First, one gets a "victim" to show up at your doorstep. Ok, ok, so it has a steel frog.  It was sold by a Hardware store as a Shipleigh's #4   Been around the block a few times, Skidded a bit on some of the cornersAnd was very NASTY on the inside.   Time to clean up it's act?  Weellll, first a good soak in some cleaner I brought home from workA Mold Cleaner we use on Injection Molds.   It MIGHT just work on this old thing.   The sandpaper is a 120 grit, and guess where that wire brush came from.   Anyway, Take the plane apart, keeping all the small parts in one spot, so they don't wander off, and get lost ( BTDT, NOT FUN)  Took the main three parts OUTSIDE onto the patio, and sprayed them done.   While they were soaking away, I went back into the house for a few items.    Lets see, 3M scratch pad, check.   1/4 sheet sander? Check.  one sheet of that sand paper?  Check.   One Mountain Dew?   Check.

Drip dry the parts.  The chip breaker took a ride on the scratch pad with the sandpaper on the sander moving it along.  Got it derusted.    Next the iron needed a ride, as well.    It was done by folding that purple 3M pad over it, and then laying on the sander, hard.   It kept trying to slide out of the Scratch pad "bun" like a greasy burger.   Anyhoo, got it shinning nicel, no rust.     Next up, that NASTY base.   Sandpaper on the upper side.   Sanding away with the scratch pad under it.   Both sides were done.    Next, that sole.    Straight sand paper, since I had to hold onto the base.  

After a wipe down, took the three into the house, and washed my BLACK hands.   Messy job?   Eeeehh, could be.   This is what they looked like, before that trip outside.  And Now?This is the sides, and the two pieces of the cutter.  As for the soleWell it is a start, any way. Packed all of these parts down stairs to the Dungeon Shop.   Including that Mountain Dew, of course.  Had to clean off the top of the bench, and set up a couple items.    I have a floor tile set up as a sharpening station/ flattening station.    Nice, isn't it?   Well, just an old sanding belt, clamped down to the bench.   Tile is under it, for flat.   Worked it awhile, didn't like how it was going.    Set up the beltsander in a vise, and gave the sole a long ride.   Then came back and hit the tile again.   Next, that inside nasty mess, whatever is was, just had to go.    I wasn't going to remove that frog, but, needed to get under things with the wire wheels.  Set up those in the drill press.   Cleaned things out, nice and shiny. 

Stay tuned, for more of the fun

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Comment by steven newman on May 2, 2014 at 10:33pm

This heavy old plane was 10-1/4" long, with very thick casting for the base.   Pictures of the plane had me fooled into thinking it MIGHT have been a 4-1/2 plane.  Nope, just has a finger dimple where the toe bolt might have gone.   Shipleigh's was a hardware store chain out of St. Louis, MO.     This plane came from just down the "river" in Pocahontas, Arkysaw.   Under that frog, and caked inside the frog was a lot of "wood-like" junk.    You can see some of it in the last picture. 

Brass wheel has left-handed threads.  The bolts for the handles are just one piece....bolts.   The one for the tote USUALLY has a washer or two with it.    The tote was loose on this one, and no washers were found.    Ground about three threads off the end of the bolt, and tote is now tight as can be.   Lever cap is Nickel Plated, and does have a spot or two starting to flake off.   Base colour looks like it was a Brown colour?   Maybe a brand name sort of thing? 

Planer? I'm the 'planer', and these are what I use...

Comment by steven newman on May 2, 2014 at 10:25pm

Planer? I'm the 'planer', and these are what I use...

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