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Found 32 results

  1. I was working on a finishing presentation last week. I thought I had a reference in one of my books on decoding Minwax stains into pigment, dye, or both. I don't use them too much any more, but I happened to use some Golden Oak a few weeks ago. I've had good luck with it on red oak and I know it's dye based. But I could not find the reference. After much looking, I wrote to Minwax tech support and asked. They told me all they used were pigments. Idiot. I wrote to Bob Flexner to see if he had ever done the catalog. Low and behold, it's in this week's blog entry. I guess I'm his "woodworking friend." https://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/flexner-on-finishing-woodworking-blogs/is-there-pigment-or-dye-in-minwax-stains-does-it-matter
  2. to Spray or brush

    Hi all I am finishing a pine door with a medium brown water based dye, then two coats of shellac then water based poly. My problem is the dye on hardwood always colors everything evenly. The Pine is not acting that way. It seems to have some issue. When dyed it is even and uniform. But by the time the first coat of shellac is put on with a brush or foam brush the dye is not uniform. Would I be better off spraying the shellac? If so the alchol is quite flamable and I need to turn off the water tank and furnance. When I get home I will upload some pictures. My very kind spouse says she likes the variation. This is my first endevour with a closed cell softwood.
  3. Pecan dyed and gilt

    Here is one on the lathe today . Pecan turned with undercut , then dyed Chesney Stains Royal Blue , then applied gold golf cream.
  4. Gift bowl w/flowers

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Small hollow form with collar (cherry w/white oak and pecan w/padauk). Flowers turned from pecan and dyed w/ Chestnut Stains.
  5. Curly Maple Dyed Rim (blue-green)

    From the album Bowls and Platters

    Curly maple done in the Clewes style with rim dyed with Chestnut Stains layered in blue sanded down, then yellow and green. Finish on front is lacquer gloss.
  6. Curly maple platter

    Clewes did not make it so we had our own turning two weeks ago. Finically got thru with the finish work. Dyed with yellow and royal blue in Chestnut stains alcohol base. Back is shellac sealed and then Watco. Rubbed out with Mcguiar's rubbing cod and polishing cod. Then Renaissance wax.
  7. BOC in red

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Beads of Courage bowl dyed with Chestnut Stains (red, yellow and touch of green) on pecan bowl
  8. BOC in blue

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Beads of Courage bowl dyed with Chestnut Stains with overlay of colors (royal blue, red, yellow) on pecan turning.
  9. Yellow Popcorn

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Popcorn (Chinese tallow) vase dyed yellow with Chestnut Stains
  10. Multi Color vase

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Large vase of Popcorn tree dyed with Chestnut Stains using airbrush.
  11. Flower

    Been wanting to do tulips for a while but instead of cutting the notch ahead wanted to turn thin and carve them. You could say this is a prototype as I plan to mak some changes such as smaller petals. The dye does not do well in pecan. But it is passable.
  12. Beads of Courage

    Finally got a chance to do a photo secession yesterday. This gives me a chance to talk about the Beads of Courage program.This is a link to the artists page for woodturners. Go under the programs tab to read about Beads of Courage. Basically the program give beads to children with critical diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, blood diseases, cardiac diseases and chronic illnesses. The beads are given for each event such as transfusions, treatments, special exams and a long list. Beads are specific for each event group and some are hand blown glass. Last year our club started providing bowls to hold beads to a local childrens hospital which used the BOC program for CF. These bowls can be made from a glue up of dry wood or turned from a green blank which take longer to finish and may explain why we have not had more of these made . Last year we had 7 and this year so far 6. I think I may have done 8 of the total. Oh by the way the program sells BOC beads to place into the bowl and the bead come with a card to place in the bowl with turner info and wood info. The first pic is cherry and the second is chinese tallow (popcorn tree).
  13. A few more ornaments

    Segmented plywood this time. Haven't done any of these for a couple years as I couldn't find decent plywood. The last piece I got from Menards had so many voids I threw most of my blanks away. I had a free shipping code from Rockler and bought a 3/4" piece of baltic birch. It was very nice to work with and basically had no waste. Steve
  14. Dyed bowl

    Have had this piece on my bench for a while. It is spaulted Chinese tallow . I just got another air brush from HF with finer control. It was perfect for this. Used Chestnut Stains in red, royal blue and yellow. In this pic finish is nog quite done.
  15. Aspen bowl w/dye ring

    From the album Bowls and Platters

    Aspen bowl required more than usual sanding. The dye ring applied with a brush
  16. Aspen with dye

    From the album Bowls and Platters

    aspen bowl was my first of this wood. Requires a bit of sanding. The dye was splattered from a brush.
  17. Inside Out PIP

    This is about some inside out ornaments I did a few years ago. The initial glue up is simple with 4 perfectly square strips only glued at the ends with hot glue or taped (a risky procedure) because you will need to get these apart without damage. This is the reglue (TB II) after the first turning. You must be very careful to align the cut out so that it will be even. This best way to drill the ends for finial and hanger cap. This is how to drill if you forget till after turning or is hole is wrong. Mount of the reglued blank Turned round and marked for turning. Note that the inside was colored before turning round so any dye spill will be turned off at this stage. Turned to shape and ready for dye. Dyed these on the Lathe so could hold brush and get even line. Finial and hanger are turned seperately and glued into predrilled holes. And these are some of the finished ornaments. I think I made 26 that year.
  18. Ornaments

    Finished these up this week for the church widows banquet. There are 60 there yes count them. Dyed with Chestnut Spirit stain and ends painted with acrylic craft paint. Finish is lacquer.
  19. Red Magnolia

    This Spalted Magnolia hollow form is turned from wood from the old Federal Courthouse in Jackson,MS. The tree was cut down by a subcontractor who was not supposed to do that. I asked my DIL what her favorite color was and got pink as the answer. So I did a light red, then use acrylic paint on the rim for a "crowning " touch.Then we went to visit and I left this in a bag at home. Oh the inside is painted with Black Gesso since spalting was bad enough I could not get a good finish inside so with the black no reflection and difficult to see bottom.
  20. RedMagnolia.JPG

    From the album Hollow Forms

    This Spalted Magnolia hollow form is turned from wood from the old Federal Courthouse in Jackson,MS. The tree was cut down by a subcontractor who was not supposed to do that. I asked my DIL what her favorite color was and got pink as the answer. So I did a light red, then use acrylic paint on the rim for a "crowning " touch.
  21. Epoxy as a Filler

    As many of you may know, I have pretty much sworn off stain and like to use dye instead. The down side of dye is that wood fillers don't take dyes well so you really have to make sure you have tight joints. Late last week I was building a couple of flag cases (one cherry and one poplar) and I had a 45 degree miter that wasn't as tight as I liked so I've fretted and stewed all weekend about how to filler the slight crack. After some experimentation, I finally mixed a little dry aniline dye granules with some 2 part epoxy. The epoxy took the dye well. I sanded the case to 240 grit and misted it with water to raise the grain and then hit it with 400. Then I mixed the epoxy and filled the crack. After a couple of hours, I resanded it with 400, re-wet the case and put 2 coats of W.D. Lockwood dye on it. I liked the way it filled and it is invisible. I'm now a believer. Before After
  22. I've Seen the Light

    Some of you may know that I've been building three shelves for a mahogany credenza. The owner didn't want to spring for $8.00 a BF South American mahogany (my cost) so we opted for cherry. After trying several unsuccessful color samples of stain, I decided to try my hand at dying the pieces. I bought 5 samples from W.D. Lockwood in New York and wasted a couple BF of cherry getting the colors right. I ended up using a standard dark red mahogany water based dye and hopefully it will match the real credenza. They match the photos at least. After a bit of experimentation I sealed the end grain with a mixture of 1 part Seal Coat to 2 parts DNA and applied 3 coats of dye to get the richness I wanted. The flash on the picture below makes it look that the dye blotched but to the naked eye it is fine. I sealed the shelves with Seal coat and applied 3 coats of deft lacquer and rubbed it all out. After the learning curve, I'm a believer. Dye is the way to go. Much more controlable in application and it sure doesn't mask the grain like stain. The shelves were made from two different boards and you can sure see the divide but the shelves will be behind a closed door.
  23. Cherry Blanket Chest Finished 2

    From the album Blanket Chest

    Cherry Blanket Chest

    © John Moody Woodworks

  24. Cherry Blanket Chest Finished

    From the album Blanket Chest

    Cherry Blanket Chest

    © John Moody Woodworks

  25. English China Plate Cabinet

    From the album Old English Plate Shelf

    Young Patriot Woodworkers, they are not ready to see this one leave our shop. As with any project that takes time, it becomes part of the family, and the kids always hate to see it leave the shop.

    © Courtland Woodworks

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