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Found 9 results

  1. Christmas Presents

    Here are some Christmas presents I made for the relatives. The first pictures are the seven day clocks in a 7 sided polygon, the rest are in a 14 sided polygon. also included is a Peruvian walnut napkin holder. I used some different hands on some of them. Herb
  2. Flaming Box Elder

    You guys might have already seen this, but I will post it for those that haven't, at the end ther are some beautiful bowls. http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/box elder.htm Herb
  3. At least he is wearing his eye protection and ear muffs. Herb
  4. Here is a new combination tool. http://www.bridgecitytools.com/default/ug-1-universal-gage.html Herb
  5. Pistashio project

    This is not my kind of wood working, but a nephew of one of our WW club members sent this to her and she passed it on to me. I will pass it on to you guys /gals as an example of what can be done with a minimum of tools and scraps of wood, and a huge imagination. Not sure where this person lives, but have a hunch it is in another country. It is sort of long, and when I started it I was only going to watch snippets,but ened up watching the whole thing. Herb
  6. First attempt

    Here is the first attempt at the 7-day clock, this is the mock-up for the real thing ,this one is made of a cedar stud. what do you think? is the face OK? is there too much white around the face? Does the black hand look too clunky? Should it be a different color hand? Herb
  7. MiterSet

    I found out about this MiterSet jig on another forum and had to get one. https://miterset.myshopify.com/pages/demo?AFF=41 Yesterday I tried it out and wish I would have had one years ago. It took me seconds to set the miter gauge and 5 minute max to cut and glue up a 7 sided polygon. There are formulas on the web if you know the radius they will calculate the length of the sides of any regular polygon. I worked in metric, it is easier to set up for say a 3.462" side by setting the stops on the table saw at 8.793 cm. https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/geometry-plane/polygon.php Don't worry about a "T" slot miter gauge as the MiterSet goes in the middle, it worked for my craftsman, Bosch "T" slot, and Incre 2000 too. the slot is .733 for a shopSmith but will fit just about any miter gauge. If the bar is a little worn it can be shimmed to one side with a thin shim, no biggy. Herb
  8. I have been out fishing the last couple of days and I saw Harbor Freight stocking up for the bigge 4th of July Sale. Herb
  9. Finally got the lock plaques done. here are the last two, and all four. These were made out of some scraps of Ipe decking material that was given to me. Herb

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