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Found 28 results

  1. Bowl blanks

    I watch a lot of turning videos on youtube. In one of Carl Jacobson videos he said he cuts the heart out of a log and paints the ends with basic paint and doesn't get any cracking. Since I got the new bandsaw I figured I would give it a try. I made a jig to hold the log and made some bowl blanks real fast and easy. They will turn a 9 inch to 10 inch bowl.
  2. Bandsaw

    Ok I have been looking at bandsaws for a while. I was looking at a 10 inch but want more resaw capacity. I am also looking to not break the bank. I am looking at a Rikon 10-324. It has a 13 and 5/8 throat and 13 inch resaw. All bearing construction and blade guids. A standard blade at 111 inches. I can get it shipped for $760. Does anybody have experience with this saw?
  3. I have been wanting a bandsaw for a while. I don't need one a lot but I think it will come in handy from time to time. I am looking at a Wen bandsaw. It is a 10 inch saw with 6 inch resaw capacity. It is a two speed saw and comes with the fence and miter gage. It cost around $220 and every site I go to it has really good reviews. Does anybody here own one or know of another good saw around the same price. Thanks
  4. I gotta get me some maple boards. I have this little wood rail that I fasten to one side. it gives me a two sided reference to get my forst teo sort of square and sort of flat surfaces.
  5. I found it...

    In the middle of digging the router table out of it's hide-out....something came out as well... Just three pieces of scrap, glued and screwed together.....into a rip/crosscut jig.....or fence. Long ago, I made this little jig, to replace the cheapo fence on a DeWalt Job Site saw...You can barely see a cleat under the near end...it was sized to ride on the fence's rail. Couple of c clamps to attach to the rail. Have since used this as a saw guide for crosscuts with the circular saw. Also can guide a router for doing dados. Might just set it up as a rip fence for the bandsaw.. Something like this? Figures, now that all the rip cuts are done, this jig shows up.... May do a story about how this was made.....as the story in the old WOOD forum is long gone...
  6. Recycled 2x4s?

    Whew, working up a sweat now.... Hauled those 6 pieces of 2x4 down to the shop. Sat the three longer ones aside, for now.....at least until after a break.... The three shorter ones, well, they had a date with the bandsaw. I set up the resaw jig, just enough to peel off the edges past the rounded over stuff.. Maybe a 1/4"? Once all six edges were trimmed, a small plane was landed.. Ohio Tool Co. # 0-7 Jointer plane. I wanted the edges straight, free of sawmarks, and as square to the sides as I could get them.. Imagine walking around in a pile of this stuff.. Once all three boards were jointed along the sawn edges, I dug up a 3/4" thick piece of scrap. A pair of lines down the center of one edge marked a center line to saw. Reset the jig to the center of the two marks. recheck the bandsaw's table for square to the blade. Since I had to raise the saw guide a bit. Ran the three through, trying to stay centered... After a LONG break, I'll come back and plane the saw marks off. Might need that old jointer plane, again. 3 boards almost done, three to go.. Handsome critters, ain't they. hope to have them all S4S by this weekend. Might need a new blade in the bandsaw... Grandson will be here this weekend, I'll have him haul all them shavings out to the old garden plot. Not sure what I'll build out of these...yet. I also have a pile of other Pine scraps......stay tuned.
  7. Just saw this in the latest ezine from Woodworker's Journal- The entire article is here- http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/monarch-gauge-promises-simpler-band-saw-blade-tensioning/
  8. Reindeer parts.

    Went out to Blue Borg today, bought a 1x 6 x 48" Pine board. Figured I could cut out a few parts for the reindeer replacement.... Used an old saw to cut all these out with.. Has a 1/4" blade...should have gotten a 1/8" scrolling blade....no more than i use the saw, meh Had to drill a few ''turn-around" holes, as the blade couldn't quite make some of the turns. Have a 1" x 30" beltsander to remove the saw marks, then I plugged in another power tool.. 1/4" round-over bit. Rounded the outside edges of the parts.....antlers were fun to do....stood all the parts up, and placed the antlers in place... Should have used the 3/8" round-over bit. These are just standing there, no nails, nor glue used, yet. Still have enough pine left over for two more.. I might just clean up the old scrollsaw, and see how it works on these. this will do for a start...
  9. That time of year again

    Posted this last year, might have to make a few more this time around... Only takes a 1 x 6 x 8' to make all four of these.....need to find the patterns again, and the other supplies.... This one is a bit "blocky", I have been known to use a router table and a 3/8" round-over bit, to round things out.. Big red bow, and a red nose. Black sharpie for the eyes. Nails and glue to hold things in place. Hot-melt glue to hold the "antlers" ....just in case Rudolph should fall over. Hot melt will give way before any of the wood will. Usually stain the antlers a dark walnut. Sometimes, I will even use real Walnut. depending on what I use to cut out the parts, each Rudolph will take about,...1/2 an hour to do..
  10. Auger box, starting up

    Meandered down to the shop this evening.....decided to at least try a few things out.....tried the Aldi's crosscut saw to make four pieces of pine parts... It do cut fast, and it even tried to cut me thumb. Got two small holes. It had hopped up out of a cut. The 1x6 I am using was a little out of....focus. Needed a plane to bring things back into line.. I planed the two matching sides together, edge grain and end grain. I wanted them to match, and be at least close to square...Plane didn't do too bad on the end grain.. Millers Falls No. 11 junior jack plane. Once all of that was done. I got out the combo square, and marked a line 1/2" in from the face of each board. Bandsaw time... Not the greatest resaw cut, but it needs a new blade...someday. Opened this one up like a book.. Well, we have ways. Grabbed the old cambered jack plane.. Going right across the grain, this isn't the time for see-through shavings. Once it was close to flat, a second plane came out... Have a bit of trouble with that old knot....but, I kept at it. Finally got the four of them close enough to work with... Will let this set a day or so. IF they want to move a bit. I can come back and mill them flat for joinery work. Igor, clean up on Aisle #1! Lower back says it be "Quitting Time!" So I guess I' meander back upstairs. Knee held up decently, lower back didn't. And, somehow, I picked up a cut on the back of my hand.....didn't feel a thing, looked down and had a leak going on. Yep, time to quit for the day. Next up? Finger joints by mallet & chisel. Stay tuned...
  11. Does anyone have any experience with the latest Craftsman 14 inch bandsaw? I have been drooling over the grizzly g0555 but it is about 250 more after shipping and I can't swing that for awhile. The Craftsman seems to be a RIKON clone and has really good reviews as far as I have seen. I currently do not have a bandsaw and have been ready for one for awhile now.
  12. What little I could get done, at least. Found out we were taking the GrandBRATS home a couple hours later than I thought....snuck off to the shop. Had a slab to resaw down to a batten...wound up breaking the bandsaw blade, digging out another (DULL) one, and finishing the cut. Then the planes took over. And the beltsander. and the spokeshave. Rounded both ends to match the curve of the top, Beltsander to taper each end a bit. No.3 plane and spokeshave to bevel the sides. Whew. Dust and shavings everywhere. Meh, it will have to do. The forstner bit was for that hole. Will come back later, add a counter bore for the post to sit in a bit better.. Doesn't have to go down very far...maybe 1/8". Did I say I made a mess..where is Igor when I need him..
  13. Common Bowl Diameters

    Gents, can you tell me what the most common bowl diameters are, if that exist, and if any of you have a bandsaw bowl blank cutting jig to show off I'd sure appreciate it. I know I can turn bowls from any diameter, but if I have a jig that I can use with my 14" bandsaw to cut blanks to round at common diameters, than I think that would be a good thing no? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Starting in again

    Shop still has 3 of those non-treated 4 x 4s sitting around.......dragged out the shorter of the three, and marked a few lines. Time to resaw on the bandsaw, , again Trying to cut just enough that after some plane work, I'd have a few 3/4" thick boards... Hmmm...knots and Cathedrials.....flat sawn stuff. Well, I can deal with that.. Well, three out of four are 4/4 stuff, the fourth will be about 1/2" thick. They all need to be surfaced S4S....in a handtool shop? I think these just MIGHT do the job? Already have one board done....will wait until the rest are before any pictures, I also have two more 4x4s to resaw. After that? Hoping the Single Brain Cell Sketch UP will be back on line......not sure what it will come up with...stay tuned.
  15. Woodcraft Magazine has partnered with Craftsy On-Line courses to provide a free bandsaw course. Checkout the details here! The course consists of 4 lessons- Getting your saw ready. Fences, Blades and Accessories Straight Cuts and Joinery Curves and Bevels There's about 2 hours worth of videos. If you are just getting started with the bandsaw- or just want to see another perspective, this might be worth checking out.
  16. Rocker Project, Resawn slats

    Had to resaw one of these things.. Cut one down to 26" long ( less to resaw) then marked it for a 2" or so wide cut. Set the extras aside.. After I had resawn the slab off. Then made a bunch of lines, to make 1/2" thick slats. I had one of the sides to the rocker on the bench, to lay out mortises for the back rails. I left the rails sit in place, as a spot to lay the slats as each came off the bandsaw... A little rough? We do have ways to deal with "rough" I laid the slats out to get the spacings, and see just how many slats I would need to make. Need a lot of plane work at the moment, and some tenons cut on the ends of the slats. I had went and bought a couple of 3/16" dowels to pin some joints with. Why buy fancy pins, when the rocker is scheduled to be painted, anyway. I also laid out a tenon on the end of the front post As there will be a through tenon to hold the armrest in place......with wedges, too. As for working in this shop? Welcome to the Dungeon Shop! This is about it for work space. I can walk around the bandsaw, to access other items.. I can move things around in here, as needed, and the lathe is to the right of the picture, buried as usual. When I need to run the lathe, I can move things around again. This space also allows access to a few handsaws.... There are a few "out & about" at the moment, these are in case I might need a saw. Might have enough? Maybe later, IF the bench can be cleaned off, I can go back into tenon-mode.....we'll see. Stay tuned to this "Batty Channel", same "Bat Time, same Bat-Channel"
  17. Well, got those other tenons chopped, both sides glued up. Handles sticking up are chisels I was using. I stick them into a dog hole, saves them from rolling off onto the floor...or my foot. Bandsaw work this evening.. Top/crest rail, roughed out. Planes, and other tools to smooth it out.. Allowed for a 1" tenon on each end. Now, what did I use to draw them curves with... Well, I had these three seat brackets. Chose one of the better ones to lay out the curves. These three are for the front, middle, and back seat bracket. I'll resaw a bunch of slats later, and attach the slat to these brackets. Forms a curve for the bottom to sit in. ...MY bottom, that is. Again, allowed for 1" long tenons, I can adjust for length after a few mortises are chopped. The middle bracket will be a bit different, as there is nothing the tenon into, Might cut a dovetail of some sort. Don't have a fancy compass plane, so maybe a scrub plane will work on the inside curves? Harbor Freight #33 made into a scrub plane. Went at about 45 degrees to the grain, to erase the saw marks.. then a sander to finish things up. Had a blank for the back's bottom rail, needed to be S4S instead or rough sawn.. Stanley No. 5, type 17/parts plane. Work all four sides until clean and smooth, and squared. Made a big pile of shavings, too.. As for the two side units? Oh, they are just hanging around......a bit of adjustment needed, then time to start chopping square holes, again...stay tuned
  18. Pine 4x4 project/aprons

    Well, had a stash from the 4x4s to make a few aprons with Soo, cleared the deck a bit. Set up two legs. 2" in from the ends. Measured between the two, added 1" for the tenons. Checked which two were long enough. Had to set a bevel gauge to 5 degrees off 90. Used the mitrebox to do that. Cut the two to length. One was a bit wider....marked that line and resaw it off. Jack plane to level the cut. Both now match each other. Found a cup of sorts. found the center line. Made a few lines. Fired up the smaller bandsaw... 1/4" wide blade on this one was a bit better at curves. Got one apron shaped I'll "refine" the cut later. Laid this one on the other apron, marked the lines, and cut to the lines. Green cap helped lay out the pattern. At least for the long aprons Laid out the legs again, got the measurements for the end aprons. Cut the two to length and width. There was a problem, though. They were also about 1/8" too thick. Marked that out, and back to the 1/2" wide blade on the main bandsaw. Came out a bit wavy in the cut, but..we have ways.. Somewhere in there, is a Stanley made in England No.4. Got the two end aprons to match, face grain was smooth and flat. Grabbed a pint can of poly....not for the finish, but to make curves with. Not too bad. All that was needed before the shop was closed for the night? Laid out the 1/2" wide tenons. Made a mark 1/2" in from the edge, the bevel gauge could then mark a line across at the bevel I wanted. Got all four aprons marked for tenons, sso they will be ready thenext time I happen to wander down there. So far, only wood from those four 4x4 scraps have been used. Might be a "cheap" table? Stay tuned...
  19. Pine Project of 4x4s

    Well, got a wee bit more done to those 4x4s the Boss wanted out of her Dinning Room ( it might be coming back soon) Had the first two 4x4s all resawn down..Finally just picked 5 of the closest in size and glued them up. That was last night. Well, late start, was trying to keep tabs on a football game, they weren't doing so hot. Trudged down to the Dungeon Shop. Took the panel out of the clamps....wasn't the best that I've done. Sooo, a jackplane sized scrubplane going across the grain to even the surface a bit.. Turned the panel 90 degrees, and worked on glue lines. Got to the point where I could run a longer plane.. This is a shot from yesterday. worked both faces of that panel down as flat as I could ( still needs some work) and even brought out a smooth plane. Millers Falls #4 sized plane. Trimmed the ends of the panel nice and square. Set the panel aside for awhile, had two other 4x4s to resaw. First one was just like the other two, trying to get three even slabs. Wasn't happy with the bandsaw's cutting, used the circular saw instead. Set full depth. Then it was the bandsaw's turn to finish the cuts. Differences in kerfs, had to go back and saw some thin "extras" off. Each one then was flattened down.. No.6c small jointer. I soon had enough to make the aprons for this table, and set it all aside. Of course, there was a HUGE knot near one end.....WAS. trimmed two down to a better length. Ok, now about that last 4x4? Needed 4 leg blanks, can't have a table without legs, right? Clamped the 4x4 on the bench with the vise and dogs. Laid out a center line. Circular saw was again on the job.. Not the best? A few trips to flatten the insides faces, then another center line marked out. Wasn't about to run that circularsaw along my bench's top, so back to the bandsaw....a bit wavy in the cut.. But a straight edge jack plane, Millers Falls #14, could handle that detail. Got all saw marked faces done, and took a long break for awhile. Clothes were hauled upstairs from the dryer, too. Snuck back down for a little while...Needed to clear a space for my fat...to go You see, I needed to get to the lathe. not enough room there for me to even work on the lathe....moved some things around.. That's better. Then, I needed to make sure all four blanks were the same length, and they were to be 24" long. Tablesaw? We don't need no stinking tablesaw! Two clamps to gang the blanks together, another to clamp it to the bench. Works for me. Dug up a high tech square, to mark centers on the ends on a blank Hmm, not too bad? Did both ends, added the drive spur. Turned the blank for awhile, just trying out some things. Might have a "pattern" I can use....tomorrow? Might do? Got #2 already to go, too. Back was hurting, might have over-did it today? Grabbed the other load from the dryer, and hauled it upstairs....I'm done for today. A entire day IN the Dungeon Shop? Might have got a wee bit done..
  20. Needed a set of four legs

    Had a slab of white oak, got it crosscut.. Well, this would get me two smaller slabs. Fired up the bandsaw behind the bench, and ripped a few blanks SLOW cutting. Finally got four of these things sitting on the bench That needed planed down a bit. Had to clear away a mess, too. SOMEWHERE there is a lathe under thar.... And even some DULL tools! Got one blank set up and ready... Then did a little playing around.. Nothing real fancy. Now, I just need three more. Walking around in ankle deep... Chips. Started having trouble with the old lathe. The pulley that drives the spur, well it kept trying to slide off the shaft, it would hit the motor and throw the belt off. Hammer to drive it back on....later, after it and I cool down, I will check out the set screws....if they are still there... Legs were for a table I'm building. I also need to find something to do with these leftovers.. They are about 20" long. Live edge, too. Book match? Yes, there are two slabs there. I really don't need these two, right now.... Maybe tomorrow, I can fit some aprons to the legs......we'll see..
  21. For some dumb reason....I went back down to the shop last night......paying for it this morning, too. Back is almost as stiff as that Walnut.. Got out a few more toys last night.. Since the "plan" was to cut the curves on a few parts. Bandsaw from Texas couldn't follow a line if it tried, went with the Craftsman three wheeler. At least it would stay near the lines. Used the drawkinife first to remove saw marks.......not enough room to clamp and shave. Gave the spokeshave a work out, though. The parts? Needed a pair of these aprons done. These will go under the bottom shelf on the ends. That thing under the apron? A "shoulder plane". Thought I'd give it a try out on some tenons to be cut. Got two out of four legs done, as well.. Those be the tools to cut some mortises with. Spokeshave to smooth the curves. There is a mortise chopped there as well. There will be another as I go along. Used a backsaw to cut the tenons and a chisel or two to knock off the waste. Top aprons are left square... Something like this. I did champfer the edges of the aprons a bit. Need to chop a few more mortises. Need to shape the other two legs, rip a bit more apron stock. Need three more long aprons, and a stretcher to go between the bottom aprons? Might just need two, instead. We'll see. Maybe I can see the lines well enough today to bandsaw the rest. I do have the lines marked out....I think I did... Then back to chopping things. Oh, and cut and glue a bottom shelf...sometime. Stay tuned, I have already cussed enough to make R. Lee Ermy blush....
  22. tool tote...test fits

    Supposed to be taking things slow and easy, because of the old back....yeah, riiight...Sharpened a few chisels this morning.....rested the back a bit.. hey, even a gouge! Got bored, wandered down to the shop....looking for more chisels....decided to plane a board instead.....got one side beveled, checked the width,,,needed a full inch removed, time for the bandsaw, as I am NOT jack planing that much white oak.. Note the table? that is the angle of the dangle I needed. bandsaw was faster, but, I still had to run a plane along all the curvy spots. That saw in the background, doing it's usual photobombing? needed that later. Got the oak panel to fit. Laid out a couple dados.. Figured I could just use a couple screws to hold ahandle in place, easier to change out, IF the handle breaks later. Still need to drill some holes for fat fingers, but.. Checking to see how things fit, tried out the wedges for the clamps.. Will glue this mess up later, as soon as i get another bottle of glue....will then take a plane along all the top edges, until they are flat. Plane the dovetails til they look like new.....well spiffy anyway. Might even plane the bottom edges... After that? we'll see. depends on the back...
  23. A base for the Bandsaw

    Ok, since the Bandsaw is all cleaned up and running again, needed a dedicated spot to park the thing.. Had one more metal grid thingy. Added some plywood sides, by screwing through the plywood and into the metal part. Then clamped a 2x2 leg into the corners. 2x2 came via a 2x4 ripped down the center. Couple drywall screws to join wood to wood. I did use a NEW plane to smooth out the saw marks on the legs. Type 10, Stanley/Bailey No.6c. Not too bad. as for the corner joints? Might add more support later. Just two screws from each direction. Note that the plywood is also screwed to the metal grid part, too. Hex head, self-drilling screws. Used a pair of Visegrip finger clamps to hold things steady. Tried to keep the legs straight was a bit rough. They wanted to toe-in a bit. Added a scrap stretcher at the bottom of one pair, as they toed in badly. Drilled a few mounting holes through the top. Top is just 1/4" plywood, screwed to the grid. Bolt holes to bolt the saw in place. Couple of nuts, and a couple fender washers. Bolt heads were a bit smallish. With these two, I had to add a couple nuts to the bolts, as they were way too long. Fender washers needed to be drilled out a bit ( THAT was fun) and then another bolt slipped over the bolt when it popped up through the hole. May go back later with a wrench. The two on the other side were a bit easier, just drop a bolt through the holes, and add the nuts. #3 Phillips screwdriver to tighten them down. Found an old blade, and installed it on the saw. Plugged the saw in, and tried things out. Seemed to do ok. No rocking, or walking about on the floor. Need to clear a spot in the shop to park this thing.. So it can be out of the way when other things are going on. Now have a bench for the lathe, a stand for a router table, and now a base for the bandsaw. Opens a nice area on the original bench. Might sit a tool box on the spot vacated. Right next to the scrollsaw. This keeps up, I just might have a shop all set up. Might have to make a saw till next. Seem to have picked up a few good ones, lately...
  24. Happentohave the time

    So, as long as the Dizzies stay away, I might get something started? The old bandsaw. Been sitting around, taking up space, not earning it's keep. Decided to move the old saw over to the bench, and clean it up. Yeah, THAT one. Bought it used at a garage sale back in the late 1980s. Used the heck out of it, in fact. More than got my $90 worth...but...I think I can get it running again. Having sat around a few years, it was a bit FULL of dust and crud. Slowly took all the main parts off, trying not to loose any hardware....so far, so good. Just before I turned the first bolt. I loosened the blade a hair, and plugged the saw in. A flip of the switch showed that it will run. Motor seemes to just need an air hose clean out. Took the table off, and the upper guides Until I had all the smaller stuff laid out Now, IF I can get by without any more Dizzy attacks... ok, I'm back. Air hose to blow off all the dust and crud. Wire wheels to clean out the small nooks and crannies. Now a good look at the wheels....need new tires, of course. Dry rottened and full of cracked rubber. Not too big of a deal. A DirtDevil vac uses a rubber blet of almost the exact same size. Will need to sand a crown after the tire is on. Not sure if I will do all three. Lower guides: Guide RODS need a little clean up. These are rods, not blocks. There is a bearing in the back....and it is shot. Happen to have a router bearing almost the exact size.. Upper guides: Same type of guide rods. The bearing is in great shape. Table: Needs a GOOD clean up. Drive belt: a cogged belt, and it looks like brand new! Can even read the numbers on it!. Might add some lube to the wheel bearings, if there is any. If not, well a coat of grease will help things out, anyway. White Lithium grease from work. Do I really need food safe grease in a bandsaw? Outer cover plate???? Did have one....once. Long gone now. Maybe someeday, I cobble a 1/4" plywood cover. Model number? No. 113.244513. 12" three wheel bandsaw. Wonder how many emerson parts are still available? Stay tuned, might be more to this story, besides dizzy spells....

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