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Found 75 results


    This one required some glue up. And then some more. The piece on the bottom is acrylic and has some gold sparkles in it. I thought about making the bottom spindle much smaller, but my wife liked it just as it is. She gave her ideas as I worked on it and she likes it. After 50 years, happy wife, happy life.
  2. Easy Wood Tool Contest!

    I found this on Facebook. If you have a FaceBook account check it out- https://www.facebook.com/EasyWoodTools/photos/a.305274012822515.95517.296127457070504/1968972016452698/?type=3&theater
  3. Santa"s Workshop

    Nice project. Might be fun to do someday.
  4. Acrylic ornament problems

    I ordered a piece of clear acrylic. Turning was a big challenge. The piece I used had a low melting point and it would heat and semi melt. This created melt smudges, not to mention melt frustration. I kept trying different turning tools and speeds. It wasn't easy. You can see the results. If I learned one thing.................... it is not to turn much of that stuff or get a harder clear acrylic.
  5. New ornament

    I started this one a few weeks ago and got sidetracked on other projects. I like to embellish the wood color with contrasting woods and ornamental things. It is not as large as it appears and is about 5" total length. Another Christmas gift
  6. Christmas Ornament Challenge.

    Every year a couple popular youtube authors, Carl Jacobson and Allen Stratton, sponsor a Christmas ornament challenge. They are primarily wood turners but the challenge is open to anyone who cares to enter. It's how I got my start on youtube. An entry doesn't have to be a video, it can be a slideshow, just something to show you actually made the ornament. Remember, the entry can be anything from a turning, to a carving, to scroll sawing, or whatever. There ARE some nice prizes, some of which are from EWT. Check it out, it's fun and even if you don't enter it's a great way to get ideas for Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornament challenge Steve
  7. Just when you think things are going good, you get in a hurry, or don't get enough glue somewhere, or just get stupid, etc. etc. It happens to all of us I imagine. Sometimes you might even drop something and step on it..sigh. Just for the record, this picture really was taken in the cutting room Steve
  8. More ornaments

    A few ornaments from the latest run. There were 17 in this batch. Actually have started another 10 or so, that will probably be the last of them for this year. Steve
  9. New ornament

    I had so many problems with this one that I never thought I'd finish it. After something went bad, I'd put it on the bench and walk away. After starting another project I'd pass by and finally got an idea of how to fix or get around the ugly. Its not as long as it looks, maybe 6.5"
  10. Birdhouse ornaments

    One of my favorite things to turn. They're fun to do and go pretty quickly. People like them and always say; "they're so cute". For hanging on a tree, ornaments should be pretty light, these come in at around .6oz, anything less than an ounce works pretty good. Steve
  11. Jim posted his wonderfully crafted ornaments and I really envy his craftsmanship. I thought I'd make one of acrylic and Yellow Hart. I watch a video with a lady that said all ornaments should be proportional, with the main bulb occupying one third of the total length. I think that is noble, but I think if you turn one.........turn it to your liking. What ever floats your boat. Like I did in this one
  12. Acrylic problem end

    Every Time I did something to this one, it did something else. No kidding. It looks nothing like I intended. I got it this far and quit. Its nice, but it could be so much better
  13. Ornament stand

    Saw this in American Woodturners and had to try it. It is really easy to do except bending the wire to get even curve. You can cut at any angle you feel comfortable with , just be sure to sand farther down than the cut. You will have to hand sand the bottom. By the way drill for the wire before cut.
  14. Yellow with gold glitter

    I am still tinkering with ornaments, when I don't have honey dos. I was wondering what bright yellow would look like with gold glitter. It actually looks a lot better than the picture shows. The camera can't capture the sparkle.
  15. Mini Birdhouse

    Just joined this afternoon and have been reading the Turning Forum. I do mostly woodturning although I also love to refinish antique furniture. Here is a mini birdhouse I turn and they sell great for Christmas ornaments. Last year I sold over 200 which I start turning in January for the next Christmas. Anyway they are 3 piece and can turn from 3 to 5 per hour. Bernie
  16. Experimenting

    I had some soft maple and I bought some Timbermate wood filler. I knew that there was a good possibility that I would have some tare out or another place to try the Timbermate. I also had a couple of thoughts about playing around with paint. I was VERY pleased with the wood filler and I kept playing around with the paint until I figured it was time to quit. My wife wanted this one in her sewing room, she loved the color combo
  17. Blue ornament

    I wanted to make an ornament with a non traditional color, this is the result. I like it The center is Maple, top and bottom are (I think) apple.The pieces came out of a scrap box I save. I pictured it with a baby bear I made some years ago. I didn't notice the know where the belly button knoy was till it was assembled.......good thing it was located where it was
  18. This weird one may not make it

    As you know, I get some off the wall ideas. Yesterday I got another. What if I did this and added that. My wife took one look and didn't say much...........just "weird." Anyway those are birds sticking out those special holes. You know how I made the holes. I'm thinking it will need some help
  19. One of the difficult woods

    This Christmas tree ornament was a struggle from start to finish. I wrote about it, didn't know if would be a keeper. Persistence pays. The center part is the manufactured colored ply. It had some bad places. The light colored was some maple I had, I think. I have a box of old wood and there was some soft maple, amoung others like spalted Apple. It was not very solid when I got into it and I really had to work to keep putting it back. I wanted to do more, but the best thing I did was quit while it was in one piece.
  20. One of the difficult woods

    This Christmas tree ornament was a struggle from start to finish. I wrote about it, didn't know if would be a keeper. Persistence pays. The center part is the manufactured colored ply. It had some bad places. The light colored was some maple I had, I think. I have a box of old wood and there was some soft maple, amoung others like spalted Apple. It was not very solid when I got into it and I really had to work to keep putting it back. I wanted to do more, but the best thing I did was quit while it was in one piece.
  21. The pink colored wood is a fabricated plywood material that comes in many colors. I can be unpredictable as far as color saturation and texture. Some of them bleed color dust badly when I sand them. It can also be a disappointment when you get to where want to be and discover a small area that is open or has stacked layers. The black is Ebony and it too can have flaws. This one did. When I turned it down to about three eighths of an inch, the texture changed slightly and it broke off...........twice. So what you see is what I got. It is far from how I wanted it, it is how I had to take it. My boss likes it a lot............thats all that matters.
  22. Ornaments Update

    Managed to get a four coats of finish on the first batch. Took the time to hang the beads in a few. Went to the surplus store down town and picked up some more lumber. These are Maple 4.5"X30" boards they sell for $1.95. They are a glue up of two thinner boards to achieve the 4.5". I can get six ornaments from each one. I cut four of them up and have enough to make 24 more ornaments. Notice the rubber bands on this group. In the last thread Gerald mentioned seeing them done without gluing them. I thought it out and figured I could clamp the one end in the chuck and tape the other end. It is a little fussy but still saves a lot of time over gluing them. I get the four sticks lined up with the rubber band on them and put a couple clamps on to hold them together while I mount them in the chuck. I then take some filament tape and wrap the other end. It works surprisingly well. After the first turning I turn them inside out and glue them for the final turning.
  23. Stutter ornament

    This my first try at a project using my butter knife too. I used Maple with a band of Yellow Hart. It was going to be a prototype, but I think I'll go ahead and finish it.
  24. Having fun now

    I didn't know what stutter tool was or how to use it. Following advise from this forum and utube, I am having fun experimenting with different techniques and variations. Tomorrow I am going to make some different tools and keep on with different ideas I have. This is my first piece and tomorrow I will turn it down again and apply some more ideas I have experimented with . Thanks for the advise
  25. Purple Hart Bird cage ornament

    I just finished this purple heart bird cage tree ornament. I didn't get it like I wanted it. I had lots of problems with the hardware. Getting straight pins was difficult and the gluing was a task. The cooler temperatures in my shop and I have been having allergies that cause my eyes to itch and blur. Combine all that with my large hands in tiny places, well lets just say I'm glad it is done.

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