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Come see our annual Adopt a Gold Star Family for Christmas Project in partnership with Operation Ward 57. We have been chosen to support this mother and her two children. How can you help? Click on the proceeding link, and see our official project page where you can learn how to participate in our raffle and how you can win some fantastic prizes! Attention on Deck!!! Uncle Sam Wants You!!!!

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Found 26 results

  1. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New members Please welcome the following members to our community! @Terry R. VanDyke, @sdkid, @DonnaSanders News Well of course the biggest news of all, in case y'all have not heard, we have kicked off our annual tradition of supporting a warrior family for the Holidays! Please GO HERE to see how you can help! Please help us help this Gold Star Family, and you could win some great prizes too! What's It Our November "What's It" is here! We have a beautiful Woodriver Hand Plane by our supporters Woodcraft, up for grabs to the one who correctly identifies the item. Featured image of the week Français : Bicyclette à cadre en bois courbé La Souplette, fabriquée à Paris en 1897. Département des Cycles au Musée d'Art et d'Industrie de Saint-Étienne. English: Bentwood frame Bicycle The Souplette, made in Paris in 1897. Cycles' Department in Saint-Étienne, Museum of Art and Industry. Attribution: By Hélène Rival (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
  2. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New members Please welcome the following members to our community! @adenahaley, @Philipadzy, @Danman1957, @beamanndavid, @macfil20 News No news, all is well and steady as she rolls! What's It Our October "What's It" is coming to an end with absolutely no solid answers to the mystery tool. This is a tough one indeed, surf on over to the What's It and give it another try before our October project closes out. We have a beautiful Woodriver Hand Plane up for grabs to the one who correctly identifies the item. Featured image of the week Wheel wrights tools By No machine-readable author provided. B Askholm assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1098696
  3. Typically our Monday morning topic is filled with questions on what we all did over the weekend, what we have planned for the week ahead, and we will welcome our new members and share stories. But I woke up to come on here before I head off to work for the day, and upon turning on the morning news, I learned about the mass shooting in Las Vegas. So I am here writing now, and I cannot find the heart nor the words to start off our typical Monday Morning topic with words of cheer and happiness. But, that does not mean you cannot participate in this topic, to let us know what you did over the weekend, and what you have planned for the week ahead. Actually, I hope you do, perhaps I can turn to our membership for some cheer and uplifting remarks in this time of darkness for our nation. I am saddened, and hurt. The sounds of the gunfire coming from the building above the concert crowd, will forever be in my mind, knowing that the bullets were striking innocents below. So I'll turn this topic over to you my friends, and I'll head off to work in a few minutes, just like any "normal day", meanwhile the lives of many have been changed forever in our nation, as a result of the largest mass shooting in our nations history. May God shine His grace on all those affected by this tragic event and may He take those who's lives have ended, into His arms.
  4. 911 Within two hours, they were gone forever. The Twin Towers, The Pentagon, and Shanksville Pennsylvania. Today is the 16th Anniversary of the dastardly deed that was inflicted upon our nation by Islamic Terrorists. Let us never forget, and let us never stop trying to eradicate the filth of violent extremism, in all shapes and forms. We pray and we have the victims and families in our thoughts today as we go about our daily routines. Please also pray for the men and women who keep us safe, from our first responders to the folks who serve our nation and keep the bad guys from our shores. The battle is still on, they need our support. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! New members Please drop by and give the following new members a grand welcome: @Richard Ward @Joe239 @Luke B @NancyDut @Joe Newberry @Sionuirt Thanks for joining folks! Leaderboard Drop by your Leaderboard and see who the current movers and shakers are based on content and topic popularity. What's It Our September "What's It" is on hold, MWTCA has a minor glitch on their end that is delaying our September project.
  5. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Community news Clubs! Soon you will have the ability to create your own club here on The Patriot Woodworker. You'll be able to create your club, start a forum within the club, assign moderators to your own club and forums, create your own galleries, create your own blogs for your club members to use, and much more. So stay tuned, there are some fantastic things happening in the back ground around TPW! Featured gallery We have a wonderful gallery that was kicked into high gear by @Robert McMillan! Welcome our new members The following members need a hearty welcome from ya'll! Please drop by their profiles by clicking on their names, and send them a message of welcome. @Charles Waggoner, @Robert McMillan, and @YouDontKnowKev, and you can view more new members at the Member Page. Featured image of the week Boys at woodwork class, London, c 1895 Photograph showing boys at a woodwork class with their teachers, in London. Photograph by Walter C. Tyler, ca. 1895. Some of the boys have disabilities. A boy on the left is a dwarf, and a boy to front left has an artificial (wooden) leg. Source: https://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/image/L0035990.html
  6. Good morning folks! And what a glorious morning it is! After the long Memorial Day weekend, I'd be surprised if you all got much done in those shops, what with all the family stuff and events happening. But if you did manage to get into those shops, what did you get done? What did you build, or work on? And what have you planned for the week ahead? New members Please welcome our newest members, @Earl, @Dave Bugg, @CountryWoodCrafts, @BernieW, and @honesttjohn. Drop on by their profiles and send a message of welcome. Easy Wood Tools Raffle We raised over $1100.00 over the last two months through our Easy Wood Tools raffle! And we'd love to thank you all who participated, and Easy Wood Tools for their donation of the turning tools that we used to raise the funds with. Thank you @Jim from Easy Wood Tools! In case you missed it, @p_toad ended up winning the computer generated random draw. And he sent us a wonderful message stating what should be done with those tools. Peter, you are all heart, thank you sir for your support of our veterans! Featured gallery It's a fitting gallery for the season, and @honesttjohn has some beautiful work he created with CNC, and John put our brand new CNC gallery to work as soon as it was created! Thank you John for kicking off our gallery in style! Your account profiles Our profiles are a great way to let folks know who we are. We have a wonderful dynamic profile system, where you can get the word out who you are, what you do, your interests, and much more. I have perused profiles and have noticed many are empty or lacking. I'd like to make a plea for folks to head on over to their profiles and fill them out. Click on your name at the upper right of our community, click on "Account Settings", then click on "Edit Profile" at the right column. Image of the week 663highland [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC BY 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.
  7. Good morning ladies and gents! And what a wonderful morning it is. I love getting up pre-dawn, the world is quiet, I get a chance to get my thoughts together for the day before I head off to race for the day job. It's a new week, last week is gone, and we have the gift of a new week ahead, and it's a clean slate! So the big question of the week, what have you done over the past weekend, and what are your plans for the week ahead! This weekend I got to spend some quality time in the shop and fire up another rocking chair. To follow the topic I started for the rocker, please see this link at: The above topic will be a rolling one, where I'll add progress images as I roll along. Thank you for following! Community news We have a new forum host! @Chips N Dust has volunteered his valuable time to help keep our Free For All forum fun and interesting. It takes time to host our forums, and all our hosts have stepped up to the plate and donate their valuable time to our community, so too show your appreciation for a new host who will be here to serve you, please shoot on over to our Welcome Topic for Chips N Dust and wish him well in his new duties. Member map: It's back!!!!! And this time for good, and permanently. We had some major glitches in the old member map, it showed some of you living on top of Mt. Everest when we know for a fact you lived in Montana! Our new map is free of errors, and ready for you to share your general location. You can dictate how much location information to enter for your pin map symbol. If you only want folks to know what state you live in, just type in the state, or county and state, or city, or if you are a completely open person, you can even type in your exact address. Your choice! Please go to Member Map or click on the tab above our community. New Woodcarving Gallery opened up last week. We now have a dedicated Woodcarving Gallery thanks to the suggestion by @Jiggy. Featured gallery New member Jiggy carves birds and hands them out to folks who really need a pick up. His birds make it to the hands of hospice patients, and other humans who need something to touch, and cheer up their day. See Jiggy's birds: Image of the week By Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums - Brazing blades (1914 – 18), No restrictions, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50660045 These images belong to the Parsons’ ‘Women Labourers’ photograph album, taken at Parsons’ Works on Shields Road during the First World War. (TWAM ref: 2402) The factory was founded by engineer Charles Parsons, best known for his invention of the steam turbine. In 1914, with the outbreak of war, Parsons’ daughter Rachel, one of the first three women to study engineering at Cambridge, replaced her brother on the board of directors, and took on a role in the training department of the Ministry of Munitions, supporting the increasing amount of women taking on jobs in industry to support the war effort. More information about Rachel Parsons and Parsons’ Works can be found in Great North Greats a guest post by David Wright.
  8. Good Monday Morning Folks! Ok, a new week, a new attitude, and a new season. Spring has sprung, and energy is already in the air in my neck of the woods, wife was out gardening this past weekend, the birds were chirping crazily, lawn mowers around the neighborhood were buzzing like mad. You can certainly tell it is, SPRING! What have you all done in your shops over this past weekend, and what do you have planned for the week ahead? We'd love to hear from you and we'd love to see images of your activities. Also, home improvements are starting this time of year, make sure you head on over to our Home Improvement forum and show us your handy work with your homes, patios, and barbecues. News Each year we have a little fundraiser for our community here, to benefit us, to help offset the costs of running this wonderful place we call home. So we are now in the midst of a raffle, thanks to Easy Wood Tools, you can win a beautiful set of custom made Easy Wood Tools. The bulk of the raffle proceeds will be used to manage our community here. So if you're reading this, please consider participating. Click HERE for details. Homes For Our Troops has a whole lot of projects they need your help with, there is a huge possibility a project is near your home, please go to the Homes For Our Troops Map and see if there is a project near you, they need volunteers, photographers, setup folks, landscape helpers and much more. New Members Please click on the following new members and give them a Patriot Welcome! They'd love to feel the love and hear the welcomes. @Kurt @Edward Norton @Joe Candrilli @CharlesPorter Featured topic @Waxing Moon is blowing folks away with his Curly Maple and Blood Wood Humidor. Thank you for letting us be a part of this wonderful project Edward! Image of the week By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons Berlin course of easy wood-work : an introduction to practical work for younger boys in school and home ...
  9. Good Monday Morning Folks! What did ya'll get done over the weekend and what are ya gonna do the week ahead in your shops, in your homes, in your life? Chime in, bring us up to speed, we'd love to hear from ya. Running late for work this morning, so I am sorry for not having the in depth community update topic here today, but I do hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend, and a wonderful and safe week ahead. Like Ralph Jones always says, keep your body parts 6" or further away from any woodworking cutting blades! Eye candy image of the week Huron Work Experience Center. Additional title: [African American young female worker assisting another NYA [National Youth Administration] youth in painting furniture, Chicago, Illinois, July 1941.] Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Photographs and Prints Division, The New York Public Library. (1941). Huron Work Experience Center. Retrieved from http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/510d47df-fa3d-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99
  10. Good Monday Morning Folks! What did you all get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead? Feel free to describe everything and anything on your agenda and what happened in your shops and life over the weekend. Just consider this your weekly debrief and Monday Cheer Leading topic for the week ahead. What do you have going for the week ahead? News Tampa Woodworking Show: March 17 through 19. Florida State Fair Grounds, for more information see Tampa Woodworking Show. Visit our sponsor Woodcraft to view their new blog post "Hand Crafting a Custom Knife". A project that looks really fun! Community Changes We brought back our revised Homes for Our Troops Project Map! Please visit the map at http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/hfot-project-map/ Once you are there click on one of the homes, and see the project status, perhaps you'll be able to find a project near you and jump in and help build a home! There are many types of volunteer positions available, from photographing the project for HFOT, to landscaping the veterans home. Click on the map below. Community Notices Our Links Directory was down, but is now back up, we apologize for the inconvenience. There was a conflict in the way the navigation menus were organized, causing the Links Directory page to open very slowly if at all. Unfortunately we had to change the menu navigation back to the default software layout. Please view your navigation menus and become familiar with their layout, again we apologize for the hassle. Our Member Map will return soon, revamped, and accurate. Our old member map had some of our members living in China, even though they actually live in Montana. New Members Please drop by and shoot a message of welcome to the following new members, they'd love to hear from ya! Cepran, @Jim from Easy Wood Tools, @TheCount0113, @JSL. Featured Gallery Eye candy image of the week Source: he Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH. circa 1850-1852, Title: German: Waldarbeiter beim Holzsägen
  11. Good Monday Morning Folks! What did you all get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead? Feel free to describe everything and anything on your agenda and what happened in your shops and life over the weekend. Just consider this your weekly debrief and Monday Cheer Leading topic for the week ahead. What do you have going for the week ahead? News @ChuckJ won the February MWTCA What's It. The March MWTCA What's It is live. Community changes See our new footer area at the bottom of our community. The footer area serves as a quick snapshot to visitors and members alike. The area is still being developed, based on feedback and arising needs and discoveries of the application software. The header area above the gallery snapshot has been removed for now, recent version upgrades of our core software have outgrown the third party application that provided the header area thus creating conflicts between the two. Community use tips If your home page forum experience starts to look a little long, and you find yourself scrolling too much, you can collapse forums you generally don't read by clicking on the downward carrot arrow in the blue header bar above the forum. New Members Please drop by the pages of @Scott Madden, @gunntex, @ChuckJ , and @oleglenn and welcome them into our community. Featured gallery Eye candy image of the week Source: “Collections – Shaker Museum │ Mount Lebanon.” N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Mar. 2017. https://shakerml.org/pages/collections
  12. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworker's! Here we go onward to another fantastic week of woodworking, life, living, and sharing and learning from our fellow woodworkers! What have you all been up to over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead? Put it all out there, anything is game! The rounding plane (image left), or tenon cutter, will be a new tool in my shop. I have been diving into building chairs and stools that require a round tenon. Since my lathe turning is a tad rough these days, and I am having a hard time cutting a consistent and accurate 5/8" tenon, I went ahead and purchased a 5/8" rounding plane made by Ray Iles, the cost was reasonable for a hand made tool at $65.95 and well worth the price to get those great fitting tenons. Latest News Ralph Jones is the recipient of an Honor Flight trip to Washington D.C. this April the 15th. Congratulations Ralph! To read more on Honor Flights please see this link at https://www.honorflight.org/ As many of you may know, Herb, or better known as "Dadio" was the winner of last months MWTCA "What's It" project. Our current project is coming to a close soon, to view our current project, please go to the project as linked below and jump in and participate before this months project ends, and you could win a one year membership to MWTCA. Invite your friends Please help us grow and invite your friends to come here and join up, we are a grass roots community without a major platform such as a magazine or a retail store front, so our growth depends on you, our members. If you like what you see here with us, then please invite your friends and acquaintances to give us a try. You can use your invite feature at the top right by your name. The "Ticket" icon is used for inviting your friends, click on the Ticket, and follow the prompts, it doesn't get any easier than that! Eye candy image of the week Wheelwrights tool, a trestle - as far as I know. Photo from "Kajsergaarden", Randers. This file was made by B. M. Askholm, www.baskholm.dk/baskholm Please credit this: B. Askholm foto
  13. Good Morning Patriot Woodworker's and Guests and Viewers! And what a glorious Monday it is. Well here we are, embarking on yet another great week in our community for sharing, learning, collaborative efforts and just flat out fun and interest. So to the question of the day, what did you do this past weekend and what have you planned for the week ahead? Your replies could be anything regarding woodworking of course, and anything regarding life for certain! We know we are not woodworkers 24/7, many of us have a life outside of woodworking (really?) and we take trips, have other plans with the family, and we may even be dealing with some not so wonderful realities of life, we'd love to read and share that as well. So have at it folks, anything goes, what'd ya do, and what ya doing! Recent happenings Per @Stick486 suggestion for a new sub-forum for our MWTCA projects, we now have a sub-forum live dedicated to the MWTCA What's It project. Thanks Stick! Our blogs, don't forget folks we have a wonderful blogging area for our community, and some nice projects have rolled in recently at Blogs. And for a quick run down on how to use our blogging platform, you can see how at "How to Create a Blog". On a side note: do you know a friend who loves to blog about woodworking? Do you know a professional blogger for woodworking who would like their content to be seen by thousands? Shoot him our way, we'd love to host their blog with us. Moaners and Groaners and Other Dribble and Useless Conversation and Other Drivel topics are long, fast, and fun! Please keep it tame, I was perusing the topics a few days ago and I had to remove some posts due to violations of our Guidelines. Removal of posts in those particular forums will happen without warning and without explanation if they violate any of our Guidelines. It's a pretty big job keeping tabs on the woodworking portion of our community without having to worry about a completely off-topic discussion and if there are violations within it. Thank you all for your understanding! Featured Gallery Check out this wonderful military art work by @oleglenn. And while you are there, see his other albums a well. He's a busy man at that scroll saw! Eye candy image of the week By Doug Coldwell (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons
  14. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworker's! It's great to be alive, woke up this morn and found the same beautiful lady that's been next to me over the last 25 years, I still know what day it is, I counted the fingers on my hands, and I wiggled my toes, check, check and check, all is well! Time to get to work! So, what are you all up to this grand day? What have you done in your shops over the weekend? What did you do in life over the weekend? What are going to do during this coming week! We love to know, we love to keep tabs, and we also really love to see any images you may have produced over the weekend or anytime for that matter. Projects, honey-do's, heck, the ball game you went to! We'd love to see it all. So step up and show us what you have been doing. I was able to get in the shop for a spell and make some progress on a Claro Walnut Rocker, and I made pretty good progress. There is a topic for the rocker going on right now. And I spent much of the weekend getting my Professional Land Surveyors application started and on its way for me to sit for the exam in April 2017. It was a pretty busy weekend now that I think of it! Here are some happenings in your beloved TPW community. The October 2016 MWTCA What's It is Live Blogs Lets Talk Photography by Gerald Cosman Hand Tool Workshops Offers Free Lifetime Membership to Wounded Vets by Frank Byers Small Patch's Life Musings by Jess (Small Patch) Community improvements Test Your Content Entry Skill Topic (you can practice your entry skills in this topic, upload images, files, play with text layout, use editing features. This is a sandbox area for you to play and get accustomed to our editing and image uploading features. On and Offline indicator (You'll now see a green or gray dot next to the members name. Green is online, gray is offline.) Please let us know how you like it, or dislike it. Thank you Patriot Woodworker's for being here, and making our community what it is today. Have a fantastic week ahead, and be well, be safe, and be happy! Eye candy image of the week Switzerland: children at a woodwork class with their teacher. Photograph attributed to H. Schlegel, ca. 1925 See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
  15. Ok folks, gotta do a quick hit and run this morning, running a tad late for work on my end! The big question of the day, what did you all get done over the weekend and what have you planned for the week ahead? We want to know how your doing in your shops, homes and gardens. Heck, even if you did nothing, let us know how you did that! Couch potato, we all do it from time to time, we had some pretty good games on this weekend and here in the west coast we got to say goodbye to one of our nations greatest baseball announcers Vin Scully, he announced Dodger games since 1950. Somewhat of a local hero in our parts. I was in the shop wrapping up some Shaker Chair Jigs, And later yesterday I was on the couch at a coffee table getting a couple chair templates wrapped up and ready for cutout. So, with that, what yall got going on! Thanks for being here and have a safe week ahead. And we can't forget our eye candy image of the week. A portable band saw! Not so portable is it. By Norbert Schnitzler (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
  16. Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworker's! This is your weekly check in and over all motivational topic for jumping out of bed on a wonderful Monday morning! So lets jump up, jump in and jump out into the shop and see what we have done over the weekend, and what we have planned for the week coming. So, what say you all, show your projects of the weekend here, and tell us what you are doing during the week ahead! TPW News We've been busy on our end making improvements in your community and just having fun with all the wonderful topics being submitted by all of us. In the back room we have cooked up something for our community, it has been in the works for awhile now since it was suggested by @steamshovel and we are very happy with the results. We have a new Links Directory where you can submit your favorite woodworking links, and based on the original suggestion, we can also share links that may benefit our veterans. See this tutorial on how you can submit your links to our directory. Our Gallery Lately we have had some beautiful work submitted by you. I thought we'd share some of those albums. Steven Krumanaker's bowls are beautiful - Gerald submitted some awesome work as well at Bowls and Platters - Steven Newman's Walnut Night Stand - Dale Felice's Chainsaw Carvings - These are just a few examples of your projects being submitted to our gallery. Keep up the great work folks, please share your work and use our gallery! The Patriots Pulse The Patriot Pulse forum has been a success, we've had many suggestions submitted, and many have been implemented, we'd like to also invite you to post your gripes and criticisms as well. We are not perfect, and if you see anything you do not like, or if you experience any aspect of our community that you feel is not right, please disclose it at The Patriot's Pulse. The last thing we want, is for you to be quietly upset at something here, and just leave us. Hey, we can fix it! Have a wonderful week ahead friends, as ol @Ralph Allen Jones always says, "Keep your hands more than 6" from the blade at all times" I think that is a direct quote! Eye candy image of the week. (By Olaf Meister - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16514577)
  17. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! Well here we are, embarking yet upon another fun week of projects, shop time, good friends and hopefully an expansion of our knowledge as we try new things out, learn from each other, and open our minds up to the possibilities. Woodworking is wonderful isn't it? There is not a single human in this world who could possibly know all there is to know about the different disciplines in woodworking, and that is why it's such an amazing field to be involved in, there is always something new to know, and learn. The main purpose of our Monday Morning topics are to see what you all built over the weekend, and what plans you have for the week ahead. We love to see what is popping in your shops, so please share with us in this topic, what did you do this weekend, and what have you planned ahead? Don't forget to share your images too! Life experiences are welcome too, vacation images, ball game shots, anything you did this past weekend and or are planning for the week ahead. Tutorials Lately we have had some wonderful suggestions for improving our online community, and I'd like to point out some new tutorials for your enjoyment. Profile Information Below Avatars Invite Your Friends How to Create a Blog Viewing Recent Forum Images Member Mentions in Content Those are our latest tutorials, and please keep the suggestions coming, we love to expand and make our community better for all. To submit a suggestion simply start a topic in the Patriot's Pulse Forum and title your suggestion appropriately, and please, only one suggestion per topic, if you submit multiple suggestions in a single topic, we have a hard time tracking them. You may also submit gripes and critiques about our community, we need to hear those too! Eye candy image of the week See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons"Six men are working with saws, drills, hammers and vices making chairs, cabinets shelves and cradles." Coloured etching.Iconographic Collections
  18. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers and Guests! Get your motors started, and your machinery and hand tools cranking! It's time for a wonderful new week of woodworking, or working, family, life and friends. I love Mondays, it signifies for me anyway a new week ahead, a clean pallet to work with, a way to use what I learned in life the week before. I am sorry about this short Monday topic, usually I have some great information for you but I kind of arose late this morning, and I need to head on out to my day job, still need to fix breakfast to go and my lunch, mama and the kids are still sleeping, one more hour before they awake for school. But for now I'd like to take a moment and welcome all our new woodworkers who have recently signed in with our community, it truly is a wonderful thing to have all this new talent here, differing perspectives, and wonderful work. So welcome new folks, we are glad you are here! Also, I'd like to encourage everyone to head on over to the Raffle Winners topic and congratulate them and thank our sponsors for their wonderful donations of tools for this raffle. The raffle was a success thanks to you all. We raised over $1,100.00 for Homes for Our Troops who build specially adaptive homes for our disabled veterans from the OEF and OIF campaigns. They are doing a wonderful job, and your donations help! So the ultimate question I always ask during this topic every Monday, is, what do you have on your week ahead plate! What are you doing in your woodshop's, or just life in general? Anything you feel like you want to discuss or share here please feel free. Have a wonderful week ahead folks, and once again, welcome to all! Signing Off With Your Monday Eye Candy Image
  19. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworker's!!! Well, what have yall been up to this past weekend? Did you get some time in the shop? Did you go somewhere special? Or, if it was hot enough in your area, you may have just felt like staying in your home with the air conditioner cranked up and watch some great movies or read a good book! The later was us, my family and I kind of just closed up our home and took it easy, cranked the air conditioner to 78 degrees and hung out with each other, while it was not woodworking related, my son and I had a marathon model building day on Saturday. Our son was building a Stearman WWII PT-27 flight trainer. And I was building a F-14D Tomcat as seen in the image below, we had a dinner table full of model stuff! After working all week long at my day job, outdoors in 104 plus degree weather, I was ready to just call our weekend a shut-in. We did however go for a few bicycle rides locally while the sun was setting, although it was still in the high 90's around that time! But we had to get outside. Charles Nicholls Our Forum Host Charles is finally out of the hospital, for some great news! He is still hurting a tad, and unable to get back to his wood turning as full speed, but he is managing some pen turnings. It's great to have ya back Charles! The Patriot Woodwiki status I know I know! It's been forever since we had this brilliant idea to fire up a wiki for our forum and community, and you have all heard, "it's almost ready" many many times. The wiki software is a different animal, challenging and time consuming and it's just taken a lot longer to get under control than I had estimated. But we are closer than ever! I worked on some more user templates for research article creation this weekend, and I started another seed page for folks to edit and collaborate on. You can view the seed page at Easy Wood Tools. I created a new category called "Merchants" for our researchers and editors to share their subjects regarding the retailers and merchants in the woodworking trades, arts and crafts arena. The MWTCA What's It Don't forget folks, we still need your help to figure out what the heck these implements are! Remember, when you correctly name the implements, you'll be awarded a 1 year membership to MWTCA. Click on the following links. June What's It July What's It Cool Image of the Week So that's if for now folks, have a wonderful Patriot Woodworker week ahead! We wish you the best in life, and be safe in your shops and remember, safety first! If your woodworking operation feels uncomfortable, then it's unsafe!
  20. My goodness, time is flying so quickly, again! My first thoughts of the morning are of our friend Cliff, who's family is dealing with a loss of a great man in his family. Cliff's father-n-law passed today, and it is obvious he was a very important and integral part of the family. If you'd like to drop on by and wish Cliff and his family your thoughts and prayer, the original discussion can be found at A Tough Spring. Of course if it moves you, please leave your thoughts and prayer here too. So, what have yall done in your shops over the weekend! Let's see what you got done, what you threw into the firewood pile, let's see your shops! Lets see a machine, a hand tool, let's see something about you and your shop life. We are nosy, we like to be voyeurs in your shops, and the only way we can do that is to send in a team of top secret Patriot Woodworkers and install camera's in your shop, but that would be too expensive, so we'll have to settle on your images and your commentary. I wish I had something to show off from this weekend related to woodworking, but our life here at home has been centered on a girl and her senior prom. The image below is my daughter, her date and close friend, and his dad to the right, and ya, that's me, the knuckled head at left with my girl. This was the dad with kids shot, as you can imagine we have about a hundred photos of the kids before they left for the prom. The misses and our daughter worked on this event for weeks, and it all finally came to an end Saturday night. Ya I know this is not woodworking related, but hey, there are big trees in the background! I gotta tell ya guys, I love the fact all our kids are highly involved in life, and projects, and events, but with 3 kids active all week long, each with their own schedule of events and fun stuff they are doing through school, and us parents being there for each event and driving them here and there, I have one thing to say, I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!! Even up till the last gasp of a Sunday evening last night I was at our younger girls riding lesson, sitting in my truck waiting for her to wrap it up, I had my laptop and I was doing Patriot Woodworker website maintenance while waiting for her to finish up her lesson till 7pm. I took this cell phone image of our younger girl and her trainer riding by the truck. About a half hour later she showed up at the truck, threw her riding boots on the floor and got in, then we took off for home to eat a late dinner. I love being a parent! So, how about you all, show us your projects, and happy woodworking ahead folks!
  21. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers and guests! Here we go again, these weeks just keep rolling by with no reprieve in time. We are already almost half way through the year and I swear it feels like we ended the holidays not too long ago. Time is just flying way to quickly these days. As many may know our community is a big supporter of the MWTCA and all it stands for. I am a member myself and we try to put the message out as often as we can about the going on's of this fantastic organization. There is a big tool meet coming up in Des Moines, IA next month and if anyone is in the area, GO! As a matter of fact, many folks travel to these meets from hundreds of miles away. This meeting is for members only, so you need to join up before you go, membership is $25 per calendar year, and it includes some great quarterly issues of the Gristmill magazine, and one annual reproduction of an old trade manual or tools book. The benefits are many not too mention you are helping to keep this organization live and rolling with your dues. Here is the link to the information page for the event at http://www.mwtca.org/tool-meets/national-meet-information.html And if you do go, please take some pictures for those of us who are not able to attend! We'd love to see you and your images at this tool meet. Below is a copy of a past issue of the Gristmill, when you become a member you receive these wonderful magazines quarterly. And last but not least woodworkers, what are you up to this week! What did you do over the weekend! Please show us your projects images and be safe and sane this wonderful glorious week ahead!
  22. Good Monday Morning folks! How was your weekend, what did you do in your shops, and what have you planned for the week ahead! I am completely sorry for keeping this Monday morning greeting short, but I started late today, and I am late, and I need to move on out! Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work we go!
  23. Good Monday Morning folks! Time to kick the tires and light the fires! Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go! So, what are your woodworking plans for this week ahead, and what did you accomplish over the weekend? Me? I've been reading my wonderful books I received in the mail a few days ago and priming my mind for the grand opening of my shop once again. To see the books I have been reading go to I am ready to start to create some jigs for some chairs I am excited about, and to begin production, I have college educations to pay for and my day job only gets our family so far! So here we go! So, how about you all? What ya been up to!
  24. How ya'll doing! And happy Monday! Tis a new week, errr, at least it's a new work week now for many. And for some it's a new double work week as we head out to our day jobs and we return home to perform work at the bench. Whether your doing your extra work for fun, or for a supplemental income, it's a great way to spend the rest of your daylight after your day job! That being said, I'd like to poise a few questions to the membership and any guests who may be lurking. Do you have a day job? Are you retired? Is your woodworking mainly for pleasure? Is your woodworking used as an income? We have a varied demographic of woodworkers here I noticed, some of us are retired, many of us still have to work to make ends meet, and some of us have full time day jobs and woodwork! I have no need for your answers other than, I am just completely nosy. I am just curious. And, since we are all friends here, it's been awhile since we asked this question, if you care to divulge, what type of work is your day job? Or what did you retire from? We have known each other for years here at The Patriot Woodworker, and we only know each other in the context of woodworking, I am curious what we all do for a living! Me? I am a Land Surveyor. I measure the land and build roads and bridges and layout civil infrastructures for construction. Here is a job that I am the Chief Land Surveyor for, you can view my project at http://rcprojects.org/newportroadinterchange/ And for question number 2, no, I am not retired, not yet!! Question number 3 and 4, my woodworking is a hodgepodge of pleasure and business. Lately I have not been able to see my shop as much as I would like, with three kids all of who have projects and activities themselves, it all adds up to a weekly calendar that could and probably does rival POTUS's schedule! And of course, last but not least! I and a handful of helpers, run this wonderful community focusing on the art of woodworking, and helping our veterans, and we are all volunteers, nobody here including me, is compensated. So, I hope to get to know ya'll a little more through this topic! Happy Monday!
  25. Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworker's! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all your digits are still intact and functioning properly. Speaking of safety, here is a reminder for us all from the grand pooba of safety OSHA. Years ago I was a carpenter maintenance worker for Sea World of San Diego, and I was also the Safety Officer for our shop along with cataloging MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). I had OSHA on my mind quite often, and Anheuser Busch was very serious about the safety of their employees, it was almost a job within a job. But I learned much, and I still use many of the safe operations in my shop today. I just simply copy pasted a page from OSHA's own website here as a reminder of some of the things to watch out for, and what the industry looks like as a whole in the realm of safe practices in woodworking. When you click on the videos you'll have to open them in your own media players, and the PDF are viewable without downloading. I know, it's a boring read, but they, remember, it's OSHA! Have a safe and wonderful week ahead folks! OH! And, what did you get done over the weekend, and what are you working on for the week ahead!! Hazards and Solutions Workers operating woodworking equipment suffer the following common injuries: laceration amputation severed fingers blindness Health hazards for woodworking include wood dust and chemicals used for finishing products, which may cause skin and respiratory diseases. The following OSHA video clips and images from OSHA inspections display some of the machinery and related hazards associated with woodworking operations: Finger Jointer/Conveyor Nip Points*. (September 28, 1998). Table Saw - Unguarded*. (January 7, 1998). Shaft End/Conveyor - Unguarded*. Planer Feed Deck*. (February 2, 2000). Guide for Protecting Workers from Woodworking Hazards (PDF). OSHA Publication 3157, (1999). Personal Protective Equipment (PDF). OSHA Publication 3151, (2003). Discusses the types of equipment most commonly used to protect the head, torso, arms, hands, and feet. Additional topics include requirements, hazard assessment, selection, and employee training. Hand and Power Tools (PDF). OSHA Publication 3080, (Revised 2002). Presents to employees and employers a summary of the basic safety procedures and safeguards associated with hand and portable power tools. Wood Products: Woodworking. OSHA eTool. Provides information on topics such as assembly, production, and shipping. Production > Handheld Nail/Stapling Gun Hazards Communication Guidelines for Compliance (PDF). OSHA Publication 3111, (2000). Provides a general guide for employers that do not produce or import chemicals to help them determine what the HCS requires. Materials Handling and Storing (PDF). OSHA Publication 2236. Helps employers know and understand the potential hazards associated with the task at hand and how to control their workplaces to minimize the danger.

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