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Found 147 results

  1. As I sit here doing this post it is snowing here in Alabama. Schools were canceled today and it has just started snowing at 1:41 pm. I guess they were expecting a blizzard. Temps yesterday were 70 and today it is 26. I forgot to turn the heat on in the shop after yesterday so I am not working in there today. I'm still working on the shelves and the Walnut Island top along with a Cedar chest. I took a couple of weeks off from the shop after Christmas and have just started it all back. Looks like it will be a good year if the current trend continues. Depending on the heat and the temps will determine how much I do in my shop this weekend. So what is on your agenda this weekend? Post those pictures and details on the project. Share with us, you never know who you might inspire.
  2. January 2018..... Who'da thunk it? Many years ago, my wife's great grandmother told us to enjoy our lives while we're young because they fly by quickly. We thought she was crazy but she was right as rain. Like many parts of the nation we have been sub-zero for much of the week. One night was 12 below zero with a nice stiff wind. Luckily, my shop is well insulated and heated. Allen Worsham got a taste of Tennessee winters this week and managed to snag the flu while they were visiting. I spoke with Larry Buskirk today (he said "HI" to everyone) and he said the temps in Wisconsin were nasty. Enough of the weather. After a couple of weeks off I'm back in the shop building a pair of cherry bookcases for a customer. I had a friend drop off a never used Carvewright CNC router to learn but that's a week or so away. Tomorrow, my son and daughter and I am going to a large genealogical library in Ft Wayne, Indiana as we continue to search our family tree. This has been an ongoing project of mine for nearly 40 years and now that I have my kids interested, the search is more fun. That's my short term plan. What's on your weekend agenda, fellow Patriot Woodworkers?
  3. Where has this year gone? Wow, here we are the first day of December. Sorry I️ have been a bit absent the past few weeks but we have been hustling to finish inventory for a large three day show. To make things even harder, last Friday I threw my back out and pinched a nerve in my leg making it numb from my hip to my knee. My wife and two sons took over and helped finish up an order and projects we needed for the show. I’m upright now but the leg is still numb and the back is tender. We are setup and doing well at the show. Covered cost the first morning so now we are in the black the rest of the way. We will finish up at 5:00 pm Saturday. Sunday we are going to take a little down time and get ready to finish up Christmas orders. So no shop time but show time this weekend. What’s on your agenda? We love to hear about and see all the wonderful projects. Tell us about your weekend plans as you ready for Christmas.
  4. Gonna post this a day late for my friend John Moody. Seems he has pulled up lame and either (a) he'll heal soon or (b) we'll have to put him down. Hopefully, everyone survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday and are preparing for Cyber Monday. I have to admit that I don't get the warm fuzzys about Christmas because it has all turned too commercial but anyway, on the the Friday post. I spent this week building a pair of hanging shelf racks for my niece. Her two sons are really into sports and the racks have a shelf for baseballs, one for a basketball and the top two are for trophies. At the bottom are hanging pegs. The racks will be supported by a pair of french cleats. That's what I have done but what's on your weekend agenda?
  5. Well folks, here we are just past the middle of November and staring down Thanksgiving. This week has been much calmer than last week since I don't have a show this weekend but nonetheless, I have been busy. I have a couple of quilt racks to make before Christmas but I'm sneaking in two hanging wall racks for my two great nephews. Tomorrow is my youngest grandson's 10th birthday and I'm wondering where the time is going. Next week I celebrate another trip around the sun and I'll have my nose against the window of 70 years old. Wow, that just doesn't seem possible. Enough about me...... what about y'all? Got any big plans for the weekend?
  6. A busy week this past week and I don't see a let up until Christmas. I'm thankful for the work and it keeps me busy in the shop. Before retirement this would have been a nice long weekend, but now they are all long weekends. As much as it is nice to get the time in the shop this weekend, let's not forget the purpose of this holiday. A time to remember all our veterans and the price they paid and pay for our freedom. To those of you that have served, thanks you for your service. This week I finished a batch of breadboards. I've got to get busy, I just need 116 more right now. I also finally finished the Oak Cabinet door, got the glass installed, hinges and install on the cabinets at the customers. European hinges for a face frame with 3/4" overlay. She purchased the cabinets at a yard sale and wanted to have doors made so her son's trophies and memorabilia could have a home and not have to be dusted so often. Originally I was going to only make the doors but later she decided she wanted me to stain and finish them. So not they are all done and installed on the cabinets The cabinets will be attached to the wall as soon as they are in place. If you open all four doors at once it will tip forward. I am also trying to finish this weekend the Walnut Island top. The top will be 37 1/2" wide and 87" long and 1 1/2" thick. I am putting it together in four pieces. The last two are in clamps right now. When I get those out in the morning, I will join two of them together and then later I will join the two pieces to make one really large and heavy walnut island top. So that is what's going on in my shop and on my agenda this weekend, what's on your agenda? You know we love to see and hear about all of your projects and woodworking. Share with us your Veterans Weekend Plans. Remember what ever you do this weekend, make sure to work safe.
  7. Okay I know it’s Saturday morning but my Friday got away from me and I didn’t get my post up. I had been pushing all week to finish inventory for a craft show last night. Friday I was putting the finishing touches on cutting boards and getting everything loaded into the trailer. Today I’m grilling burgers during lunch time at the shooting range for Burgers and Bullets. When I finish there it is home to the shop and work on a Walnut Island top. Sunday afternoon after church I’m shooting in an USPSA event and if there’s anytime left in the day it will be back to the shop and work on the island top. A full weekend for sure, but should be a lot of fun. How about you, What’s on your woodworking agenda this weekend? Love to see all the projects and pictures so share your weekend agenda with us. Whatever you do have fun and make sure to work safe!
  8. October is rapidly coming to an end. This week I’ve been working on completing stock for two upcoming shows. No pictures for you since I’ve already posted them in other post. Cutting boards and bread boards are the biggest thing in the queue right now. Starting tonight my granddaughter that lives with us is celebrating her 12 th Birthday. Any moment now I’m expecting five young girls to join her. I had five of the benches we made for the boys a few weeks back so the girls coming over are building their own bench. We have their initials for the to paint and put on the end of the bench. I will post some pictures of those when they finish them. So right now I’m resting up so I can make the night with them and spend a little time in the shop with them. Everything is cut out so all they will do is put in right pocket screws. So how about you all, what’s on your agenda this weekend before Halloween? Share your projects and plans with us. What ever you do this weekend, be safe!
  9. Volleyball season is now over and I'm getting back on schedule. Last Friday and Saturday brought it to an end as we lost two games in the tournament. By the way, sorry we got all tied up last Friday and I didn't manage to get up a Friday post. I hope it didn't mess up your weekend not having this up. So I finished the Poplar Green Egg smoker table last Saturday and got it picked up and out of the shop. This is for one of the smaller models which is really almost a table top version but they wanted it to sit down in the table so it wouldn't get knocked off and broken. So I did a half shelf and left more open area on the other side. This was one of those I didn't have to finish either as they wanted to put the finish on and i was glad to let them. This week I have cut out some bread boards and almost got this batch finished. Just need to route out the place for the bowl to sit that holds the dipping sauce. I should get those complete Saturday. I also got a batch of cutting boards cut out and cross cut today so I could glue them in the end grain side. I am running a batch of five and will cut out another batch the first of the week. I don't think I posted this but I may have and if so forgive me lost of memory. I posted the picture of the shaper a friend gave me that had surface rust on the top. I was able to get that cleaned off and it is looking pretty good. Now I'll clean the spindle and he is going to come over and give me some tips in running a few pieces. It is setup right now to run raised panel door panels. So that is what is going on around here, what is on your weekend agenda? Love to see and read about all of the projects you are working on so share your weekend plans with us. What ever you are doing this weekend, be safe.
  10. I've getting some shop time in between volleyball games and next week is the tournament and it will be over for the season. It has been fun but I am ready to get on to something else. This week I got started on a smoker grill table built out of Poplar. Yesterday i was able to get the frame together and the wheels on the legs. Then I got the bottom shelf boards cut and screwed down using coated decking screws. I've got to get things together today for a show this evening so it will be sometime later tomorrow before I get to work on getting the top on. I am hoping to have it all finished this weekend though. This past week a new friend came up to me and told me he used to be into wood working where they lived before moving here and he just couldn't do it any more and he had some equipment sitting in a trailer that needed to be out and put to use before it just rusted away. He said if you are interested I have a shaper you can have if you can use it in your shop. Well of course I can use it. So this week he came by with a friend and we unloaded it from his truck and rolled it into the shop. Yes it is going to need some work on the top but it is not pitted yet so it is just surface rust and should come off pretty easily. He was using it to make raise panel doors. It is a Weaver and I know nothing about them at this point. He also brought me a case full of blades with all kind of profiles. I'm looking forward to getting it cleaned up and wired for my plugs in the shop and see what it will do. It also had two fences with it. Looks a bit scary so I'll find something to practice with first. So that is my agenda, what's on your weekend agenda? Love to hear about your projects and see all of the pictures of what you are working on. Have a great weekend and whatever you do, be safe! PS: I shot in my first pistol competition last weekend and had a blast!
  11. So fellow Patriot Woodworkers, I have a question. What the heck happened to August. Is it just me or did the month of August vaporize before our very eyes? At any rate, here we are on Labor Day weekend. The eastern half of the U.S. is drying to dry out and the other half is in a sweat box. My shop is nice and busy right now building stock for a large show coming up on Veteran's Day. I have 48 yard dice drying in the shop so that I can paint pips on them Tuesday. That would be over 1000 little black dots that I need to paint and I'm not really looking forward to doing such a mind numbing chore. Mr. Moody is headed for the mountains of Gatinburg this weekend and all I have scheduled to to walk in a parade with a state senator friend of mind on Monday. So here's where I ask of of y'all, "What's on your weekend agenda?"
  12. Good Friday evening to all of the Patriot Woodworkers out there. Mr. Moody is in top secret stealth mode today. John is a range safety officer at a gun range in Florence, Alabama and their range is one of 50 ranges in the United States that have been selected to be part of a special "revealing" tonight at 10 P.M. This reveal is part of Glock's campaign to reveal new models that are coming out. They have been very secretive about the whole thing and even though rumors abound, even the staff isn't 100% sure what the new gun(s) are. Having said that, I finished my end of the bookcase chair today by adding the shelf pin sleeves and the drawer. Hopefully, the cushion will be finished by Monday and we can transport this wildebeest to its new home so that I can attach the seat back Here are a couple of pictures but I have to ask y'all, "What's on your agenda for the weekend?".
  13. I'm going to jump in here and steal my good friend John Moody's post. I think he got bit by the solar eclipse bug. Speaking of which, If y'all are going to view the eclipse be careful. For some reason, I can't get too excited about it. O.K., on to the weekend since we're halfway through it. If you've been following my thread on the bookshelf chair you'll know that I'm knee deep into this big ole' boat anchor and as of 11:00 am this morning, the base is on and all I have to do before staining is add a little trim and do some light sanding on it. Luckily, I work out five days a week so I'll be strong enough to carry it. So, now comes the question. What's on your agenda for this pre-eclipse weekend?
  14. Last week sorta got away from me and we had an outdoor show on Friday evening. As usual the weather was iffy on rain but the forecast was for it to be gone by 5:00. So we thought we had it made but about 7:00 pm, while I'm doing a credit card sale, the bottom falls out. It rained so hard everything we had got soaked, including my iPad, which actually worked after we got it dry. So we spent last weekend and the first of the week drying out everything. Rain drops make spots on the cutting boards so we have been sanding and re-oiling. I also also finished and finally got my order of figure 8's to attaché the top to the Cherry and Maple tables I had been working on. Today they shipped out to MA. and should arrive on Wednesday. The Cherry really came out often the clear finish was sprayed on. Now it is on to other jobs and more work. I also attended a Smith & Wesson school last week and I'm now a certified Armorer for the M&P's. Thats about it for my shop right now, what's on you agenda? I along with everyone here love to see your projects and hear about the process, so post those pictures and share with us you weekend agenda.
  15. After vacation I got home and it seemed everything I touched broke. Started to cut the grass and the mower wouldn't run, got out the weed wacker and it wouldn't crank, and then the AC stopped. So needless to say I got behind a little bit getting everything back up and running. Today I worked on building two small round Cherry tables. I got the panel glued for the two tops. and the blanks make fir the legs legs and got the mortises cut in all the legs. And I have the pieces cut for the stretchers and need to cut the tenons. Everthing will be ready for finish tomorrow. What's on your agenda this weekend. We all love to hear about your projects and see the pictures.
  16. For the past week, Ron and I along with our wives have been relaxing just outside Gatlinburg, Tn in the Smokie Mountains. What a relaxing time we have had. Each morning waking up to a wonderful view. We also have a local Black Bear that has residence here close to the house where we are staying. He seems to pay us a visit in the mornings between 7:00 and 8:00 and we have yet to see him with our own eyes. We have gotten the pictures off the security cameras and we have been sitting only feet away in the house and didn't notice him. He decided to check out my truck bed the other morning. Here are his mudding paw marks and he did no damage to my vehicle. Then he wonders off around the house un-noticed by us. Ron and I took a little time the other day at the indoor shooting range here. After I shot a couple of mags we sited in his AR-15. Other than a lot of relaxing and riding through the mountains that has been about it for us. We will head out for home on Sunday so not shop time for us this weekend. What about you all, what's on your agenda for this weekend?
  17. I have my good friend and fellow admin John Moody cutting wood for me so I thought I'd be a nice guy and post his usual Friday post. The last couple of weeks have been crazy around my place. The LOML has had me installing tile in the entryway, kitchen and utility room of our house and laminate in the front living room and down the hallway to the bedrooms. For those who have been in our home, you'll get the picture. Though I still have to complete the utility room, I'm 95% finished. The week after next, the carpet installers will come in and complete the rest of the house. Its been an expensive June around here with new carpet and a new van but I feel privileged to keep the economy humming. Next week we'll take a brief respite from the shop while we chase bears in Tennessee but I have a show coming up and stock must be built. So, as we conclude the month of June and head into July, what's on your woodworking agenda this weekend?
  18. Happy Father's Day weekend to you all. Looks like I'll be moving lumber most of tomorrow, picking up a load of cedar to do two Green Egg Tables before the 4th. Today after getting off work at the shooting range we finished the light sanding of the live edge shelves for the customer with the desk. I finishing the legs for a walnut desk for the manager at the range this weekend also. Sunday I plan on a little R&R and maybe a little shooting time without working, although today I did get in around 250 rounds. So so what is on your agend for this Father's Day weekend? We all love hearing about your projects and plans so share them. I want to wish all the Fathers on here a great day. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Remember what ever you do have fun and be safe. Happy Fathers Day!!!!
  19. I finished finishing the drop leaf table this week and got it delivered. The table is just over 100 years old and had been painted white. Got all the paint off and applied a Standard Brown Walnut dye then sprayed a couple of coats of Shellac and then four coats of General Finishes Enduro-Var. i didnt assemble it because the where picking it up in a car. As for my weekend end there will be a little time with John Deere, stacking some lumber and then picking up a load of Red Elm. I hope to get a little shop time in but I my be at the barn stacking lumber all weekend with the donkeys. So so what is on your agenda? We love to see your projects and hear about your weekend plans. Post those pictures and share with us your projects. Whatever you do this weekend have fun and be safe!!
  20. I'm standing in for my southern buddy and fellow admin, John Moody today. He has a full Friday between working as a range officer at a local shooting range and he has a "First Friday" artisan's show today so tag, I'm It. I'm sure he'll chime in here at some point. This week was been crazy busy for me but I've only spent a few hours in the shop. My daughter and son in law are celebrating their 20th anniversary in Hawaii so we are taking care of the grand girls for a couple of weeks. They range in age from 11 to 16 and are a riot to be around. When they hit our pool, I sneak to the shop. I'm trying to build stock for a July show right now and this week I built a prototype walnut charging station. So, on this holiday shortened week I have to ask, "What's on your weekend agenda?"
  21. Last week I was pushing to get ready for a big craft show we do here in Florence. A two day show over the weekend and I was trying to get my inventory up. I made about 20 cutting boards week before to go along with what I already had made. At one point on Saturday, I was thinking I didn't have enough to get us through Sunday, but the clouds began to build and the rain set in about 2:30 and it just about ended the day. Sunday wasn't bad but it was suppose to rain all day and it didn't but people had already decided it was going to and so the crowd as a little smaller, but we still did good. Not it is back to making more boards to be ready for our next event. This was our booth setup. These folks came in Friday evening and worked a while on setting this booth up. It was just across from us and down a couple f spaces. Not real portable but they were dry when the rain started. So this weekend I'm heading to the large Flea Market in Nashville to get more antique knives we put with the cheese boards. Sold almost out of those at the show. Then in Sunday, we are headed to Huntsville to a large gun show to spend the afternoon. I thinking on Monday, Memorial day we will take a day and just rest and have some fun. How about you all, what is on your agenda for this long holiday weekend? Shop time, BBQ, family time and just relaxing? All of us here at TPW love to hear about your projects and plans, so share with us what's on your agenda for the Memorial Day Weekend? Remember, whatever you do, have fun and be safe!
  22. Fridays are supposed to be a wind down time for most folks but today has been chaotic for John Moody and myself. John is setting up a show and asked me to post a "Friday Post" and my wife and I sitting at my son's home while he is in the emergency room with a gall bladder attack. At any rate, IT IS FRIDAY. What does the weekend hold for y'all? Shop time, mowing, loafing? After finishing my big cabinet job, I spend the first part of the week building a shadow bow and building 6 frames that will hold a license plate. My 50th class reunion is this year (yes, I'm THAT old) and I'm the chairman of our fundraising committee so we are selling license plates with our high school mascot on them. I donated my time and material to build a few to generate a bit of revenue. Well, that's what John and I are doing so I have to ask, "What is on your agenda for the weekend?"
  23. We have a large craft show next weekend so this weekend and next week will be filled with making inventory. As I posted in another post I finished the Walnut vanity and shelf. I'm also ready to move the Oak cabinet doors into the finishing room. So that's about it for me this weekend and next week. How about you, what's on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We all love to see your project and hear about your weekend plans. And Hapoy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. What ever you do, have fun and be safe!
  24. This has been one of those weeks that I have been busy as can be and don't feel like I accomplished much. I have about four projects in various stages and none of them completely finished. Oh well, I at least know that I have something to do each day. I have a batch of Pizza Peels that are in the process, but not finished right now. I am still sanding on the Walnut Vanity top and Kitchen shelf. The Oak cabinet doors were waiting on the cutting boards to come out of the finishing room. I did get a batch of ten cutting boards finished. Five medium size and five small size boards. So this weekend I am going to try to get stain on the Cabinet doors and Sanding Sealer on the Vanity and Kitchen shelf. The Pizza Peels should get finished also this weekend so I'll post pictures of those when done. So what is on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We all look forward to Friday to see all of the projects you are working on and your plans for the weekend. Post your projects and pictures for all of us to see this weekend. What ever is on your agenda this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  25. I have been fairly busy this past week in the shop. Lots of projects and I hope I am beginning to make a dent in a few of them. I got the Oak Cabinet doors together, now just need to finish sanding, stain, install the hinges and have the glass installed and they will be ready to deliver. Sounds like a lot to do. I started working on a Walnut Vanity top today. It is going to sit in an alcove similar to this picture. So I got some Walnut milled up and glued today. I hope t finish this up first of the week. After running them across the jointer they glued up nicely. Next they will get run through the drum sander and then finished. Also glued up another batch of cutting boards which is a regular thing. Tomorrow I'm playing in a golf tournament. Thankfully it is a scramble since it has been just over three years since I held a golf club. I just want to make it through the day without getting hurt or hurting someone else. Well that is my weekend, what's on your Woodworking Agenda? Each of us here at TPW love to hear about your projects and weekend plans. Post those pictures and share your projects with us. You never know when you might just inspire someone else to give it a try. Have a great weekend and whatever you do, be safe.

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