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Found 16 results

  1. Lumber Inventory

    Trying to see what I have left over, and see what sort of project I could cobble up Might have a plank left, besides these in Poplar.... Almost all of the Cherry in the shop....some rather fancy stuff... Flame Cherry? I may have a little more upstairs, but this is about it, for the Maple..some Curly, some not.. There IS a 1 x 4 x 7' slab upstairs, and this little stack of Black Walnut. Also has a few fancy spots.. Might find some use for this? Then there is the pile of "other stuff" Not sure what all is in there....at least it isn't moving on it's own.... Going to get the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up working this week, and see what it can come up with....
  2. What to do with a...

    Plank that is 4/4 x 13" x 49" ? Maybe a Five Drawer Chest of Drawers? Two of the "five" would be half width drawers at the top. Frame and panel sides....raised panels. I have a decent supply of 4/4 Maple I cut rip to make the four posts....have a supply of 3/4" for the panels and drawer fronts...plenty ( I hope ) of thinner Poplar for drawer sides. May buy a sheet of 1/4" plywood for the bottoms of the drawers....and the back of the case.. May add some of the Black Walnut as edging for the top? maybe use it as the "dividers" between the drawers? 7 bf should be enough? Primary wood will be that Curly Maple I have just sitting around.... Moral of this post? Painkiller induced naps produce some wild dreams... As soon as I can draw again with this bad thumb. I may do a few drawings to work from...IF anyone wants to see them..
  3. WIP: Completed!

    Ok, that shop dresser. It began by needing something better than this...an old dryer, piled high with ...stuff. Finally got to the point that this To where all I needed was to add the finish to the last drawer.. Even the top looks good ( better than an old dryer..) The box holds my Stanley No. 45. Details? Yes, there are a few gaps...this IS a basement, after all, this spring those gaps may go away. Dovetailed rails...the top one is a half dovetail.. Need to drag the old dryer out, and start loading the new dresser up. Been fun... And, it will look better than this..mess. Maybe? )
  4. Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our December what's it live and ready! So far we are 0 for 6! We just can't figure out what these wonderful examples of tools are! The image(s) below is the current MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Remember, the first accurate answer wins a one year membership to the awesome organization MWTCA! For a run down on this project and the rules, please see this page at "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" So without further Adieu, "What's It!" Submit your answers (and fun commentary) in the reply box. And win a one year membership for MWTCA for your correct answer! Keep in mind, the MWTCA does not know what this item is either, the image was submitted by one of its members for us to research. Lets help MWTCA find an answer.
  5. Medallion -none of the work was in veneer it was all 13/16'' stock.. the medallion surround is hand hewn black walnut... (scorped)... TS and miter trimmer for the primary tools...
  6. "Turn the page"...

    Just what the title says ( nothing to do with the one from the Silver Bullet Band) Anything on this page? If not, go to the next one Don't need the Clark bit? Turn the page, again.. This one has the BIG bit.....need something smaller? I was going to use the foam...not enough room for it. Might print up an Index? Close the book? And maybe a shot of the book's cover? Need both hands to carry THIS book around...
  7. Bath Fitters has come and gone but the remodel continues. We ordered a custom vanity top but it won't be here for another couple of weeks. There's a lot of work to be done before it gets here. Mimi picked out the lights she wanted- after I had finished the painting. She picked 2 lights, unfortunately there is only one mounting box/access. I really didn't want to have to cut into the freshly painted wall and mount a retro box, so we settled on an escutcheon plate style mounting piece. Here's what I came up with- In order to keep from having to make a second hole in the wall, I opted to run the wires within the wooden plate. Some templates and a router created the "raceways" for the wiring. Wire nuts for the connections and silicon caulk to keep things connected and in place- tape is just there until the caulk cured. Ready for the wall- The vanity cabinet and a small wall cabinet are coming together, also- The doors are raised panel, stick and cope construction- got the ones for the wall cabinet glued together today. As well as the hinges located, drilled and test fitted. This is my first time using "Blum" hinges- at 93¢ each, the price was right. Other than the rather large "clearance distance" between the back of the door and the face frame, I like them. I think I'm going to make the drawer boxes with thru dove tails and add the fronts. So much to do, so little time!
  8. Next up?

    Now that the little box is done, time to start on the other $1 slab..... This is the bigger of the three pieces from that one slab. Measured out at just under 38" long. I used the bandsaw to slice off the bark side ( most of it) 1/4" blade isn't the best for this sort of thing. With COPD, no way in... I'm doing this with a handsaw....I'd be there all day, huffing and a puffing....I'll let the bandsaw do that. Need to buy a wider blade, I think. Anyway, with the bark piece gone, this is still Depending on where I measure, just about 5" wide. Thickness? Needs jointed, but right now it is 2-1/4 thick. As for the other two sections.... They are a little bit shorter. Not sure IF this is another slab of Cherry or maybe a walnut. Not too bad, for a dollar bill. Not sure about the board feet in this slab, yet. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is working on a plan of some sort.....not sure what it will be......leaning towards a table of some sort....might involve the lathe,,,,may have to dig the lathe out...Hmm...still have a bunch of "leftovers" from that little box.....accent stuff? We'll see how it goes...stay tuned to this Batty Channel...
  9. PIP:Another box is done

    I think I can call this one done? Was going to throw out the old case for a Wallie World Dremel wannabe, decided to save the latch, at least. New brass screws to install it. Smallest screws I had, they would have to be phillips. One coat of Poly Gloss is now dry Used the block plane to dress this high spot down a bit. Open sez me? I think this will do for now.....
  10. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Share-your-latest-creation-.html?soid=1102849053542&aid=Y9s8yw71dOg Check out the lower left!!!
  11. Special ? Project

    Soooooooooooooo, there I was, minding my own business, catching up on back orders, and my German buddy calls me and says, "Hey, Fred, I have another project for you". This did not surprise me because he has come to me with several other projects (all of which I have enjoyed). After explaining the project, I knew that it was going to be made out of wood with some embelishment. This project is to be part of his Christmas Lawn Display. With out any other words, below are a couple of pictures of the completed project. Kepp going, they are there somewhere below Wolfgang and his proud outhouse - - - - - will post pciture of his yard when I get them
  12. Glasses holder

    Picked this up from another forum. Might make a nice craft show seller. http://www.stevedgood.com/nose.pdf Here's the link to his main site- http://scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com/
  13. Our Wood Turners Forum Host Lew Kauffman has made it on Facebook royalty! Woodcraft shared his Humidor project on their Facebook page! Surf on over to Woodcrafts Facebook page and LIKE Lew's project, and leave a comment if you like,show your support for Lew and Woodcraft! Great job Lew!
  14. Well, despite being dragged around in the van all day, did get a little something started. The Boss and her friend went shopping, I had to tag along in order to pick out a few boards @ Lowes..... Well, about $22 and change later This is what I found. A decent ( maybe) 2 x 4 x 8', 2 @ 1 x 6 x 8', and a couple cut-offs. The cut-offs were just laying on a lumber cart...."How much?" "#$0.25 each" "SOLD" They are about 1x8 by maybe 3' Plan ( do I really, ever use a "plan"?) is to cobble this pile of Pine down into a Shaker Style End Table, and hopefully add a drawer to it. Letting things get used to the house for now, Then maybe a cutting "list" can be thought out. Tapered legs? Or, fire up the lathe and turn them? Might have a left-over whate knob to use, too. Will be looking at what height to make this thing, how large a top to glue up. Have some 1x stock in the shop for Bread board edges. Might even have enough scraps for drawewr runners, too. Right now, the pine is "resting", and I think I will too. Stay tuned, New Yankee Workshop? NOT! Might take longer than 1/2 an hour.....
  15. Project for Router Guys

    Hey, Router guys - found a neat project for ya - if anyone tries this, I hope you will post pictures Can you imagine a wooden chain made from different species of wood???? Check out the video to see how. A Router Chain
  16. Our oldest girl and her work partner were tasked to do an assignment on a world leader, the world leader could be either a mover and shaker of business, or in politics and government. Our daughter is in her junior year of high school and she and her partner chose Margaret Thatcher. Ever since the movie "The Iron Lady" came out, our daughter has been captivated by Margaret Thatcher, for many reasons including the fact that she broke some glass ceilings in her career, and our daughter shares much of the same social and political values that Margaret had. She and her team mate for this project have worked off and on since October on this project, and it was due today, in class, and they rocked the class room with it. They did a wonderful job. The medium they chose was digital, web, the format is Wordpress, and no, dad did not lift a finger on this project, I tried to procure some images for her through some research, but she chased me away from the computer that day, and never did I return to her project till she and her team mate were finished. She and her partner own it 100 percent, and we are very proud of what they came up with. Congratulations daughter and team mate! They created the website, they laid it all out, the textual content is about 95 percent uniquely theirs. The other 5 percent and images and videos are quoted and referenced. This project is for their World History IB program class. Please click on their work. The Iron Lady Project.     Now all that being said, long story short, this project goes in front of a board of judges from NHD, or National History Day organization, this Wednesday. The format they are allowed to use was not used! They blew it! But, what happened was they did not get the rules up until a week ago from their teacher. Their website was well under way since October, so they just kept going with what they have. Well, the rules are open for all to see at the website of NHD, so really there are no excuses, but they did such a wonderful job I could not bring myself to chastise this effort or lack of reading rules. They'll get an "A" in class for their efforts, but they are going to get hit hard at the judging. The main hit they'll take is the website was supposed to be created on a platform called Weebly. They chose Wordpress instead, oh well!

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