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Found 50 results

  1. After vacation I got home and it seemed everything I touched broke. Started to cut the grass and the mower wouldn't run, got out the weed wacker and it wouldn't crank, and then the AC stopped. So needless to say I got behind a little bit getting everything back up and running. Today I worked on building two small round Cherry tables. I got the panel glued for the two tops. and the blanks make fir the legs legs and got the mortises cut in all the legs. And I have the pieces cut for the stretchers and need to cut the tenons. Everthing will be ready for finish tomorrow. What's on your agenda this weekend. We all love to hear about your projects and see the pictures.
  2. Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our July "What's it" live and ready! The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Remember, the first accurate answer wins a one calendar year membership (or what's left of the calendar year) to the awesome organization MWTCA! If an accurate answer cannot be arrived at by the end of the current calendar month this project is posted, a random drawing will be held to include anyone who participated in this months What's It. One winner will be chosen to receive a calendar year membership to MWTCA and all of it's wonderful benefits of membership. Compliments of The Patriot Woodworker Community. For a run down on this project and the rules, please see this page at "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" Project details There are none! In this case, no details have been provided but for what you see, as nobody knows what the heck this is. Perhaps one of you have just happened on one in grand dad's shop, farm or factory, and you may actually know "What's It!" Remember, "What's It" is not always woodworking related!
  3. Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our June "What's it" live and ready! The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Remember, the first accurate answer wins a one year membership to the awesome organization MWTCA! If an accurate answer cannot be arrived at by the end of the current calendar month this project is posted, a random drawing will be held to include anyone who participated in this months What's It. One winner will be chosen to receive a calendar year membership to MWTCA and all of it's wonderful benefits of membership. Compliments of The Patriot Woodworker Community. For a run down on this project and the rules, please see this page at "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" A different "What's It" This is a unique What's it. Since we already know what it is, there is a specific question regarding this saw. What we are looking for is a specific answer to the following question. "I picked up this old Disston at a yard sale and I can't find anything like has a copper blade. It is magnetic, so I assume it's copper coated. Do you have any information on why a saw would be copper? Should I sand it to find the etching?"
  4. Good Monday Morning! Good Monday Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks! Community news A CNC shortcut has been placed at the forum links pane above. Sorry it took so long! Community upgrades are on the way, again. I know, seems like we are always upgrading, but we are staying ahead of the tech curve and we are staying ahead of the bad guys and spammers. We'll let you know when the upgrade is going to happen, and when our community will be down for maintenance. We will close our community for a short while, and we'll perform the upgrade late at night. The CNC Forums are roaring along fine, thank you CNC people! Soon, in the near future, we'll be announcing a new project we'll be embarking on, it will involve helping a veteran acquire the supplies and machinery for their shop. Our sponsors will be involved, so will you! Stay tuned! Featured gallery Welcome our new members The following members need a hearty welcome from ya'll! Please drop by their profiles by clicking on their names, and send them a message of welcome. @Kralon, @Roy Arrowsmith, @DerBengel, @Kevin Jeacocks, @Swartzy, and you can view more new members at the Member Page. Featured image of the week Drop leaf dining set (brazillian rosewood) by Sam Maloof Source:
  5. Good Monday morning folks! What have you got done in your shops over the weekend and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know! Please tell us what you have been up to in your shops, in your life, wood related or not, don't matter, we just want to know. I'd like to personally thank everyone for being here, you all make our community what it is, and without you, we have nothing. Please keep coming back, contribute your knowledge, share your stories, help others, be humble and learn, mentor those who need it, and bring new ideas into our community forums! Thank you from the bottom of my/our hearts, you all are, "the community". This Monday topic is short today, I apologize, but please jump in and let us all know what is going on with you, and those you care about. This is your weekly check-in, and check-up, we take your pulse on Mondays. Image of the week By Olaf Meister - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Machines in the Tischler 's Museum Rüdiger Timme, Eilsleben, Ostendstraße 2
  6. For the past week, Ron and I along with our wives have been relaxing just outside Gatlinburg, Tn in the Smokie Mountains. What a relaxing time we have had. Each morning waking up to a wonderful view. We also have a local Black Bear that has residence here close to the house where we are staying. He seems to pay us a visit in the mornings between 7:00 and 8:00 and we have yet to see him with our own eyes. We have gotten the pictures off the security cameras and we have been sitting only feet away in the house and didn't notice him. He decided to check out my truck bed the other morning. Here are his mudding paw marks and he did no damage to my vehicle. Then he wonders off around the house un-noticed by us. Ron and I took a little time the other day at the indoor shooting range here. After I shot a couple of mags we sited in his AR-15. Other than a lot of relaxing and riding through the mountains that has been about it for us. We will head out for home on Sunday so not shop time for us this weekend. What about you all, what's on your agenda for this weekend?
  7. Good Late Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you all get done over the weekend in your shops, and what have you planned for the week ahead? Sorry for the late morning topic post (Pacific Time Zone) but I got hung up getting our 4th of July Newsletter out the door. The Patriot Woodworker 4th of July, 2017 Newsletter If you nave not received your newsletter in your personal PC inbox, please see the newsletter here at July 4th, Newsletter. Happy 4th of July, 2017 All of us here at The Patriot Woodworker, staff and admins, wish you all a great time and special moments with your families, and a safe and sane fireworks evening. We are Americans! We are 241 Years Old! Happy 4th of July Patriot Woodworkers! We'd love to hear what you all are planning for this special day of days for our nation. Please tell us what your Independence Day plans are, what you all are cooking, where ya going, or not going, or even if you are just going to stay put and quiet in reflection, we all celebrate in our own way, but one thing you can count on, we all bleed red, white and blue, and we love our nation here on The Patriot Woodworker. Have a wonderful 4th of July! Interesting links History of the 4th of July Independence Day (United States) Declaration of Independence Image of the week Source: Featured video of the week
  8. Good Monday Morning! What have you gotten done in the old shop over this past weekend and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know! Community News We are planning the opening of our newest addition to our Forums structure, a new CNC Forum. If you'd like to have a say in the direction that your online community here takes, we'd love to invite you to come aboard and help us decide the structure of our new CNC Forum(s). Please go to: Top content According to our Leader Board stats, the following topics are the top 5 being bantered about at this moment. Top content is based on a rolling 30 day average of hits and likes. Positive Vibes I'm Honored Top Secret Project Finished the Plaques Today Been in the Scrap Pile Again Image of the week By © Pierre André - Own work. This file was uploaded with Commonist., GFDL, Wood-turning lathes in the Musée des Bois Jolis de Felleries, Nord, Parc naturel régional de l'Avesnois) France
  9. Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our May "What's it" live and ready! The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Remember, the first accurate answer wins a one year membership to the awesome organization MWTCA! If an accurate answer cannot be arrived at by the end of the current calendar month this project is posted, a random drawing will be held to include anyone who participated in this months What's It. One winner will be chosen to receive a calendar year membership to MWTCA and all of it's wonderful benefits of membership. Compliments of The Patriot Woodworker Community. For a run down on this project and the rules, please see this page at "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" Now this is very interesting! It appears to be woodworking related? But may not be either. The details included with this item is all we have folks, have fun and good luck!! 5-1/2" long: There is a 1/2" diameter hole that goes all the way through the handle to the open area at the screws seen in the above photo. One of the two metal pieces removed:
  10. Good morning woodworkers What ya'll been up to these days! What did you get done over the weekend, and what do you have planned for the week ahead? We are curious and nosy, and we want to know! I worked a little on a walnut vanity for our half bath area, it's turning out pretty nice, I'll get some images up soon. Beyond that we had a pretty laid back weekend. It's getting hot in our region! We are breaking 100 degrees now, and I gotta work in that stuff in my day job, YIKES! Today we'll be in the desert where temps are going to be in the 114 degree range, lots of water, and a careful eye out for each other on our survey crew today for sure. So with that, I/we look forward to hearing what you all have planned! Image of the week By DANIEL KAPLAN [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons THE FIRST CARPENTER'S WORKSHOP IN KFAR SABA. IN THE PHOTO, THE OWNER YAACOV VALAD AND HIS WORKERS. (Israeli woodshop)
  11. Happy Father's Day weekend to you all. Looks like I'll be moving lumber most of tomorrow, picking up a load of cedar to do two Green Egg Tables before the 4th. Today after getting off work at the shooting range we finished the light sanding of the live edge shelves for the customer with the desk. I finishing the legs for a walnut desk for the manager at the range this weekend also. Sunday I plan on a little R&R and maybe a little shooting time without working, although today I did get in around 250 rounds. So so what is on your agend for this Father's Day weekend? We all love hearing about your projects and plans so share them. I want to wish all the Fathers on here a great day. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Remember what ever you do have fun and be safe. Happy Fathers Day!!!!
  12. Good Monday morning! That's right, Monday again! It keeps coming back, somehow it just keeps rearing up again, week after week after week. So folks, what did you get done over the weekend in your shops, and what have you planned for the week ahead? Woodworking, life stories, events, family plans, we want to hear it! Community news Condensed quoting, easier to scroll through your topics in the forums, see here at Quote Minimization. The blogging department is closed to entries for now, you can still view the blogs, and comment, but new blogs are temporarily turned off for maintenance. Community tip of the day Forever we have had a little return arrow in the upper right corner of quoted content. It may have escaped many, but if you click on it, you will be returned to the quoted post. See red oval below. Topic topic According to our leader board for this past week Herb rocked the Top Topic category with his Top Secret Project! Help us grow Please invite your friends to our community, you can place a personal invite by clicking on the "Ticket" icon at the top right of our website to the left of the "Bell" icon. Thank you for helping us grow! Image of the week Frank H. Nowell [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons Smallest shingle mill in the world, Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1909
  13. I finished finishing the drop leaf table this week and got it delivered. The table is just over 100 years old and had been painted white. Got all the paint off and applied a Standard Brown Walnut dye then sprayed a couple of coats of Shellac and then four coats of General Finishes Enduro-Var. i didnt assemble it because the where picking it up in a car. As for my weekend end there will be a little time with John Deere, stacking some lumber and then picking up a load of Red Elm. I hope to get a little shop time in but I my be at the barn stacking lumber all weekend with the donkeys. So so what is on your agenda? We love to see your projects and hear about your weekend plans. Post those pictures and share with us your projects. Whatever you do this weekend have fun and be safe!!
  14. Good morning folks! And what a glorious morning it is! After the long Memorial Day weekend, I'd be surprised if you all got much done in those shops, what with all the family stuff and events happening. But if you did manage to get into those shops, what did you get done? What did you build, or work on? And what have you planned for the week ahead? New members Please welcome our newest members, @Earl, @Dave Bugg, @CountryWoodCrafts, @BernieW, and @honesttjohn. Drop on by their profiles and send a message of welcome. Easy Wood Tools Raffle We raised over $1100.00 over the last two months through our Easy Wood Tools raffle! And we'd love to thank you all who participated, and Easy Wood Tools for their donation of the turning tools that we used to raise the funds with. Thank you @Jim from Easy Wood Tools! In case you missed it, @p_toad ended up winning the computer generated random draw. And he sent us a wonderful message stating what should be done with those tools. Peter, you are all heart, thank you sir for your support of our veterans! Featured gallery It's a fitting gallery for the season, and @honesttjohn has some beautiful work he created with CNC, and John put our brand new CNC gallery to work as soon as it was created! Thank you John for kicking off our gallery in style! Your account profiles Our profiles are a great way to let folks know who we are. We have a wonderful dynamic profile system, where you can get the word out who you are, what you do, your interests, and much more. I have perused profiles and have noticed many are empty or lacking. I'd like to make a plea for folks to head on over to their profiles and fill them out. Click on your name at the upper right of our community, click on "Account Settings", then click on "Edit Profile" at the right column. Image of the week 663highland [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.
  15. WIN A FULL SET OF MID-SIZED EASY WOOD TOOLS! Introduction We are pleased to bring you another great opportunity as presented by our sponsor, and friends at Easy Wood Tools. We are having a raffle! Presented to you are three beautiful turning tools donated to us, by Easy Wood Tools for the purpose of raising funds for our woodworking community. Description The tools you will have an opportunity to win were custom made by Easy Wood Tools for us, and you. The wood used in the handles were hand picked by @Jim from Easy Wood Tools these handles are made from curly maple that Jim acquired from a nearby Woodcraft Store. Unfortunately I am not able to show you the actual handles with the curly maple, I have tried without success to take a picture displaying the curled handles, and my photography skills aren't able to capture the quality of the wood handles, but just know, they are beautiful! Above are the Easy Wood Mid-Sized Tools that are displayed on their website, you will receive the Easy Wood Mid-Sized Finisher, Rougher, and Detailer, with Curly Maple handles made just for us by the fine folks at Easy Wood Tools. Enter the raffle Click on the green "RAFFLE" ticket! You will be presented with a choice of ticket quantities to purchase, the more you purchase, the cheaper the tickets are! Fill in your billing info at the secured server, and you're done, and good luck! Rules Raffle starts March 3, 2017 (immediately) and ends May 28th, 2017 at noon pacific time. Everyone (guests, members, forum staff, and admins) is welcome to enter, except the owner of this website and his relatives, and the staff of Easy Wood Tools, and their immediate relatives. Sorry, but only participants who reside in The United States and Canada are eligible to participate. Raffle purchases are non-refundable, (unless a fat finger mistake was made at time of purchase, such as you meant to purchase 100 tickets, not 1000) we can work with you on that. Mistakes happen. Last but not least, have fun! And thank you for your support! Where your money goes Typically we hold fundraising raffles for our causes that support our wounded veterans, or we'll use the funds to outfit a shop for a disabled woodworker in need, or we'll donate the funds to our two main recipients, Homes For Our Troops, and Operation Ward 57. This time, we are directing the bulk of the raffle proceeds to offset the costs associated with running this woodworking community, yes, this community cost money! And we need you to help us keep us live, thus in turn, keep us helping our Wounded Warriors and disabled veteran woodworkers. So, if you live here, if you have benefited from this community at all, if you visit us and you are entertained by our woodworking community, if you login and hang out and call us home, please consider participating in this raffle. This is your community, this is your chance to help in a direct manner by contributing to offset the costs associated with running our woodworking forums and the causes we support. In closing Our entire community would love to thank the folks at Easy Wood Tools. EWT has been a staunch supporter of our woodworking community from the beginnings of our existence. I have had various phone calls and email interactions with the folks at Easy Wood Tools, and each phone call I had came with a question from Easy Wood Tools, "What can we do for The Patriot Woodworker's and our veterans?". Easy Wood Tools, from the days of Craig and Donna Jackson, to the days of Chris Caliendo and @Jim from Easy Wood Tools , there has been a common thread in their philosophy, support American Labor, Support our Veterans, and Support The Patriot Woodworker's. We are honored to have such a great American company with us. Without our sponsors Easy Wood Tools and our additional main sponsors, we could not stay live as a woodworking community. Thank you Easy Wood Tools! Links of interest Easy Wood Tools Easy Wood Tools You Tube Channel Easy Wood Tools Facebook Page
  16. Dear Folks, as is tradition here on The Patriot Woodworker, leading up through the days to Memorial Day, we recognize and honor the service and sacrifice's made by our fallen countrymen and women. We'd like to invite and encourage you to submit your stories, images, and family and friends remembrances, of those in your life who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our nation. Feel free to share anything related to Memorial Day as well, perhaps you have some historical information regarding this very important holiday, or more important facts that are worthy of reading and viewing. Memorial Day, May 29th 2017 A Memorial Day Message by John Morris (Founder of The Patriot Woodworker) Memorial Day, a day of memorializing the men and women who died while in service. This is a solemn day, a day that, in a perfect world we should never have to recognize. But the reality is our country has been the tip of the spear in conflicts around the world since the time of our existence as a nation. And we have lost many Americans. In today's challenging world environment it's even more crucial than ever to give our attention to the service members who have given all to our nation in order to ensure that the citizens of our nation can go about our daily lives, living and enjoying the fruits of labor that our military and the men and women who serve have provided, and continue to provide. All too often many people in our nation will forget what this day is all about, the youth today are losing sight of what it means to give, to sacrifice, to put the person standing beside them first, instead of putting themselves first. As adults, we need to remind our youth constantly that we live in a very exceptional country, and they should take nothing for granted. We should teach them the importance of our military, and we should remind them that if for one day our military stopped working, that would be the day life as they know it would change in an instant. Our enemies would exploit the weakness, and over run our shores. Our military is a great wall, a barrier between us and the bad actors of the world. Sometimes our military has to take the fight to them, instead of letting them come here to our nation. And our men and women have given their lives on some far off piece of land in order to ensure our safety here at home. We need to drive that message home to our own kids, their friends, and even often times, the adults around us. Lets enjoy the day off, lets enjoy being in the company of the ones we love, but the whole while, lets not let the feeling of solemness, and remembrance leave our hearts. We owe those who are no longer with us, that. Just one day is all they are asking. Memorial Day, May 29th 2017. I pray that God will keep in a very special place those who died in service and long after, for they are the ones who gave of themselves selflessly, and they will be "Forever Young". And we'd like to ask all who read this to pray or offer a word of thanks at your barbecue for our troops both past and present, and set out an empty table setting over an empty chair at your dinner table, in memory, and in hope that our men and women serving today will always return home safe, and whole in mind and body. Also may God Bless our great and very special nation, and may He protect those in harms way as they serve our country and its people today, and into the future. Links of interest
  17. Last week I was pushing to get ready for a big craft show we do here in Florence. A two day show over the weekend and I was trying to get my inventory up. I made about 20 cutting boards week before to go along with what I already had made. At one point on Saturday, I was thinking I didn't have enough to get us through Sunday, but the clouds began to build and the rain set in about 2:30 and it just about ended the day. Sunday wasn't bad but it was suppose to rain all day and it didn't but people had already decided it was going to and so the crowd as a little smaller, but we still did good. Not it is back to making more boards to be ready for our next event. This was our booth setup. These folks came in Friday evening and worked a while on setting this booth up. It was just across from us and down a couple f spaces. Not real portable but they were dry when the rain started. So this weekend I'm heading to the large Flea Market in Nashville to get more antique knives we put with the cheese boards. Sold almost out of those at the show. Then in Sunday, we are headed to Huntsville to a large gun show to spend the afternoon. I thinking on Monday, Memorial day we will take a day and just rest and have some fun. How about you all, what is on your agenda for this long holiday weekend? Shop time, BBQ, family time and just relaxing? All of us here at TPW love to hear about your projects and plans, so share with us what's on your agenda for the Memorial Day Weekend? Remember, whatever you do, have fun and be safe!
  18. Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now have our April "What's it" live and ready! The image(s) below is a MWTCA "What's It" image for you to research, and tell us all here in this topic post, just what the heck is it! Remember, the first accurate answer wins a one year membership to the awesome organization MWTCA! If an accurate answer cannot be arrived at by the end of the current calendar month this project is posted, a random drawing will be held to include anyone who participated in this months What's It. One winner will be chosen to receive a calendar year membership to MWTCA and all of it's wonderful benefits of membership. Compliments of The Patriot Woodworker Community. For a run down on this project and the rules, please see this page at "The Patriot Woodworker and MWTCA "What's It" project" Unlike many of our other What's It projects, we have absolutely no information for this tool as seen in the 3 images below, we are relying completely on the images to render a name for this apparatus. Good luck folks!
  19. Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworker's and Guests! What did you get done in your shops and what have you planned for the week ahead? We want to hear, and see how you're doing. Life events are fair game too, how's your health, how's your family, how's your job? Bring it on, we are all ears! The Patriot Woodworker Shop Well, I have a curly maple rocker that is sitting in the wings waiting for assembly, my progress on that came to a screeching halt a couple weeks ago when family "stuff" started happening and my time is directed elsewhere. Part of my re-direction went to our 1/2 bath remodel we are undertaking right now, I will start on building a Walnut vanity very soon, I purchased the lumber this past weekend (pictured left) and I'll have some progress images up soon I hope. I purchased the lumber from our local hardwood supplier Reel Lumber. They are a gold mine of hard woods in an area of Southern CA where hard wood retailers are in short supply. Community News Community Raffle: We are coming down the home stretch of our big fundraiser featuring a full set of Easy Wood Tools to be raffled off to a winner! We have two weeks left folks to enter, please see our Raffle Information page for details. Longer open edit times: We have extended the open edit time of topics and posts from 3 hours to 24 hours. You can edit your topics and posts for a full day. This feature will be under review for a period of 30 days to see how we are all doing with it, if we determine that it is not working for the betterment of our community, we'll revert back to the standard 3 hour open edit period. Please consider what you are editing and how you are editing, be sensitive to the fact that changing your content could effect the context of the entire topic and the replies that were posted to the original version of your topic or reply. New Server: We will be moving to a new server soon. We have had quite a few 508 errors triggered by higher than expected usage, which indicates the resource max was reached and our current server did not like it. So our new server will be a big, bad, fast machine, and we should not be seeing those pesky 508 errors any more, and your browsing experience will be much quicker which means faster page loads. (Please consider entering our raffle to help generate funding to offset the costs of our newly acquired server! Even if your are not a turner, you can win and donate the tools to a friend, a disabled veteran woodworker who could use a hand up, your local school wood-shop program, or could you even donate them back to us for another revenue generating raffle. If you use this community, if you have benefited from our free and open community, please consider entering our raffle.) Community Tip of the Week The heart beat of our community where you can see everything happening, is the "Activity" department. You can go to our Activity Department by click on the proceeding link, but in the future you'll want to reach it by hovering or clicking with your cursor over the "Activity" tab above in our menus tabs, and then click on your desired activity type. You can also create custom activity streams that suit your needs. Hover over the "Activity" tab, click on "My Activity Streams" then click on "Create New Stream". Once there you can select hundreds of combinations of activity streams that you can save as your very own, and you can check back into it daily. Featured Topic of the Week The Shoe Cabinet got a lot of attention from both our members here and guests alike! Featured Open Source Image of the Week By The Royal Library, Denmark (Tømrer Uploaded by palnatoke) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons Danish Boat Builder
  20. We have a large craft show next weekend so this weekend and next week will be filled with making inventory. As I posted in another post I finished the Walnut vanity and shelf. I'm also ready to move the Oak cabinet doors into the finishing room. So that's about it for me this weekend and next week. How about you, what's on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We all love to see your project and hear about your weekend plans. And Hapoy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. What ever you do, have fun and be safe!
  21. This has been one of those weeks that I have been busy as can be and don't feel like I accomplished much. I have about four projects in various stages and none of them completely finished. Oh well, I at least know that I have something to do each day. I have a batch of Pizza Peels that are in the process, but not finished right now. I am still sanding on the Walnut Vanity top and Kitchen shelf. The Oak cabinet doors were waiting on the cutting boards to come out of the finishing room. I did get a batch of ten cutting boards finished. Five medium size and five small size boards. So this weekend I am going to try to get stain on the Cabinet doors and Sanding Sealer on the Vanity and Kitchen shelf. The Pizza Peels should get finished also this weekend so I'll post pictures of those when done. So what is on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We all look forward to Friday to see all of the projects you are working on and your plans for the weekend. Post your projects and pictures for all of us to see this weekend. What ever is on your agenda this weekend, have fun and be safe!
  22. Good Monday Morning Woodworkers! What's on your agenda for the week ahead, and what did you all get done over the weekend? Myself, I was tied up with family obligations over the weekend and did not get a chance to get in the ol shop, next weekend isn't looking so great either, so my beloved Curly Maple Rocker had a screaming start, but we came to a rapid halt with it. Life got busy! But what about you all? We love to hear what you're doing, what you have planned, and please post images of your projects, and images of you! We live in a world of avatars these days, lets see our Patriot Woodworker's at work! News We have a new Finishing Forum Host by the name of Keith Mealy, we are very fortunate to have Keith's expertise here on The Patriot Woodworker, to learn more, and to welcome Keith, please see Welcome Keith as Finishing Forum Host. Popular Content Old Woodworkers Despair Flag Cases What to do with Drop Off's My Fa'v Jig Short and sweet today folks, we hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, stay safe, and as @Ralph Allen Jones always says, "Keep your hands at least 6" from any cutting blade!" Featured image of the week Eggenburg ( Lower Austria ). Krahuletz-Museum: Neolithic adze.
  23. Hear ye hear ye hear ye, Woodcraft has released their long awaited May 2017 Sales Flyer! See at this link Please visit our sponsor Woodcraft and return the favor for their support of our woodworking community. Buy Woodcraft!
  24. Today is Good Friday and this is Easter Weekend. Today I have been working in the shop milling some white oak for rails and stiles for some cabinet doors. I started this sometime back and it got put on hold and now they are ready for them so I'm trying to get them out. Trying to get a few things done today and some yard work tomorrow before my daughter and grandkids arrive for the weekend. Won't be a lot of shop time this weekend and that is okay. Today while I was working I got a surprise visit from some of my beautiful granddaughters. Now that makes any day in the shop special. I could use a lot of visits like this. Family will be here on Sunday and we'll have lunch after church and then spend some time hiding and hunting Easter Eggs with the younger ones. Looks like in our area the weather is good for the weekend to be able to get out. I hope you all have a special Easter Weekend and share with us what's on your agenda? We love to see and hear all about your weekend plans. Now if I can just find those eggs! Happy Easter, He is Risen!!
  25. I got the tops cut off the shadow boxes and at the glass dealer to install the glass in each top. Should get them back this afternoon and finish them up this weekend and ship them out Monday. Tonight I have a show to do and it will be outside. It has been in the 80's all week and today it is in the upper 50's and should be around the lower 50's by the end of the show. I guess we will run the heater and takes jackets tonight. I am hoping to actually get a little yard work done this weekend along with some shop time. Several projects to work on but right now, not sure which one will get drawn from the hat to get a little time. What is on your Patriot Woodworker agenda? We love to see all of your projects and here all about what you are working on. Post your Pictures and tell us all about you weekend plans.

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