My Dear Friends, isn't life just interesting?

Emma Smith has said, "Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere." I have been riding some rapids lately. Not huge terrible ones, but the sort that keep you concentrated on what is right in front of you so that you cannot look away because if you do, your kayak will be overturned and you along with it.

My woes are nothing special, my life no different that many of yours. I struggle with some injuries from war, some physical, some deeper and more complex. Thank the Lord my boys are healthy, BUT not so true for my beloved. In fact as I sit and write she lies next to me in a hospital bed, connected to a pain pump to manage the severe pain of surgery to the abdomen. This will be the second surgery this month and hopefully, God willing, the last!!! There is no need for alarm, she should be ok in the next few days!!

So, as you can imagine, my time away has been divided. First, staying healthy myself. I have been getting a new treatment for the headaches...botox shots! I know it sounds nuts, but it really does work. A series of 18 are injected around the hairline and in the back of the neck. Not all the pain is gone, but it is reduced. I can sit with earplugs in and sunglass on and actually enjoy my boys during a mild headache. Severe migraines are still a problem. The vertigo attacks have diminished but still come, mostly when I am tired.

Of course I am always taking care of my boys! That is a magnetic pull I will always allow to divide my time! And right along with that is taking care of my beloved wife. We do make quite the pair, both of us being broken down as we are:). Thankfully we have lots of family to help raise the boys when neither of us can handle the task.

Then there is our house...meaning the electrical upgrade, the shop floor and my wife's glass shop.

I am also a helping a dear friend, the best friend really, take care of cattle. You met him before, Dr. Steve Braatz. Turns out I love being a cowboy. I have just learned to ride a horse, something I thought I would never do with my vertigo issues. But Steve taught me to lock myself in and I wear a helmet. Riding with cattle is one of the best things ever. All the proceeds from the cattle business goes to charity so it is a really good thing. Alas, during the last month or two I have not been able to help do to Theresa's health.

Finally, my sister's husband left about six months ago, leaving her with 9 children, ages 18-1. Her house has needed some improvements and she has needed some help. Theresa and I both agreed that I should step in and help were I can, so I have been doing some work for her; remodeling her pantry, fixing the horse barn, fixing gates, and such.

So as you can see I have not been idle nor bored but yes I have been tired.:).

I tried writing this the other day with pictures present but there was a snafu with Flickr. Another headache! But it was a blessing in disguise, this turned out to be healthier for me. Maybe not as much fun for you?, but healthier for me:)!

So for now, I have caught you up on just the goings on, I will of course write more with pictures!!!!

I am sorry for the long delay and will attempt minimize the occurrence again!

As always....More to Follow!!!...


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Comment by Lewis Kauffman on November 1, 2013 at 1:44pm


As I said before- Nate-
first, prayers for your wife for a speedy recovery and for you for the strength to help her and your boys. Life sure has a way of making sure we don’t get bored!
It’s great to hear that you've found some help on the headaches. I know they can be debilitating.
Keep strong, my friend. The Lord has his hand on your shoulder.

Lew Kauffman-
Wood Turners Forum Host
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