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Found 74 results

  1. It finally got above freezing the past couple of days but the basement shop is lagging behind in the warm up. @Ksvet06 posed a question about sharpening lathe tools. He asked about grinders and sharpening jigs. Please look over his post and the responses. Let's give Zach all the help we can- @Gerald is working on hollow forms for the Beads of Courage (BOC) project- Check out what he has done for this very special cause- @Smallpatch is recreating a couple of chess pieces for a customer- Although Jesse says he's not a turner, you would never know it by how well these turned out! He tells us about the adventure here- When I used to use my diamond parting tool, it almost always gave me a ragged surface. Here's a video from Rick Turns illustrating how to regrind the parting tool for a cleaner cut- I must admit, I've abandoned my diamond parting tool in favor of the Easy Wood Tools parting tool. It creates clean cuts, no vibration and because it's a carbide tip- stays sharp a LONG time. In Last week's "Wednesday's..." we mentioned @Steve Krumanaker had a mishap when he inadvertently turned off his vacuum system. That got me to wondering if a shop made vacuum could be built. I found this PDF for making an inexpensive system. Not sure if I'll try it but thought it might give someone an idea. I believe the author is in England because the costs are in pounds and dimensions are metric. http://www.gaw.org.uk/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Vacuum-chuck-for-£10-or-less.pdf The Woodturning OnLine newsletter arrived last week. As always there are interesting projects, articles and equipment. While scanning the "New and Hot" section I noticed this little jewel- Looks like this laser could be adapted to most any tool. It is available through Tim Yoders' site- http://www.wtwtim.com/elbotool.htm about half way down the page. The entire newsletter is at- http://www.woodturningonline.com/ Finally, here's an older video from Carl Jacobson turning a lidded vessel. Notice his use of the Easy Wood Tools hollower and the fantastic Easy Wood Chuck! Safe turning
  2. sharpening tools

    Okay Master of the great wood turner, lathe tool sharpening queries.... I have both a grinder and a table top belt sander. which do you think is better to use for a beginner and which grit for the sander and grind wheel. i was watching videos but they dont tell me. so i am looking to the masters for help.
  3. Acrylic ornament problems

    I ordered a piece of clear acrylic. Turning was a big challenge. The piece I used had a low melting point and it would heat and semi melt. This created melt smudges, not to mention melt frustration. I kept trying different turning tools and speeds. It wasn't easy. You can see the results. If I learned one thing.................... it is not to turn much of that stuff or get a harder clear acrylic.
  4. CA glue and acrylics

    I have limited experience with Acrylics and I need some advice on gluing. In the past I have used CA to glue acrylics to wood, however I have always used a center post to assure that it would stay together. Can I successfully glue a flat acrylic material to a flat wood piece and then turn it without worrying about it coming apart. It will be a small piece, such as a Christmas ornament. Thanks
  5. lathe tools

    Okay wood turners extraordinaires. I would like to get my own set of turning tools. can you give me feedback on which ones to get first and which brand is medium or quality price level. not looking for top of the line just yet until I get to practice in a bit. I have seen Laguna on here a lot is that one you all would suggest or is there other? i am open to all thought on this. thank you in advance!
  6. Pulling my hair out!!! I cut it twice and it is still wrong. Even after changing the cutting depth to .25 from .3 The first cut is a clear out pass cut with a .25 end mill as it should have... .25 depth. Then I changed the cutter to a 1/8th end mill and ran the file for it. However, it cut the tool path slightly deeper (.3). I can figure out how this happened. The previous project worked just fine for zeroing the z axis with my new tool. Note: VCarvePro preview indicates it will cut smooth. Not so in the picture. Right now, I am at a loss, and shut down until I figure something out. Wasting wood is not what I want to do.
  7. Heavy rust removal

    I have a very old scythe the I believe my grandfather used in the 40's. the blade is heavily rusted/pitted and I would like to "restore" it a bit for my son-in-law's barn. What does everyone recommend as a good rust remover? I can grind it off but with the pitting I fear too much of the old metal would be removed. If I could get a majority off without grinding I feel it will retain more of its originality. Any thoughts? Thanks Gary
  8. These 2 clocks are too big to cut out with the scroll saw. I need some stiff clear something or other to cover the pattern so I can use a jig saw to cut the outside of the clock away from the wood. Then remove that so I can use the scroll saw with the thin blades on the carving pieces....I have some sheets of plexiglass but what I have is 1/16" or thicker.. and the experience with a jig saw and plexiglass is not good. Anybody know of something a smidgen of an inch thick a jig saw can maneuver over and still see what it is I am trying to do. I can't glue it down for I have to remove it so the scroll saw can cut out the carving pieces. I've spent two days looking over the internet confusing myself and just happen to think there are smarter jokers than I who probably use something like this every day. Help!
  9. I am into new territory and will appreciate your thoughts. I have inherited an 8 foot apple log - 20 inches at the base, from an apple tree that may have been 30+ feet tall, so far with out any rotting, though I haven't cut it up to buy some time for my chain saw repair. I've been turning, from bark to bowl for several years. I'm pretty well acquainted with how to pull bowl blanks from a log for twelve inch bowls and platters. I have worked with some small apple blanks before. They came out wonderfully. I see only one site that sells apple bowl blanks, and they are pretty small because most apple trees are pretty small. I also read that fruit wood tends to crack more than other hardwoods but that has not been my experience. So, some questions: . Does anybody really care about apple wood for turning, or is there some reason it is not very common? Is this a gold mine or fool's gold? . I could get some rather large blanks - up to 16-18 inches across, up to 7-8 inches thick, or a zillion much smaller blanks. I don't need a zillion small blanks, nor can I turn huge blanks. Does anybody care about such large blanks of apple? . If this was your inheritance, what would you do with it to best distribute the wealth? . How would you cut a 20" log up differently than one that was 12-14? Are there some special cuts warranted with a bit of a rare piece? I'm not a reseller with a profit motive on this but I know that I have some serious chain saw time coming up to make the most of this piece. My friend Ron D, an administrator on this site, can advise me on how to "sell" and ship blanks to recapture the costs. If I have offended some rule about posting for sale, I apologize. Thanks, Robert in central Indiana
  10. Tell me the steps

    So how did this get made without any tear outs and boo boo's.
  11. Anybody bought one of these kits? If so, would you recommend it, and how much technology would I need to get it into operation? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I just viewed a video from a woodworking E-mail, on the new Bessey I-beam clamps. I cannot find these clamps on their website. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question about this. The video showed the man made a mortise and tenon joint and the tenon was just a bit too big for the mortise. So, he was able to clamp down on the wood planks to make it fit. These clamps are supposed to have 7K pound pressure. I was told to consider moisture when making projects and really don't know too much about it. Never sure how much leeway for the swelling/expansion and when I really need it. So, my real question is this: If this mortise and tenon are that tight, should one even be forcing it in like that, because of the moisture issue?
  13. John Lucas?

    Anybody heard from @john Lucas? You used to post a lot on Wood Magazine Forum. Hope he is still around. He had a lot of good suggestions, etc.
  14. Unusual Turning question

    Can you turn soft metal on a wood lathe with carbide cutting tools? I'm thinking soft aluminum. I've turned some very hard woods that seemed harder. Is it foolhardy?
  15. Sealing wood.

    I have heard you can just paint thee ends of logs to keep them from drying too fast and cracking. My question is will spray paint work?
  16. Acrylic problelm

    I started working on a piece that has acrylic on each end with Ebony in the center. First the Ebony had a hidden crack (very hard to see a crack on something so black) and part of it flew out. I can salvage it. Then the Acrylic has lots of small holes and a few bigger ones. It appears that the whole piece is full of faults. Is there anything I can fill those holes with to get back to a smooth finish. I don't think epoxy will work, it can't take heat. Will CA glue and soda work?
  17. Axe vs EWT

    Thinking back on the controversy surrounding Bosch vs SawStop: How is that any different from the Axe carbide turning tools from Carter Products compared to Easy Wood Tools? This sound to me like as much of a patent infringement as the table saw issue. Taking a very brief look at the Axe tools, the only difference I can see is the shape of the handle. Is that enough to constitute a different tool? Jim, being an official representative of EWT, I realize you may be somewhat constrained on what you can say here, but I would be interested to hear your comments on this, as well as everyone else's.
  18. Acrylic

    Does anybody here make their own acrylic blanks? I have been doing a lot of research on resin, molds, vacuum chambers and pressure pots.
  19. Help question.

    I bought eight blocks of wood 6 x 6 x 3. I got two each of four different types. All eight are totally covered in a type of wax. I took a piece of walnut and while turning a bowl I could tell it was very wet. Will they all dry over time with the wax on or do I need to remove it?
  20. Do you reuse pen blank scraps?

    So for any of you who still turn pens, what do you do with the end scraps that are left over after cutting/ trimming? As a good woodworker tends to do, I ended up saving cutoffs from all of my pen blanks, both wood and acrylic. As i was reorganizing my tool chests and whatnot I realized I had a full drawer of these cutoffs. Some are as short as 1/4", some might be 2". None of them could be used in any regular pen kit applications. I thought about heading to Goodwill and try and find some kind of food processor or blender to break them into smaller bits and mix them into acrylic resin and make new blanks with them. Before I completely destroy them in this way, anyone have a different method, or do most of you simply discard the extra?
  21. Cultured marble.

    I have some scrap pieces of cultured marble. Has anybody tried making pens out of this?
  22. Lady turners

    I see quite a few lady turners on youtube. Do we have any lady PWW
  23. Lew, I liked your advise

    When I lowered my my mini so I could sit and turn, I found that I had to move my stool and that was annoying. I thought I'd build a bench style seat that I could slide on. Lew suggested a stool with wheels.......Duh. Simple and effective. I found one on Amazon with 5 wheels and a pneumatic height adjustment for $30. My wife had enough points that it was free. Price was just right
  24. Nova chuck.

    I am fairly new to turning anything bigger than a pen. I bought a Nova chuck that takes the two steel rods to tighten it. I turned down the end so I can tighten the chuck on the outside. As soon as I touch the tool to the wood it comes flying out of the chuck. The piece of wood is around 4 inches in diameter and 8 to 9 inches long. The tenon is 2.25 in diameter and I did cut the angle on the inside. Anybody know what I could be doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
  25. Help

    I am looking at two different lathes. I am looking at the Delta 46-460 and the Rikon 70-220VS. They both have 12.5 swing over the bed, 1hp motor, 5 year warranty, same price and same speed ranges. The Rikon can turn a 20 inch spindle and I think the Delta is only 16 inches. I would like to hear the good and bad from anybody that has experience with one of these lathes. I am leaning toward the Rikon because it is a little longer.

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