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Found 69 results

  1. What do you see?

    This is supposed to look like a rock wall or rocks in a bed of mortar. My wife says she likes it but doesn't think of rocks when she sees it. What do you see? what can I do to make it look more like a rock wall? Appreciate any and all thoughts, comments, or ideas. Oh yea, it's a work in progress. Actually, a try piece before I do this on a larger form. Honest opinions please. Steve
  2. Over the past week or two I've been working on a little bowl turning it from some ironwood a friend sent me. Being this was my first experience with this wood and not knowing how it would turn, it's been slowly progressing. Well I got it almost finished. Inside turned and sanded, outside turned and sanded all that was left was to finish off the bottom. I really liked the calabash rounded look for the bottom so I would need to chuck the piece to have full access to the bottom. A doughnut chuck seemed to be the best option. When I turned the lip, I knew it was a little thin, but it felt solid. Light passing thru the lip/side transition- I was so proud of myself- Nice shape, sanded much better than I usually do. And then it happened- I was just ready to switch over to the Easy Wood Finisher when I got a catch- The force of the catch cracked the rim lip- Too much time invested in this little bowl to pitch it out. But how to remount it? The tenon is gone and the rim is uneven. After some thought and 15 minutes of US Navy adjectives, I repurposed an old lathe jig into a jamb chuck adding a piece of rubber for friction/protection. Made a flat on the bottom of the bowl and then glued it to a wooden faceplate. After the glue set, I realized I should have made a "paper"glue joint for easier removal later. Not sure what I'm going to end up with- certainly not what I originally envisioned when I started!
  3. Osage Orange Bowl

    From the album Hollow Forms

    Turned well despite some rotted space
  4. Spalted Pecan Bowl

    From the album Hollow Forms

  5. Another natural edge walnut.

    I've still got at least dozen of the natural edge walnut pieces to finish up. Was kind of between projects and decided to sand and finish this one. I chose this one because it looked like my cuts were decent and it wouldn't take as much sanding as some of the others. It's about 16X12X5.5. The bark is just really nice on this one I think. It was just about to big for my little photo booth. Steve
  6. Something to look forward to.

    For the last few years I've wanted to do a week at one of the wood working or craft schools. There is a highly regarded school in Franklin IN. Marc Adams School of Woodworking. Glenn Lucas will be there in Sept. and I just registered to attend. Really looking forward to it. Steve
  7. bishopwood bowl

    From the album Bowls and Platters

    Bishopwood was a bit hard and had cracked accross grain but turned well.
  8. I had a few hours to wind down today and thought I'd go out and just do something off the wall, just grab a piece of wood, no plans, just wing it, and see what where it takes me. This is what I came up with, it is simple, but I had fun. It started with a piece of wood, some wood leftover from the rocker I am building. Then it went to the band saw, and I knocked the sides flat with my #4 smoother, and trued it up with my #8 jointer. And a nice simple little piece of wood appeared, it was fun. A coat of BLO, The bottom And now the really cool part, my wife has been experimenting with pottery lately, taking classes etc. I love her work, she is so talented. So while I had the plate/bowl sitting on it's own, she brought in her pottery bowl that she turned on the wheel a few weeks ago in class. And set it on my lil creation, and the magic happened, what a cool combination. Thanks for looking, sometimes it's just fun winging it, no plans, just a piece of wood and a simple goal of just having fun.
  9. A tale of two bowls, night and day

    I have a couple bowls in the finishing process and a thought just struck me. How many times have I been asked what is my favorite wood to turn? I would be willing to bet, every wood turner has been asked that question several times. With that, here are the bowls I'm working on. First one is maple, this bowl is about 13" in diameter and I think the grain in it is just spectacular. It has some really nice quilting in several areas and maple just really finishes nicely. The second bowl is walnut, a little smaller at about 11". Like the maple bowl, I think the grain in this walnut bowl is simply beautiful. No special markings, just that rich, chocolate shade that is walnut. I guess I would have to say, right now, maple and walnut are my two favorite woods to turn. I really can't narrow it down any further than that. I suspect that's subject to change the next time I get into some nice cherry, or ash, or sycamore, or spalted maple, or....... I mean, seriously, how can you pick just one favorite? Steve
  10. I say that just about every time but this one could be special I think. About 19" diameter and five inches deep. Spectacular grain and markings in it as well. There's going to be a bit of sanding and I'll probably let it dry for a couple months but if it turns out I'm going to call it "ET" Steve
  11. Yet another walnut bowl

    Turned natural edge again. I've got probably 20 or 25 of these in process, so, fair warning. This one is just over 12" long by about 9" wide and 4" deep. Walnut just really lends itself to this style of bowl I think. The grain is pretty but not spectacular so I put a little wood burning on the bottom. Thanks for looking Steve
  12. Walnut crotch bowl

    There was a lot more sap wood in this bowl than I expected. Still, the bark stayed on well and it warped nicely without cracking. The sapwood also makes a nice contrast I think. The bottom side. Steve
  13. Posted a while back showing some walnut I was working into bowl blanks. With Christmas requests and some other distractions I'm just now getting time to start making bowls. Most of them will be natural edge as that shows the crotch grain so much better. Most of that gets turned away in a normal bowl. This is the fourth bowl so far. Still will need to dry for a couple weeks and then get remounted, sanded, and finish the bottom. Picture doesn't show it well but there is some great grain in the bottom of this bowl. It's gonna be a pretty thing. It does make a mess though. Steve
  14. It's been a busy few days

    I posted some picture a couple weeks ago of some walnut I'd scored. I spent the last few days working it into some bowl blanks. Basically I made a big mess in the back yard. I've still got three more little crotch pieces to cut into blanks but almost done. Did these this morning, some of them are near 20" diameter and may end up as platters, still haven't convinced myself a 20" bowl is a good idea. So far I've gotten just over 20 blanks, almost all of them crotch areas and I can tell there is going to be some really nice grain in them. Got my work cut out for me over the next few weeks though. It will give me a chance to practice with my coring system. I've still got two more huge sections of walnut to get home. They are big enough, I'll have to work them down before I can even load them in my truck. Figure there is another 20 blanks or so still to be had. Steve
  15. I got stuff stacked everywhere!!

    I think I finally have all the inventory I'm taking to the little craft show coming up. Just brought a batch of honey dippers in from the shop, got them on the kitchen table for now. I won't display these but they will go to the honey farm that's hosting the show. She will put them on a jar of honey for her shop. Wife helped me come up with a little price tag that I'm going to use. Has my name on the front and a thank you on the back. Also has my phone number just in case. Still have to come up with a business card of some sort. These are all the bowls, tops, decorative mason jar lids etc. etc. that I'm going to show. I forgot to add the embellished vases to the picture. Last but not least, this just came in the mail. It's a cheap, Chinese, laser engraver. Something I've been thinking about for a while. This one will etch an area about 11"X14" if I remember exactly. Should be ideal for bowl bottoms, lids, pendants, etc. etc. That is, if it works as advertised!! Time will tell but I won't do much with it for a few weeks. Hmmm, just read a tutorial about doing a blog..... Steve
  16. Test setup, first show

    Doing my first craft show in a couple weeks, very small venue, about 10 artisans I believe. Wife and I did a mock set up in the garage this afternoon. This is most of what I will have although there will be a few more bowls. Have no idea what I'm doing. It's my idea the larger black shelf will face the flow of traffic and have my nicest pieces on it. The mirror really sets the tops off IMO. Appreciate any thoughts of opinions.
  17. 5.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    walnut bowl
  18. 3.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    Small maple bowl with an ogee and fillet
  19. 2.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    Walnut bowl with an ogee profile with a fillet, about 10" diamter and 1/4" thick.
  20. 18.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    A small maple bowl with the zentangle patterns, w-2 or huggins, and flower vine
  21. 17.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    A small maple bowl with some zentangle patterns for embellishment.
  22. 14.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    Maple bowl with basket weave pattern.
  23. 13.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    Spalted maple bowl
  24. 12.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    Maple bowl with basket weave pattern.
  25. 11.JPG

    From the album Steve Krumanaker

    Maple bowl with basket weave pattern. Bottom has zentangle pattern "phicops"

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