dryer was? Well, how about a 5-6 drawer Chest of Drawers? I can stash all kinds of items in the drawers. Might even have some storage on the top? Will need to set some blocks down on the floor, to keep the dresser's feet dry. Chest of drawers won't be anything fancy....just a place to stash shop items. The Tills are being moved, due to a water line that goes overhead. Sound like a plan?
  14. Have a slight problem

    Well, a while back, I made a box to hold what was then my small set of auger bits.... Not that bad a box, and when you open the lid.. Not too bad. But, in the year since this was made, I have more than doubled the amount of bits I have to store. Might be time to build a new box? Wood supply right now is mainly Pine. The Problem? How to arrange almost 30( or more!) bits in one box? The "box" part isn't a problem, been wanting to do dovetailed boxes again, anyway. Bits go from the small #4 up to and beyond the #20 sizes, and about every size in-between. Maybe make a few "layers" of sets? Have a feeling I may have a while to plan one out. Might as well put the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up back on-line, and see what in can conjure up. As for the "old" box? Maybe I can find another use for it.......BTW: That HUGE bit in the second picture? It is a Craftsman #22. Maybe I can take it back to sears, for a new one?
  15. wanna conserve a boat load of space... make sliding door cabs ... use the base as a service trunk for DC, electric and air... use the doors as wall space... 16' of wall gives you 16' of storage and 12' of wall..... there no swinging doors that need to be allowed for.. (more floor space).. set the table out where you can work on/from it... this satellite shop it has a TS, BS, DP, DC, RT, lathe, miter saw, grinding station, welding cart, lumber rack, 24'' tile saw and a BMW touring bike in it... there is an overhead lumber rack that also holds the long pipe clamps... plan... there are 3 of these set for easy reach from bench... fold out drawing/plans table and mortising station.... 40x100(?) table.. the drawers hold frequently used tools.. not so frequent are in the wall units... BTW... that milk crates is a seat, tote, and laid over, a ladder/step stool... 32x52 RT w/ major bit storage that is also set to work the D4R, FMT Pro and miter trimmer... just make out the mirror on the BMW... don't know why this one fell over.. but it's end of tool rack storage... another end of rack storage... this one and the other one are on either side of the double doors... self explanatory... there are 6 large square food containers in each bin w/ contents labeled on the lid... table drawer contents... end of work table.. another pic that fell over... cubby hole filler for the sand paper sheets and slide out shelf for the oils...
  16. Well I did it again. I perused Amazon books this past weekend and found some wonderful book about Shaker Furniture. I know our admin John Moody loves Shaker too! I am hooked on Amazon Used Books, you can purchase virtually any book used on Amazon at a fraction of the cost of a new book, great for us, not so great for the original author and publishers. But hey, your keeping small independent used book stores across the nation busy and cash flowing! So there is an upside to the supply side of this. Here is another book I purchased through Amazon at this link: The following books arrived over the last two days in my mail box, and I love them! This first book caught my eye completely because I really want to build a shaker Mt. Lebanon style chair, and rocker. I love the style and the weaved seating. I paid $3.99 plus $3.99 shipping on this one. How to Build Shaker Furniture by Thos. Moser, the Moser's are one of my favorite woodworking families in the entire world. I get their catalog of furniture every year and I drool and I also get inspiration for design ideas. This book arrived in excellent condition as well. I paid $1.99 plus $3.99 shipping on this one. Here is another Kerry Pierce book for Shaker furniture and storage. I can't wait to dig and read this from front to back. I paid $4.99 with free shipping on this one. All three of these book were listed on the Used Book Scorecard as "Good Condition". Folks, these books look brand spanking new! These are the actual scans of the books I received, if you look at the first book above, you'll see a little turned up corner at the lower right of the cover, that is the only visible wear out of all three of these books. Each book ranges in prices from 24 to 30 bucks retail based on the tag on the rear covers. I paid a total of $18.95. You can't beat these deals, I would like to encourage anyone who wants a book, to avoid purchasing new, and re-purpose these used books at a fraction of the cost. Thanks for reading! Interesting Links Kerry Pierce Kerry Pierce Furniture Album Thomas Moser
  17. Parts storage

    I got fed up with my small and large bin storage. Even if they are labeled, you are not sure what is in them. Harbor Freight has these on sale. The big ones are about 12"x16" and are about 9 bucks. Small ones are 4$. There is also larger one about 4" thick. You can easily see thru the lid. You can carry them by the handle and parts stay put. You can remove and rearrange the yellow boxes. I even cut out the ends and joined to of the larger ones so some longer parts fit in. I used the small ones for electrical pieces, stakons, etc. No more guessing what is where.
  18. From the album Lew's Basement Shop

    Sanding storage between joists- down

    © Lewis Kauffman

  19. From the album Lew's Basement Shop

    Sanding storage between joists- Up

    © Lewis Kauffman

  20. Tool Carousel Got 'r Dun

        See the tilt differences? IT's supposed to keep the littler tools from spinning out     What lathe tool carousel picture would be without a Where's Waldo picture with the wood carousel lost in wood clutter? If you can find it in the first thirty seconds of looking you win a prize. It's an a ll expenses paid dream vacation to the mists of Avalon long ago and far away. You even get to have dinner they Mordred and Morganna  
  21. I got tired of having my quick changers bits and tips in different places so I put 'em all together in one handy dandy little box with a magnet closure. Plus I made a little awl with a tungsten ( very very hard) point from a TIG welding electrode. The little short ones are held in place with magnets the drills don't need it.

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