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Found 25 results

  1. 2018! Seem like just a couple of months ago I was starting up computers hoping they would function after the Y2K Bug scare! @PostalTom showed us a sweet bowl he made for his daughter. It is made from poplar! Check out his description here- @Steve Krumanaker turned an awesome natural edge walnut bowl but it was not without its' problems- Here's Steve's explanation of what happened- @Ksvet06 asked a question about searching the turning forum for specific information. Gang, this just reinforces the need for us all to add tags to our posts. Tags make searching for information much easier and a lot faster. @Gerald is turning more Beads Of Courage boxes and was looking for advice on a special piece of wood- He was inquiring if anyone had turned a vessel with a natural edge "side". Head on over to his post and see if you can offer some help. Probably all of the turners here are currently in the grips of the "Ol' Polar Vortex" (I hate the Weather Channel). Anyway, if you find it's too cold in your shop, pull up a chair, grab a warming beverage and enjoy a few extra videos. Tim Yoder turns a garden gnome (part 1, part 2 linked from the video)- Rick Turns posted a video of regrinding a parting tool to make cleaner cuts- I came across this group of videos from Stuart Batty. I'll give you the link as there are quite a few of them. https://vimeo.com/woodturning/videos/page:1/sort:alphabetical/format:thumbnail And if that's not enough videos to keep you warm, Rick Turns added his list of YouTube videos for the month of December- Finally, I was looking for an idea for a lathe jig and stumbled upon this site- http://www.docgreenwoodturner.com/index.html Lots of neat ideas and some beautiful turnings. Safe turning and keep warm
  2. From My Shop to Yours

    Merry Fishmus to one and all!!! Note: I found this the other day in my "table top photography" folder from years ago.
  3. Great News! We have gone over our goal for the Gold Star Family Christmas Drive! If you haven't already donated, don't let the fact that we reached our goal stop you. 9 Days left to do what your heart tells you. More donations equals more presents for two little kids! Just a friendly reminder, please continue to add tags to any new post you start. It makes searches more accurate for anyone wishing to find information. I have reviewed all of the topics here in the Turner's Forum and added tags where they were missing. If you feel I modified one of your topics incorrectly, please let me know so I can make the corrections. Tomorrow is December 7th. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. If you were in the Navy and sailed into Ford Island you will never forget passing the monument of the USS Arizona. Rest in Peace brothers. Fair winds and following seas. @Steve Krumanaker posted images of a vessel he turned. Their club and a demonstration by Cindy Drozda and Steve must have been her star pupil! Beautiful turning, Steve! Check out his post and the discussion that followed- @Ron Altier turned an awesome ornament from acrylic and wood. Ron posted about the difficulty he had with the acrylic. Checkout his post and see the discussion and maybe you can provide him with some suggestions- @HandyDan really makes Christmas special for kids stuck in the hospital over the holidays. Here's what he makes for them. Dan describes his gifts here- Dan, you certainly are going to be on Santa's "nice" list. @Gerald is all prepped for a demonstration/sales. Here is a sample of some of the things he will be turning and selling at the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum Here's his post- @Jim from Easy Wood Tools let us know about a contest Easy Wood Tools is having. They need your help decorating this year's Christmas tree! There's a little more about it here- If you need an idea for an ornament, here's a video on turning an acorn with a surprise inside- @HandyDan alerted us to a contest from Nova. They are giving away some awesome Christmas presents. If you have a Facebook account, head over to- https://www.teknatool.com/12-days-christmas-facebook-giveaways/ Bessey Clamps is also running a Christmas Give-a-way on Facebook Here's the link to their Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/BesseyToolsNorthAmerica/ I did get some lathe time in this past week, between helping put up Christmas decorations (no ladders this year ). I needed to replace that rickety old bench I have in the shop. It was ready to collapse and beyond another repair attempt. There was some maple left over from the high chair project and there's always a little walnut lying around. All the parts were turned on the lathe. Normally, I don't put a finish on anything I make for the shop/myself. You can see why- miserable failure. Oh well, it's just a 3 legged stool. Out with old and in with the new- Safe turning
  4. Our Patriot turners have been working overtime this week creating some fantastic projects and starting some interesting conversations!! @Steve Krumanaker Posted some information on a Christmas Tree Ornament Challenge. He gave us a link to this video that has the particulars- Here is his original post- Steve also confided he is looking forward to his Woodturners club meeting. Their special guest is Cindy Drozda. I confess I was not familiar with her work. Her is a link to her site. She is impressive! http://cindydrozda.com/ And, Steve posted a video on his YouTube channel demonstrating how to make a really nice Christmas Tree Christmas ornament display- And finally, Steve posted a picture of a bowl he turned using his new bowl gouges. You may remember Steve telling us about his experiences at the Marc Adams school where he had the opportunity to learn from Glenn Lucas. Just look at the results from the tools and the newly learned techniques! Here's more- @Gerald has been busy, too! He's working on a beautiful platter made from Bradford Pear. He queried our members for their opinions on the finish. Slide on over to his post and add your thoughts- Gerald is also working on some tops- He explains more about them here- Turners are always looking for a way to "save" that special chunk of wood so they can make something at a later date. Preventing wet wood from cracking/splitting can be a challenge. Usually when we find that special piece, we don't have the "recommended" sealer. We try wax, paint, etc. Here's a short video from "Rick Turns" that shows a sealer we all have in the shop- Finally, there's nothing like turning wet (green) wood and watching the curlies fly all over the shop- as Carl Jacobson demonstrates- Safe Turning
  5. Drills, just drills..

    I seem to have a thing for "cordless" drills.... All but one of the eggbeaters... While cleaning the shop a bit, getting ready for the next projects, found a few other items.. Things seem to come in pairs around here...happens when I can't find the first one... Also set out most of the clear Poplar I have left.... Kicked a few braces out of the "overhead til" and stashed all but one of the eggbeaters.. As this No. 104 Millers falls wouldn't fit in the slots....handle was rattling for a reason. What is left of the push drills. Stashed these back into a drawer... Poplar was cut to size.. 2 ends, 2 sides....had to dig around to find something to use as a bottom panel.. May need to trim it down a bit.... note the brace til? Near as I can tell, this is all there is....from a 14" sweep down to a couple 6" sweeps... I found not only a gouge, but a handle for it...cleaned both up.. Someday, I'll learn how to sharpen one of these out chanel thingys...marking gauge was used to help lay out a few pins... Laid out the pins....as i do pins first.. Note how I mark the waste? Two other items emerged in the clean up.. Pen is for scale....chisel is by Butcher. Screwdriver has Rosewood for the handle. Migraine hit...hard to see well enough to do much...it can wait until Tuesday....
  6. Couple of new ones today.

    Made a peeler and sketch pencil. The pencil is for the wood shop.
  7. Top Secret Project

    Last week I Showed you the start of my top Secret Project. Well here are 2 nearly done and 2 to go . They are wall plaques for for my Medival Horizontal lock replica and the Violin locks I made. Herb
  8. Lew's Woodworking

    Personal website woefully outdated!
  9. Spent weekdays this week babysitting grandkids at my daughter's house. Not much else to do while nap time and rain. Hard to look around without seeing something I've built. Here's a few examples. Coaster set with foray into hand-cut dovetails. One of my first woodworking projects was one of these with butt joints. Decided to revisit and make with dovetails for each of the kids. (cherry) Step stool that converts into bench, plan from PopWood (cherry) Bathroom linen cabinet #1 (poplar and ply, stained espresso to match existing cabinets) Jewelry box and necklace stands (walnut and re-sawn & bookmatched maple) Tow Mater adapted from Adirondack chair plan (poplar) Bathroom cabinet #2 (poplar and ply) Rocking horse (ash) Wall rack for grand-daughter nicknamed "cupcake" (qs red oak) Master BR dressers (ash) Master bedroom headboard and nightstands (ash) Entryway bench / storage box (red oak and ply) Platform beds for grand-sons (hard maple) Box o' building blocks (hard maple) Knick-knack shelf, actually made by daughter when she was 11 years old (butternut) Candle holders made for their wedding (maple & walnut) Keepsake box made as HS graduation gift (from Sycamore HS, so made from qs sycamore & cherry) Shadow box holding wedding bouquet (mahogany) Shaker basket and sewing box (she made some #2 boxes when she was 12 and they're on the entertainment center, not shown) (cherry & ash)
  10. Bunk Beds

    Here's two of the three sets of bunk beds I've made in the last couple of years. First will separate into two twins (make two sets of these), second is a triple bunk for when granchildren visit. First two were oak, then maple. Third was SYP, strictly functional. This was about the time I seriously wanted a bigger shop.
  11. My 2017 Pen Stand/ Clock entry

    This project required various woodworking skills so I decided to post this here. Hope you like it. This is a pen stand/clock I entered recently in a contest over at the IAP pen turning site. Every year they hold a fund raising Bash party and they have various contests the members can enter to win prizes. It basically pits you against members who enter each contest. Lots of fun. I was able to enter a few this year after about 3 years absence because of illness and family matters. Sure does feel good to get back in the shop. Anyway this was my entry and they were some scrolling involved along with other woodworking skills. Thanks for looking. This was my 2017 Pen Stand Contest entry. It did take first place. Pen Stand/Clock is of a gambling theme. The materials are maple, walnut, rosewood poker chips, 2" clock insert and dice. The playing cards were cut out on a scrollsaw and done in maple. The background of the symbols was painted flat black. the large dice is walnut. The base is rosewood with a bevel detail and covered with a dark green velvet. The wood parts were top coated in a satin lacquer. The poker chips are stacked and shaped to hold a single pen of any size. The holder chips are flocked in green where the pen lays to protect it from scratching. Thanks for looking.
  12. My wife Tami has been a special educator for over 30 years. She teaches moderate-severe autism kindergarten-1st grade. Her kids are very high maintenance and active so she has to be creative in keeping her kids focused. They are easily distracted so she has had me make a number of what I call "Barricades" for different areas in her classroom. Some of the barricades are to block kids from watching what other kids are doing as they are easily distracted. Others are for blocking off certain areas like the "Play Area" or to keep them out cabinets that have certain toys or craft supplies. The school district is pretty much useless when it comes to providing items for special education, so it pretty much falls to the teacher to get it or go without. So she keeps me busy making stuff. The "Barricades" that I make for her are simple using PVC pipe for the frame and 1/4" tempered hardboard so they are light weight and the kids can't hurt themselves if/when they bang into them. So here are ones I made this past week or so and installed them today. I use velcro for hinges as they can be screwed into the cabinets and the barricades can't be knocked over by the kids. For the play area, toy cabinet and craft cabinet that has the crayons and coloring books I had to make them lockable as the kids like to leave their work stations when the teacher and aides aren't looking. (Sneaky little buggers). This is the entry into the play area. This is the toy cabinet which is lockable so they can't sneak in and take the toys. This is the cabinet that has the coloring books, crayons and markers. They always check the kid's backpacks before they leave to go home as they love to take the crayons and markers home.
  13. The Woodworkers Guild of America recently posted a list of Christmas gift ideas. If you're trying to think of something to make, this might be a starting place. https://www.wwgoa.com/projects/woodworking-gift-ideas/ Some of these are videos that require membership but the gift ideas are there.
  14. Another Blast from the Past?

    From a few bits of Pine, and a bit of plywood for the shelf.. Top is from a 2x10 from a thrown out waterbed frame... Before the matching pine top was added... And then after the top was added. Just a little table. The Boss has "Table-napped" this one for the bedroom. Unsure why... Just some past work of mine. There was a time, when I could reuse the Cedar 2xs from an old PinNic Table.. As my Daughter wanted a TV Stand. IF you look closely, you might just see a "Dutchman" or two. Needed them to cover the carriage bolt holes.....Plywood shelves, Mission style ends, I think it got just a clear coat, sometime along the way. (look right in front of the TV, there is a "patch" there) Just some old projects from the Dungeon Shop Files, maybe give others a few ideas?
  15. Latest Projects

    Haven't been on the board for a while and I appologize for that. ' Been super busy in the shop and haven't had much time to just laze around. Anyhow, would like to share a couple of the projects I have been working on (besides the military wings and stars)
  16. Black Gum burl bowl

    Hi guys and ladies, I just wanted to share a bit more of the project that I will be working on for the next several days. This is Black Gum burl, its a bowl or will be, that is about 5 inches tall and about 7 1/2" to 7 3/4" wide. I don't get many bowl blanks, so I don't usually get to turn many of them at all. This is a piece for a client though, so I hope it turns out perfect. The first thing this greenhorn had to do is figure out how best to mount the thing so that it could be turned more precisely. Since making a tenon didn't work out originally, I went ahead and just mounted it between centers and trued it up, then mounted it to a waste block. After which I mounted it and drilled a hole part way into it so that I could mount it on a screw chuck, the problem with that was that apparently the hole is too large for the screw chuck, even though I did drill a 1/2" hole as it suggested! Oh well no biggie, I just turned a tenon on it after taking a short break to cool off. Anyway, there are some holes in this here burl, that could pose problems if I get careless, so I will be careful. I'll update this thread as I get it more completed. Turn safe everyone, and enjoy your weekend wherever you are.
  17. An acquaintance of mine posted a link to the Woodworker's Showcase show last weekend in NY. She sets up a booth there and was kind enough to share these photos from TOTALLY TURNING by Chris Stolicky https://www.flickr.com/photos/stolicky/sets/72157664403229854/with/26135272401/. I don't think you need a Flicker account to view them.
  18. Weekend projects

    Hello all. Here's what I will be doing this weekend, making tops and other items. This one is pretty much complete, It just needs a bit of sanding and finish. I was hoping it was going to be a bit wider so that it might balance a bit better but it still should work. I'll try throwing it tomorrow after the glue sets and see how it does.
  19. Projects coming to an end

    Well my Christmas projects are finally coming to an end. We had three Green Egg tables picked up over the weekend and that cleared out a lot of room in the shop. I finished up the Oak Lazy Susan and it got picked up yesterday. I also finished and will deliver this afternoon the two Walnut Shadow Boxes. Sunday afternoon I cut out and glued the pieces for a Lego Table. Last night when I got home and got everything sanded and most of the table assembled. I have a trim piece that will go around the top and stick up 3/4" so the pieces don't slide off the table. Then it gets spray painted and will be ready for Christmas Day. So I am about ready to clean up the shop and give it a rest for a week or two before we start on Next year. I hope you all have your projects finished. We have been very blessed in the shop this year and it has been quite busy.
  20. A couple of projects finished

    Got these finished up earlier in the week but forgot to post them. Enjoy When Life Gives You More Than You Can Stand, KNEEL Guardian Eagle AMERICA - It's a Matter Of ATTITUDE
  21. Special Projects Your Working On

    Seems that every year about this time we have super special projects that we are working on. These projects are from our hearts by our own hands. We know we do it. We want to do it. Share with us your super special gift for this year. As for me, it has come to my attention that a shut-in here in town has very little and doesn't normally "celebrate" the season (ok - Christmas). I am making her a Lichterbogen for her and hoping to "brighten" up her holiday.
  22. that "Different Project"?

    Upon further review. Seems a better stash has been found. tore down a bed frame into usable parts. Oh, I will still use some of the metal parts. But the metal parts are just to reinforce the workbench. What you see here are six raised panels. Never mind about Buster sitting there. There are also some other parts worth saving some of them a bit long. LOTS of staples that need to go...elsewhere. Will have to bring the saws up out of the Dungeon Shop, and a few clamps. Clamp a piece to the saw bench, and rip or crosscut until I have all the parts for another Tool Chest build. With some better trays, I hope. Oh and there are a few that need to be split Those aren't solid 4x4s, and some are delaminating. Going to split them into the three pieces they are made from. Some will be corner posts. Along with the 1 x 12s, and all that extra Barn siding stuff. It might take a while, but I think I might have the time right now to build it. As for Buster? Brand new handle for a $1 head. Went to Lowes to buy a handle.....nope, they don't sell those kind of handles. However, they would be more than happy to sell me a 2 pound Kobalt version.....for $17...Yeah, right. Took my 2.9 pound hammer head just up the road to the local TSC store, yep even had the correct handle with wedges (3) for.....$5.99 + tax. got it home, installed the new handle, and put it to work, breaking down a bed frame. Must have done it right ( for once) since the head never moved, or flew off. Some days.. you just get...lucky.

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