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This is more or less a Blog post centered on Positive Reinforcement and to remind all of us there's value in even the smallest of things.

Not sure how you feel about it but i'm very strong minded about waste, of any kind.
It drives me nuts when I see dumpsters full of construction leftovers and Youtube has plenty of videos of that to show what I'm talking about, there are a lot of Woodworkers who "Dumpster Dive" to create all sorts of projects.
Well, good for them, honestly. We as responsible Woodworkers should be mindful of waste.

So...Where am I going with this? Good question;

I recently made a bunch of half-lap construction joints, all cut by hand.
With each joint I had two solid chunks of wood that got removed...waste.

What I decided to do was create some small wood storage cases for steel tool bits.
It went perfectly, except...All the ladies who got a glimpse of them wanted one.
Seems while I made these from waste wood to hold cutting bits they were also pretty cool for small goodies.

In the shot below the chunk of wood on the left is the original waste piece, the center wood is the initial turning to round it off after I knocked the edges off with the chisel you see in the image. And on the right is the wood storage tube with fitting lid, that were cut from the same piece. (About 7.5" tall)

Reminder, this isn't about me or what I was able to do, it's about how each of us are performing magic with wood.

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Comment by Mark Wisecarver on May 14, 2014 at 2:42pm

Thank you Sir.

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Comment by Lewis Kauffman on May 14, 2014 at 2:35pm

That's a cool idea!

I agree  about the waste- I cannot throw away even the smallest "leftover".

Lew Kauffman-
Wood Turners Forum Host
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