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Found 33 results

  1. Wood clamps

    If anybody is looking for clamps check our Harbor Freight. I got the 6" clamps for $2.99, the 18" for $4.99 and the 12" wooden one for $10. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
  2. cartmMade this a few weeks ago at work to help the guys organize at work. As you can see it's become a maintenance issue.
  3. Rockler has the Bessy K body Revo Jr's on sale this month. $179.99 for two each of the 18", 24", and 36" clamps. Are these clamps good clamps to purchase or are they to small and flexible? Is this a great price? Danl
  4. If you recall, I cut and sized some walnut strips for a rifle case. After setting on the bench a day, the strips developed bows. I wanted to save all my labor so, the pictures below, with verbiage added, detail my high tech solution. First a couple of de-bending chambers were required. One 10' section of sewer pipe, cut in half did the trick. Had to cement end caps on each. The work Mate came in handy, too. The formula for the de-bending solution and it's application is quite complicated so, pay close attention. First, fill both de-bending chambers with water. Then add wood. Finally add 3 capfuls of the De-Bending Fluid. Sometimes called Bending Fluid. Better known as Fabric Softener. Ideally, it should be in direct sun, too. Let the solution do it's thing for 24 hours or so. . While the wood is "cooking", prepare your clamping station. Here is mine, with all the clamps and cauls ready for action. After the solution has sufficiently permeated the wood, take it to the clamping station. Take your time. It's not critical that it get clamped immediately like steam bending. Mine were arranged for the most expeditious use of clamps, then covered with wax paper to prevent rust forming on the clamps. Wasn't worried about the wood. It gets ebonized, anyway. I'll let this set for 72 hours and then, test for dryness. It won't get unclamped until it's dry.
  5. Saw these being used in a YouTube video. Found some at Lowes. They're great for clamping temporary things like stop blocks, etc. Quicker than my 6" Jorgies. They hold well. And, much easier to use than spring clamps.
  6. Glue clamp question

    When glueing, do you use anything to keep glue off the clamps? Can I use a spray, like Pam cooking spray or dry teflon spray? What about using a bar of soap? I don't want anything that will penetrate the wood. I've heard that some use wax paper, but I think that would be bothersome.
  7. I have between 300 & 400 clamps of all descriptions. I'm currently working on a shelving unit with six shelves. Because the span if 48", I added some front and back stiffeners to the shelf*. I discovered that I can only do two and a half shelves at a time because I ran our of 4 to 12" F-clamps. So I had to do an assembly line and pull from a shelf that had been sitting for 30 minutes to the one being worked up.(Yesterday). Today I'm fastening the shelves to the sides. One of the front clamps on each shelf, one on the back along one side only so I didn't get glue that I could not re-position.. Had just enough clamps that would clamp 48 3/4", but 8 of the 12 would not go another inch. So back to the pipe clamps, found six couplers and grabbed some clamps where I could remove the heads and connect two pipes together to make one longer clamp. Got six more this way, only two short, but I'll make do. You can have a lot of clamps, but you might not always have enough of the sizes you need at once. * Beam strength if proportional to the cube of the height. Doubling the width will double the load bearing capacity. Doubling the depth will increase it by a factor of eight.
  8. Yard Sale day

    Not much on the yard sale trail, a little bit of rustiness. $1.30 for this mess...might clean up after a while.. Bought out half of the stack, no room for the other two...price per clamp? So far, I have $3.30 for tools this weekend....not that I'm cheap, or anything....just Frugal....
  9. looks like the Pony/Jorgenson business has been bought by a Chinese firm. Heartbreaking...
  10. Dovetail Clamps

    When I ordered the Gripper they also had some interesting C clamps to hold their dado gauge to the fence, so I ordered a couple too. I was plying around with tehem in the shop today and think they are going to be versitle little clamps. I ran a maple 1X2 through the router table and made a 20" long strip with a DT down the center of the strip. Then cut them into pieces for pads for the ends of the clamps. Also made a sacrificial fence for the TS , It can also be clamped to the bench for a straight edge. I can put a dovetail slot in each end of a piece for a straight edge guide to cut or rout across sheet goods. here are some pictures. Herb
  11. Lid has be glued up

    Stumble down to the shop this morning. Raised panel needed fine tuned, before any glue was used. Spokeshave, and a couple other planes to reduce any "fat spots" along the beveled edges. Sandpaper on a block of wood to refine some spots.....finally thought I could spread some Elmer's, and dig out some clamps.. Square and a tape measure showed things weren't quite squared up, so that diagonal clamp to pull it back to square. Better view? That is the spokeshave I used. let this forest of clamps sit a awhile....... Ok, stumbled back down, and checked on the glued up lid. Started removing the clamps....slowly, listening for any weird sounds...Other than dropping one of the clamps...NADA, sooo.. Sat the glued up lid on top of the box, noting where the front and back sides were to go. Will add a filler to un-do that bowed in side. AFTER this has cured for awhile. More views? A few holes to fill in, about the way things go in my shop. Thinking of adding a "bead" just below and above the opening. Bead? Something like these two? Stanley #45 can make these thing fairly quickly. Just have to set the plane up to mill the beads. Now, I think I'll just go and sit down for a while.....and let the Elmer's cure out...
  12. Cherry Box of Squares, dry fit

    Still with the camera issues today. Waiting on a call back about a second Opinion on this knee. Plywood was rough cut to size. leaving quite a bit extra.. Took a few more cuts to get just the right fit. Even used a block plane to straighten out the saw cuts.....started grabbing clamps and a mallet. Found a couple spots needing trimmed up. Got more clamps down. 6 clamps, so far, and haven't glue things up, yet Had one square inside, to check a corner, or three.. Seemed to be square. Have most of the gaposis fixed. Decided to load the box up, to see how things would fit.. And to figure out where to put a few dividers. The thumbscrew may be a problem. The 12" bevel gauge, may be too long? Close ups? But, at least there might be room IF I find anymore of these? I'll work on this part, and then maybe a lid? Something like this lid? This little box? Is now serving at the Auburn Ave. Baptist Church......Pastor hides his stash of candy in it.....has a place of Honour in his office. I might have enough leftovers to build a lid like this....
  13. Things cooled off a bit, and I fired up the box fan to blow across the bench ( and ME) Put away the No.7c, got out a smaller plane.. Stanley No. 5-1/2 Jumbo Jack. At 15" long, should work nicely on these 18" long edges. I kept checking as I ran the plane, both sighting down along the length of the edge, and with a board thst was already done. Nice when you get these ribbons the full length of the board.. Finally got the four boards to just about match up along the edges. Pipe clamps and glue time.. End grain? I plan to flatten the entire panel, once the glue has cured. I clamped it up just enough to raise a bead.. Pipe clamps? Well, I had a use for the "bar" clamps in the shop. I resawed the second slab to get about a 3" width....but needed some "add-ons" to get the width on the faces.... Think anyone will notice those are Cherry add-ons? This will be turned in to the column that holds the top up. Leaves me with the last of this $1 slab of Walnut Just in case I need a little extra.....
  14. Marked out where I did NOT want rounded over ( in theory, best laid battle plan?) I wasn't to go past that line on the long sides. Short sides I could plane all day long.. Main tool for this sort of thing was just a block plane. Wasn't trying for a perfect half circle, just enough to "break" the edges. I also planed a bit on the bottom of each part.. As there was a few rough spots. Got the two ends done. Tried to plane the longer ones And forgot what that pencil line was for...ooops. Jointed the edge, re-marked the line with a chisel. Needed a better tool to do the stop cuts.. A spokeshave would do the trick. The chisel and mallet made a better mark to work to. A little better? Flipped the part over, jointed the other side. Got both long sides all planed....might as well find a bunch of clamps, and some Elmer's Think I have enough clamps? Somewhere in there, the lid is glued up. let it sit overnight. Found a small packet in the tool well... Brass hinges. Still had the ACE price tag on them. Might give them a try later. About all I can do for a day...always tomorrow, no rush.
  15. Watson! The Game is a-foot!!

    Saturday, and up into the 90s, again. On the way to a factory's parking lot, stopped by a place that was using an anvil to keep the tent from blowing over......picked a heavy duty 4" clamp for fifty cents... Factory parking lot? Annual Employee "yard" sale.....Found a few items... That black handle to complete the set, and a second fancy set Pair of wood handled screwdrivers, and an empty drill index....up to a dollar so far.....a 24" clamp was another $1 May need a bit of work, also in thatparking lot, boss found a kennel for the pups, and I found this...thing Between the kennel and this post drill, was another $20.....$8 or so for the drill....on the way back home found a few places to stop and look around..... Try as I might, I could not talk the lady down in price,.....$20 for a Millers Falls No.120......day got to be a little too warm outside for me.....left for Lima to check on Craig.
  16. One was...meh, second one was much better. First, the "ugly one" The side on the right was there to help clamp things up....didn't work out too well. Went down to the shop today, cleared everything off the bench.. I'll get yelled at for putting my stuff onto HER dryer. Then I made up a bunch of blocks... had some scrap sitting around. bandsawn to sit onto round posts. Might NOT have to fight & cuss clamps this time around... Some needed the blocks, some didn't, or weren't quite long enough. While this thing was sitting like this, I drill for some small dowels to pin a few joints... These are from earlier. Not the prettiest, have to sand a lot anyway. I also had one BIG dowel to install... Bit is 7/8", brace is a PEXTO 12" sweep. Good thing I'm on the tall side. This was to install a rung in the back.. Still have to do one out front. Joints pinned. I have a clamp pulling the chair into almost square.....Figured I could at least work on a seat Couldn't quite get things marked right this way. Took the clamps off as they weren't needed, glue had set. Now I could mark the seat support better. Then some fancy cutting on the bandsaw, and sit the support thing in place... I glued this in place, later I'll pin from the outside, and add a screw from underneath.. You can also see the clamp to pull things back into square. Had a couple scrap slats, so a look at the seat.. I need to start cutting seat slats, get them smoothed out, ends rounded. Center sits a bit lower than the front, by design. I also laid out a couple blanks for armrests Reminds me, I need to cut a tenon on the other front post....oops. Those dowels are for the lower rungs, one is alreadt installed and pinned in place. Might be about half way done with this thing.....I also bought a supply of 100 grit sandpaper, I think I might need most of it. For some reason, I'm a little tired, right now....I think I' ll let things sit awhile....
  17. Pine Tool Box project: Up-date

    Took a bit of fightin' and a-cussing. Even that even a Squid would blush.....five pieces of pine are now sitting in at least that many clamps.. One corner didn't want the dovetails to seat, BF Hammer said otherwise. And NOT the mallet, saving it for more delicate work. Like bashing chisels..rotate! Visegrips can crank on clamp handles better than I can. That center divider didn't want to just slip into the dado...all the while I'm fighting the rest of this mess...TAP Even stood this on it's top, to "fine tune" things. Rotate.. Ever have a pipe clamp that wants to slip=slide back off? It would rise up, and try to twist off as I tightened it down. That black pipe WAS sitting right on the wood. One with the red handle. That wrench laying there? I can put the box end onto the other pipe clamp, and crank it down better. Will let this mess sit awhile....then more fun will start in..Need to tune those corners a bit, too.
  18. Well, back is hurting today, got it to relax for awhile, wandered SLOWLY down the steps to the Dungeon Shop. Laid out a few clamps.. And a few other things I might need. Spread some glue around, and worked my way back towards the end of the bench.....A check of the diagonals....hmmm need one more clamp Used this pipe clamp to "pull" things back into square...30-1/2" each way on the diagonals. What we have here is the base sitting on the table's top. Gap down at the far corner will get pulled flat later. Needed a way to add a corner bracket, and not have it stick out like a sore back...er...THUMB. Remembered a bag I picked at a yard sale....had three sets of these in it for fifty cents... Yep, it do say Stanley on the package...and on the parts themselves. Set out a few.. I think these will even match the Walnut? attached this set down at the foot of each leg....later, I can flip the base over and add the next batch. That was about it for shop time tonight, i set the shelf on top of the mess, and wanded back upstairs...to a nice warm heating pad for my back....I did work out a wat to add the bottom shelf..without a lot of hassle. That will be next time, on this Batty Channel... You can also see a couple of the brackets in place..well, one anyway. Maybe by Sunday I MIGHT be ready for a finish...of some sort...
  19. I tried to at least get the last two legs done today......road trip to take the GrandBRATS home kind of cut into shop time. I did manage to cut a few mortises in the last two legs, about half of them, anyway. This time, I kept the mating rails cloce by, and marked where each went. Also found out the the white sap wood is VERY spongy. One mortise could have been dug out with a fingernail....it also liked to split. Tried a test fit,.... It is the leg on the bottom with the sappy wood. Got out the pipe clamps, again. needed a hammer as well. Pipe clamps wanted to twist back off. Used a c clamp to keep one in place, and a lot of cussing. Finally got three pipe clamps in place. Added a few nails, trying for at least ONE through the tenon. One or two went through the sap wood and into GOOD stuff. A check of the diagonals...off by a 1/16"???? I suppose I could let that slide.....Football was on, decided to call it a night. Stacked most of the parts back on top... That rough looking 1 x3 on top? It will be one of the Breadboard edges, Need to rip a few more out of this old plank.. Might be enough left for that? I'm using that Workmate back there as a till for the wood bodied planes. Still have four more mortises to chop, and then the two halves can have a get together with Elmer? Stay tuned to this batty channel...
  20. Ok, cleared the bench,was going for a glue up.....hmm, where is the glue? Time out! had to go to the store for a bottle of Elmers. Took awhile, as the Boss had to go along. Got back home, finally. Dug out the acid brushes I got at an auction awhile back. Spread alot of glue on the dovetail pins, brushing it out. used pipe clamps to clamp it up....and then the cussing started in. Pipe clamps were a bit LONG...how long? Yeah, at least I kept it simple, and did just the bottom one first, the other end wasn't much better. New use for the D handle of my sander? Was going to use a series of wedges to help the clamps.....Not enough hands to hold the wedges in place, and clamp things down at the same time....several wedges got flying lessons, while getting their family tree traced. Finally got things to tighten down One end at least the clamps stayed put. Was able to add some others. Wound up adding a third clamp at each end, to pull the middle in tight. Whew.... Tossed the bottom plank on top of all this mess, to keep it where I could at least reach it. Now, time to shape the handle......now where did the handle go?? had to crawl back under the clamps, as the blank for the handle was clear back behind all the action...more cussing. Hard on the old knees, too. Tried a 1" spade bit, to drill the finger grip areas....bit was too long....more cussing. Dug out the 7/8" Forstner bit, and a scrap of pine. Five overlapping holes, then slide the bit around to remove the ridges....almost had just enough room in the end vise. Spokeshave to start a roundover. "shave" won't fit into the grip area....well, we have ways. drag the beltsander out from under the clamp. Sander has a very small front wheel. Used that to get inside the grip area and round over the edges, even removed the rest of the ridges in there. Small plane to add to the round overs along the long edges, beltsander to sand areas the shave and plane can't. Got one end done then flipped the handle around and worked the other sides Until all the top edges were done. Turned it so the bottom edge was showing, and just knock the sharp edges off with a #3 plane. Took a few swipes. A lookat the three planes? Millers falls No.56B, a Stanley made for wards #3 from WWII era, and a Stanley No.64 spokeshave. I think I'll call it a night,and wait til tomorrow to remove all them clamps. project is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel....stay tuned
  21. Two days, two sales

    One of my favourite ad terms for yard sales...BARN SALE!!! It did have a lot of power tools, though And a sander. But, I wasn't after power tools, so...$13 later, after digging through a tub Two draw knives, one needed a new handle. A vise for the drill press ( need a few bolts, now) and a pipe clamp in need of a 1/2" black iron pipe. Handle is installed, knives cleaned up the curved one is a 10" one ( Greenlee??) the straight one is a 8" EasyCut. Ok, Day Two: Not too much, except when we found one sale opened in the morning, instead of the evening. Found another plastic tub to dig through.....went past the handsaws, the hammers, and found a pile of rust Yep, Stanley No.4, Type 13. with a SW iron, rosewood handles, and not a defect anywhere.....asked a price on this pile of old rust....$2...SOLD!! Placed it VERY CAREFULLY in the van, and left the scene.....and to think, still have one more day of sales to go...... Be warned, the Bandit is out on the trail....
  22. Donate to Homes For Our Troops and you'll be automatically entered to win our awesome Bessey K-Body's. We are proud to announce the giveaway of some wonderful clamps as contributed by our sponsor Bessey Tools! We will feature our Bessey Tools K-Body REVO clamps valued at $220.00 for the 30 day period from September 23rd through October 22nd, at the end of this time period we will choose one lucky winner at random from a pool of Homes For Our Troops donors. All proceeds are deposited directly to Homes for our Troops, we have no interaction with the transaction. We are only issuing the grand prize. Here is the breakdown for your donations and chances to win. 1 Entry into the draw for a $2.00 donation 3 Entries into the draw for a $5.00 donation 7 Entries into the draw for a $10.00 donation 15 Entries into the draw for a $20.00 donation RULES Membership in The Patriot Woodworker community is not required. In order to qualify to be in the draw for these fantastic tools, you'll need to make a donation of 2 dollars or more to Homes for our Troops by following the links and making a donation. Please go to Donate to The Patriot Woodworker Homes for our Troops Team Page.All members, and hosts and guests who donated to Homes for our Troops will be entered into the random draw at the end of the promotional period.We are sorry, but only members with a shipping address in the lower 48 states, Canada, and Alaska are eligible for the random draw.The winner will be notified via personal email and public announcement.The winner will have 30 days to claim their prize, if the prize is not claimed within that time period the tools will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be used to benefit disabled veteran woodworkers.In order that your donation is logged into our Team Page please click on the drop down menu at the donor page and select John Morris - The Patriot Woodworker's So without further adieu let us introduce you to the grand prize for this draw! The winner will receive the following clamps as titled and pictured: 2 x KR3.524 (24"K-Body REVO) 2 x KR3.540 (40"K-body REVO) 2 x KBX20 (K-Body Extenders) TOTAL VALUE $220.00 Bessey Tools has been a huge supporter of The Patriot Woodworker's since the early days of our existence, we are very grateful for their continued support of our woodworking organization and also the veterans organizations we in turn support and the men and women in our armed forces both here in the US and in Canada. Thank you Bessey Tools for allowing us the opportunity to outfit a lucky woodworkers shop with your awesome clamping solutions. Please visit the links below to explore the Bessy lineup of tools Bessey Tools North America Bessey Tools Facebook Page Bessey Tools Twitter Bessey Tools YouTube Channel Also, did you know Bessey Tools are for Metal Working as well! Many do not know this! Bessey Tools for Metal Working They also have Cutting Tools. Once again, thank you Bessey Tools!
  23. It has been some time back when I was out picking that I ran across this wooden clamps. They were not all found at the same place but all came out of old woodworking shops. They just looked to cool to leave and it nothing else will make nice wall art in the shop. I havne found any real markings or names on any of them so I know no real history to them. These are about 50" long and in full working order. The loose end will just slide up and down the wooden bar but lock in when pressure is applied. The adjustment end is all free and will screw in and out. I then ran across this neat wooden bar clamp. The adjustment handle is on the end and the hardware mounted inside. It has been cracked so you can see the workings. There are notches in the bottom and as you move the loose end it will lock into the notches so you can tighten the clamp. It has a spring spring clip to hold it tight against the bar. The other piece is a homemade bench vise I believe. The gear on the end is wired on so they could use the inside threads for the adjustments. The outer gear has no other function. You could mount this under a table and with stop dogs tighten a piece down. It has a bar that moves in and out as you tighten. I guess you could put a piece in that part and used it but you would be limited to the size you could hold. Anyway they were just nice old pieces that needed to be saved and not put into the burn pile. So I'll just display them in the shop with a few other tools that have called my name. Hopefully I'll be bak out Patriot Picking again real soon. Till Then.... Happy Patriot Picking
  24. End Table: Setback and recovery

    Well, took the narrow end out of the clamps yesterday.....not good. Upper and lower joints started to pull apart! Reclamped those two, inside of the panel facing up. Flat on the bench. Grabbed a handful of 5/8" brads. Drove three into each, well all but one, joint. Right through the tongue. The un-pinned joint? had to plane the filler strip flush, then I could pin that one too. Let it set for most of the day.... Took it out again, flipped it over, and worked the outside joints flush, including the filler strip. Handplanes and a sander. Laid the narrow end on something out of my way.. Pretty, ain't? Still a bit of a gap near the top. Needed to take a few measurements, and trace a pattern or two. "Plan" says I need a "False" front. To make the door "look" like the rest of the box. Needed to make a couple "feet" pieces, and a strip between them. Scrollsaw wasn't too happy about cutting 7/8" thick White Oak, Had to sand some of the rougher parts. Came out like this.. MEh? Saw cuts are for a special joint I had in mind. That oak strip is a 1x2 to go between these two feet thingys. Cutting a joint was a matter of eyeball vs a backsaw H.Disston No.5 Needed to wax the blade almost every cut, blade was getting a might warm too. Wound up with these two.. AFTER I had popped the waste out with a chisel or two. Backsaw to size the 1x2....Backsaw does great as a ripsaw, not very good as a crosscut saw. Somehow, got the 1x2 to match the feet Pretty? All I needed was for these to be close. Another look? A little more chisel work to fine tune it, and then a glue up. Single brad into each joint when the joint got closed up with a clamp But, something wasn't quite right....top was 12-15/16" across...across at the bottom of the feet? 13-3/16"! Ok, we can fix that.. Added the second clamp. Dumb end is clamped into the leg vise, didn't want this to slide away. Had plenty of thread to crank with......ah, top and bottom now match each other. A few well place taps with a hammer to get things to lie flat on the bench......and called it a night....Stay tuned, might start some real assembly later this week...maybe?

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