Now where was I?

O yes, I did get that large cable in the trench finally. Alas, when your wife is helping you pull and lift heavy cable she does not want you to pause while she stands there gripping it, as you pull out your phone for a photo update. So, I did not get any pictures of that particular adventure…but trust me when I tell you…it was ALLOT of fun!:) No really, it was, I just had to make you smile.

Anyway, with that particular line done I had to move on to the next water issue…in order to move onto the next electrical issue. I had to cut into the 2in Ag. line to run a faucet out in front of my wife’s glass shop window, which is also by the “New House Well.” You may ask why not just use that well, but it is currently off line. It needs to have the pipe walls descaled, a new pump put in, and of course all new wiring. Plus I wanted this faucet to come off the Ag. Well. This particular junction was a pain! The slip joint I got was very cheap and leaked. Then somehow, I messed up on the T when gluing the next set so it leaked. I finally cut everything out and put in brand new pipe in two directions.

I finally got the faucet up and in!

But when I when to tie the full line into the main, there was another surprise, and not a good one. This slip joint also leaked! I finally went to my supplier, I very nice guy by the way and told him he had to get me a better joint! The cheap China built stuff was killing me. We took them both apart, both seals were good, and I was not putting undo side pressure on the joint itself. Just whenever my Ag Well kicked on and pressurized the system, they leaked. I would even left it pressurized overnight to see if that would work it out. NOPE. Worst part was that this location was the lowest spot, so I had to let it drain there before working again!

So after a week of wrestling this issue, I finally got it together and squared away!

With that done I could move onto the electrical line that feeds the “New House Well.” However, when I came out a few mornings later to work, I found the trench had collapsed. JOY, more digging! I am a self proclaimed digging expert. Really though, I don’t mind digging. It is great exercise and there is something hypnotic about the fluid motion of it, that is if you work it such a self paced manner. One cannot be a speed sprinting digger for to long.

I put up the new post. I chose to put the panel on the outside again because I really like being able to access the breakers immediately. One could argue it is cleaner appearing keeping the panel in the well house, and that may be, but I do not want to have to access the well house to get to the breakers, or to any outlets that I can conveniently place on the post.

Thats it for this now run…but there is plenty more to follow…


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Comment by Lewis Kauffman on November 1, 2013 at 1:42pm

You sure the boys aren't backfilling those trenches when you're not looking?!

Lew Kauffman-
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